Wed, 14th Oct 2020 - 6:06 p.m.

A virtual running race organised by Eye Runners. We are looking for 8 PACTRACers to make a team:

"Although we are seeing more actual races going ahead there are so many good local events which unfortunately are cancelled for the near future. Following the success of our ‘Not the Relay back in June we thought it time to set another challenge. This one is for teams of 2 – 8 running for a maximum of 24 hours. The virtual event will run from 12 noon on Saturday 31st October to 12 noon on Sunday 1st November. The aim is to run as far as virtually possible from our village of Eye as the crow flies.

There are no prizes just the sense of achievement which comes from running as a team. Again, there is no charge for taking part and this time we are not organising as a charity event. If, however those taking part feel that they would like to help a charity then please do.

As the event is held at Halloween then of course suitable attire should be encouraged and we would love to see some pics of those taking part. A facebook page is on the way for this event.

The rules are simple!

Teams of 2, 4, 6 or 8 see how far they can run in 24 hours.

It does not have to be run as a relay, but teams can choose to do so if they wish or up to 6 runners can run together (socially distant, of course). It is a virtual escape from Eye therefore runners can CHOOSE THEIR OWN ROUTES.

Runs to be completed between 12 noon on Sat 31/10 and 12 noon on Sun 01/11.
Maximum time recorded for each team is 24 hours.
Only miles completed within the 24-hour period to count.
Team captains to provide the total time and miles run by their team by 13:00 on Sun 01/11.
Runners can run as many times as they want in the 24-hour period subject to the following: -
In a team of 2 no runner can run for more than 12 hours.
In a team of 4 no runner can run for more than 6 hours.
In a team of 6 no runner can run for more than 4 hours.
In a team of 8 no runner can run for more than 3 hours.

An entry form is attached. If you wish to take part, then please return entry form by Friday 30th October. We’ll accept changes when results are sent in so no worries if things change.

Just to clarify – runners choose their own routes, which can be anywhere. The aim is to see which team can get the furthest virtually from our village, you don’t need to start here!

Hope this is something which may appeal to your clubs.

Eye Community Runners.