Monday swimming is now back to 7:00 - 8:30pm with 2 lanes from 8:00pm.

We have been notified by Oundle School that there is a change to our swim times starting next Monday (23rd November).

Starting from Monday, the new start times for the Monday swim will be 7:00pm. The session will be extended to 8:30pm to ensure we keep the full 90 mins. This is a permanent change, so all Monday swims as of the 23rd will start from 7:00pm.

This time change only affects Mondays swim sessions, Wednesday and Friday are not affected.


During the School Holidays, Monday's swimming will change as follows:

From Monday 20th July 7.30-8.30pm 2 lanes 8.30-9.00pm

We then return to the usual 7pm start from Monday 7th September.

We will also be swimming from 7:00 - 8:00pm as a one-off on both Friday 10/7 and Wednesday 12/8.

Please also note that the pool will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August.

-------------We have now booked a second lane from 8:00 - 8:30pm on Monday's.
The regular swim is still 7:00 to 8:00pm and for those that want a longer session 7:00 - 8:30pm.

Originally, we booked 3 lanes for this extra half-hour, but due to under-use we reduced it to just one lane. We have recently seen an increase in usage, so have increased to 2 lanes again. This is under review, so once again, please use it or lose it. We are very lucky to have 1 1/2 hours at such peak times.

If we use more than 2 lanes, then we will be charged for them, so please only use two lanes, unless there are lots of swimmers in.

No swimming at Oundle on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May - so if you want a swim, isn't it lucky that we have the Off-Road Triathlon for you. Don't forget your wetsuit.


Following on from the extra swim sessions at the Training weekend, Monday 4th May sees the Mid-Distance Triathlon at Oundle. Distances are 900-yards, 20-miles, 5-miles.
This is the first of this year's Club Championship races.

Then at 12:00 we will enter the River Nene by Oundle Boat House - opposite Gorilla Cycles - for our first open water swim of the year (yes I know that Paul Jephcott has already been in). Last year we had 25 of us in the River Nene, some for over 50-minutes (It was 58 degrees).

Then in the evening our 3rd swim of the day will be the usual 7:00pm session at Oundle Pool for either 60 or 90 minutes - your choice!

... go on, I dare you!


Mon, 4th May 2015

Mid-Distance - 30
Nene Swim - 15
Evening Swim - 12

Mid / Nene - Pedro Polson, Duncan Philp, Georgina Jennings, Giles Cooper.

Mid / Nene / Evening - Steve Hope, Dave Allsop.

Tue, 5th May 2015

That's 49 swimmers in one day ... and thanks to Steve Mould for manning the Safety Kayak.