Virtual Frostbite League.

Sat, 24th Oct 2020 - 3:02 p.m.

Subject: Virtual Frostbite.

We are going to run a Virtual Frostbite League with the following proposal:

The suggested Virtual Frostbite dates are the 2nd Sunday of the month:
To make it six we could include a further Sunday in January. Given that there are 5 next year, we are thinking about 31st Jan.

Again, one event for seniors and one for juniors. I will apply for virtual permits so each event will be licensed.

Runners can run at anytime on the Sunday with seniors doing 5 miles and juniors 1.5 miles as the normal league.
Competitors much respect social distancing rules but are permitted to run in groups of up to six.
Each competitor is responsible for uploading their own time to an online form, the link for which will be given to clubs and also available on the website and facebook page. All times to be uploaded by 6pm on the day of the run. If clubs wish to collate then I can provide a spreadsheet format but again these would need to be submitted to me by 6pm.
Normal scoring applies with 3 ladies, 3 men and 4 either m/f to make up the 10 senior scorers. For juniors again 2 girls, 2 boys and a further runner either m/f to make up the five scorers.
If a team does not have the required number of scorers missing positions will be calculated based on normal Frostbite rules. Therefore if 200 run, all non-scorers will be added as 201.
We may award extra points based on how many runners a team submits, thinking about that one!
The results will be sorted and a league table prepared. This is just for fun so no trophies or RoS awards but a bit of friendly fun.

I appreciate not everyone is into virtual events but hopefully we can encourage people to take part on a bit of light competition.

I won’t be asking for proof of times, but should we find a budding Mo then I would expect the time to be replicated next season at Bourne Woods!

Hopefully, clubs will take part, but please don’t feel any pressure to do so. As before, this is for FUN.

Please have a thought and discuss in your clubs and let me know if you would like to take part. Also let me know if both seniors and juniors or just one class.


Fri, 6th Nov 2020 - 10:26 p.m.

Every year there are 16 local running clubs who join together to race over 5-miles between October and March (6 races), in the local Frostbite Running League. In 1997 & 1998, PACTRAC won this, beating all of the local running clubs. Although the league will not be taking place this year in it's usual format, it is still going ahead, virtually, and the first race is this weekend.

This is a great opportunity not only for our regular Frostbiters, but for all those that don't normally participate in the Frostbite League, to record a time.

All you have to do is run for 5-miles, as fast as you can, anytime over the weekend, Saturday or Sunday, (1.5 miles for Juniors), over any course of your choosing, and submit your time here

You will need to record the distance accurately, so will need a garmin or strava etc that has GPS, but their is no requirement to download anything; just submit your time accurately and it will be accepted in good faith.

If you plan a longer run, anytime over the weekend, simply look at your data and record the fastest 5-consecutive miles.

Under current Government guidelines you can only run with a maximum of one other person who is not in your household.

This is open to all members. Simply run 5 miles and then record your time on the online form BY 6pm ON SUNDAY.

Thanks for being part of the PACTRAC team. Lets see how many runners we can get out there.

Mon, 9th Nov 2020 - 10:52 p.m.

November Frostbite Results: 561 runners including 21 PACTRACers. Overall 9th.
13. Jaap Flikweert ...... 30:10
21. Adam Clark .......... 30:43
25. Mark Weathersby ..... 31:11
37. Wayne Stainsby ...... 32:03
50. Scott Lloyd ......... 33:05
77. Dave Allsop ......... 34:51
83. Richard Wright ...... 35:01
216. Susie Freeman ....... 40:50
226. Chris Northern ...... 41:29
243. Emma Walker ......... 42:14
252. Liam Higgins ........ 42:32
260. Steve Hope .......... 42:51
306. Steve Skelhon ....... 44:50
319. Willow Worthington .. 45:26
328. Nikki Higgins ....... 45:48
330. Sue McLeod .......... 45:50
341. Mariska Niemeijer ... 46:25
344. Sue Davys ........... 46:34
440. Nicholas Partridge .. 51:33
507. Georgina Jennings ... 56:14
533. Daniel Richardson ... 61:00

Juniors: 126 runners including 4 PACTRACers. Overall 12th.
31. Elizabeth Eames ..... 10:15
54. Libby Mellor ........ 11:23
91. Theo Wan ............ 13:19
108. Archie May .......... 14:36

Tue, 10th Nov 2020 - 9:27 a.m.

What a brilliant number of runners, well done everyone.
Biggest team in ages.