Sponsored bike ride from Oundle Wharf on Sunday 10th September.

Wed, 26th Jul 2017 - 11:19 a.m.

Wendy Gooding is organising a bike ride from Oundle Wharf on Sunday 10th September:

"Many of you will know that in January of this year I very sadly and suddenly lost my husband Guy after a three day illness. He was fighting fit the previous week, ran 20+ miles and biked about 100 miles, but by Tuesday had died from Sepsis.
Like so many until then I knew little about this awful condition.
Sepsis claims over 44,000 lives in the United Kingdom annually- more than lung cancer, and more than breast cancer and bowel cancer combined.
Research shows that early recognition and intervention saves lives – and may save as many as 15,000 lives annually in the UK per year. To achieve this improvement requires a partnership between patients, the public, and the healthcare professionals. This partnership must start with heightened awareness and understanding of the condition.
.......Early recognition and intervention saves lives..
Patients will continue to develop sepsis. Many will require admission to Intensive Care. Many will survive, but will have spent many weeks in hospital and be left in need of psychological, social and physical support. Others will not survive, and will leave relatives and loved ones with questions, and in need of their own psychological and social support. We aim to establish support groups to begin this process.
On Sunday 10 September, I am organising a 'Ride for Guy' with all proceeds going to the Sepsis Trust. All abilities and all types of bikes are most welcome. The event will be based at Oundle Wharf... a great meeting place as you enter Oundle. The course will be a 10 mile loop with participants free to do one loop or more if they so wish. The event will finish with free beer, bubbles and burgers at the Wharf. Please feel free to bring your family along too.
Volunteers to help marshal on the day would also be much appreciated.
Please come along and join me to raise money for this very needy cause.
Further details to follow shortly."

Mon, 4th Sep 2017 - 12:41 p.m.

Wendy is organising the ride which is based from Gorilla Cycles in Oundle


It is from 10:00 until 12:30 but quite a few will be riding outside of these hours over the weekend. For instance, the Gorilla Facebook page says 10 until 4pm


Unfortunately, I'll be away, but it would be good to get a few PACTRACers out.