Spinning at Stanground on Thursday night's.

Tue, 10th Oct 2017 - 12:47 p.m.

Spinning will resume at Stanground Academy from Thursday 2nd November from 6:15pm (sharp) until 7:20pm.

The Spinning Classes will again be on, at Stanground Academy, SE Peterborough, on Thursday night's from 2nd November until the end of March. 6:15 - 7:20pm. We have booked the suite for a private session - just PACTRAC and the Fenland Clarion. We charge £3 for adults and £1 for juniors. (Their are other Spinning Classes at Stanground, but these are in with other members of the public and cost £4.) We have 20 bikes available on a first come, first served basis, and the classes do start on time, so please be a few minutes early to get set up.

Directions: From the Stanground Fire Station RAB, head in the direction of Farcet / Yaxley. It is the 3rd minor turning on the left. (The 2nd is the exit). We are in the new Sports Building - walk between Reception and the Fitness Suite, through the double doors and turn right into the Spinning Studio.

Spinning is a great way to enjoy a challenging cycling session during cold, dark winter nights. We have 20 bikes. Come along with water to keep you hydrated and a towel to mop your brow!!! If you are new to spinning it would be great if you could arrive a few minutes early for the first session, so that we have plenty of time to set you up on your bike before the session begins. The bikes all have double sided pedals, so will take either SDP cleats or training shoes.

Yes, the sessions will again last for at least an hour this year, as we know that many of you have some distance to travel, so want to make it worth your while. This session is designed for athletes (YOU), really looking to develop their strength and endurance over the winter months.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thu, 1st Mar 2018 - 1:21 p.m.

Sorry Spinning is cancelled tonight. Please advise anybody who normally attends. Stanground School and Sports Centre are closed today. Too much snow and ice about.