Oundle Swimming - fees change & standing order scheme.

At our latest meeting the Committee took the decision to increase the cost of swim tokens from £3 to £4 per session for senior members and £1 to £2 for junior members effective 1st March 2015.

Whilst it is unfortunate that we have had to make this decision, it is the first increase in the cost of tokens in 6 years. The cost of hiring the pool has increased, and whilst the club has sort to try and absorb these costs over the years, it is now not possible.

However the club would like to offer a monthly payment scheme for regular swimming if paid by standing order.This will be
£10 per month for one swim session a week (with any addition swims per week payable by swim token)
£25 per month for unlimited (all 3) swim sessions.

These changes will take effect from 1st March.
For those wishing to move onto the monthly scheme please email Graeme Hall at graeme1965@btinternet.com, for the club bank account details.


Wed, 4th March 2015

We now have 9 signed up for the £25 and a further 8 for the £10.

Email graeme1965@btinternet.com to join the revolution.

Tue, 24th March 2015

10 signed up for each for March.