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Would you like : -

• More energy and stamina?
• Improved concentration, focus or performance?
• Better recovery and muscular repair?
• To eliminate many food cravings?

SynerProTein is a unique formulation of non-genetically modified soya protein providing all the essential amino acids, combined with cruciferous vegetables, vitamins and minerals and herbs. Synerprotien is designed to give you a powerhouse of nutrition and energy providing a high quality protein supplement that is dairy free, wheat free, yeast free, gluten free and virtually fat free.

Why You Need SynerproTein to build and protect your muscles.

Exercise causes changes in the muscles, including breakdown as well as depletion of energy stores and some tissue damage. The proteins in muscle tissue are broken down by amino acids and these are used by the body for energy during exercise. Any good sports regime will include a variety of nutrients to offset these effects and will not only rebuild muscle but will build up the body’s reserves of energy as soon as possible.

A complete protein source taken soon after finishing exercise is needed – ideally within 2 hrs ( 20 mind being optimal). If the body does not have this available immediately, it can take anything up to 2 weeks for the muscles to fully recover. Also, some tissue damage can occur during exercise, and protein is required to repair this efficiently. Every muscle movement involves both contraction and relaxation and a depletion of vital nutrients can lead to cramps and lactic acid build up.

SynerProTein does not contain milk, eggs or animal derivatives and is an excellent source of complete protein for vegetarians and those with milk allergies. No artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Originally formulated by Dr. James Scala – Nutritionist to astronauts, and Olympic athletes.

Basic Recipe – in a shaker, mix one scoop of SynerProTein original or SynerProTein chocolate with a glass of chilled water.

Banana Delight – In a blender, add one scoop of SynerProTein original and one scoop of TNT ( orange flavoured fibre drink) with a glass of chilled water and one banana.

Berry Surprise – In a blender, add one scoop of SynerProTein original, some fresh fruit such as berries or cherries, a glass of chilled water and a serving of Zambroza.


Catherine's O'Carroll's (OLYMPIC distance Triathlete) success story: " Since taking Nature's sunshine products I have experienced radical differences in my training, racing and general health. I have been using the sports programme, taking TNT for energy before and during training and racing. I have always used a protein supplement but most commonly used protein powders taste synthetic and contain artificial sweetners. Synerprotein is the best protein I have tasted and it is packed full of nutrients, I feel my recovery time has improved greatly. I always feel fully recovered and have trained the same day feeling stronger. For any athlete reading my testimonial: You will not find a better range of products to support your sports performance, fitness, health, energy, endurance and vitality"

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