Discover how Hormones are Holding your Back

Mon, 27th Oct 2014 - 2:30 p.m.

Did you know that hormones don't just affect your weight and shape they also dramatically affect your muscle tone, stress levels and immune system?

Did you know your hormone levels could affect your weight and shape especially around your middle and affect your muscular health leaving you feeling tried and fatigued with unexplained aches and pains, especially if you have higher than normal stress levels.

You might be training for an event such as the LONDON or the NEW YORK Marathon or you next Sportive, Duathlon or Triathlon? Did you know your hormones can affect your performance and it might mean that you miss out on your personal best or peak performance?

Here are some examples:
Insulin - People will struggle to lose weight from their waist, stomach and upper back. Could this be you?

Cortisol - When this hormone is out of balance it will dramatically affect your health, it will disrupt your sleep patterns and cause you to put weight on around your middle. Is this you?

Human Growth Hormone - When this hormone is out of balance you will struggle with muscular health and your muscle tone. You are more likely to hold weight around your thighs and it will affect your performance. Is this the hormone that is affecting your life?

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