July: Simon and Nathan both win at Tallington! 8 in ETU Geneva incl Georgina with GOLD. 8 Ironmen. Katie wins 8 on the trot! Antony SILVER in the National Champs. 15 Age Group wins.

279 young triathletes competed in the Rob McLean Junior Triathlonorganised by Cambridge Triathlon Club at Impington.

TriStar 1

9. Olivia Corner 3:49 7:45 5:44 = 17:18 1st

Olivia was first female and 9th from 73 in the TriStar 1 race. She

the lead in T1 and extended it slightly on the bike. The top two

then had similar run's, with Olivia winning by 14 seconds.

TriStar 2

3. Katie Tasker 4:02 12:44 8:20 = 25:06 1st female.

Katie was the first female and 3rd overall in the TriStar 2 race from

87 in the Age Group (male and female). Katie was beaten in the sprint

finish by the 2nd placed male, to finish a fine 3rd overall. This is

the 6th win on the trot for Katie in the TriStar 2 category.


15. Liam Stokes 6:01 18:31 10:05 = 34:37


Two PACTRACers chose to step up in distance and compete in their very

first Half-Ironman distance triathlons.

Neil Tandy raced in The Gauntlet Half-Ironman distance triathlon at

Castle Cholmondeley.

swim 1.2 miles, bike 60 miles, run 13.1 miles.

27. Neil Tandy 30:17 2:42:48 2:05:05 = 5:18:10


Steve Giles took his first step up to the Half-Ironman distance, at

Cowman Half-Ironman triathlon at Emberton Lake, Milton Keynes.

The distances were: swim 1.2 miles, bike 58 miles, run 13.1 miles.

Steve Giles came from behind to gain many places on the bike and

particularly the run.

43. Steve Giles 43:19 2:42:47 1:39:23 = 5:05:29


Tallington - Pactrac had the highest representation of any club at

Tallington with 14 competitors over the two distances.

We had 11 in the Sprint distance, and a further 3 in the Standard

distance races, taking 4 of the 6 available Podium places.

Nathan Tweedie in his first ever Standard distance triathlon, won

convincingly, with a 5-minute lead after the swim! He then extended

lead on both the bike and run splits to come home over 13 minutes

of PACTRACs Wayne Stainsby in 3rd. Ross Murphy in 2nd place had a

Timing Chip malfunction, so we're not sure exactly how far Nathan won

the race by. Ross is the son of PACTRAC's Terry Murphy (and is

competing in Ironman Bolton in two weeks time), so a good day for

PACTRAC all round.

In the Sprint distance race, PACTRAC also had a 1-3 with Simon Hoppe

racing hard for first place, coming into T2 with Antony Brown right

his wheel. Simon soon ran clear on the run and extended his lead to

by 1:40 minutes. Antony was just caught before the finish, but held

onto 3rd place by just 6 seconds from a fast approaching 4th


9 PACTRACers recorded a top 3 placing in their Age Group with 5
winning their Age Group including Ros Goatly.

1. Simon Hoppe 12:04 42:59 19:34 = 74:37 Age Group 1st.

3. Antony Brown 12:38 42:37 21:21 = 76:36 AG 1st.

22. Michael Shadwell 15:24 50:56 22:18 = 88:38 AG 4.

23. Gary Shoemake 15:47 49:16 23:36 = 88:39 AG 4.

25. Ros Goatly 14:42 49:39 24:45 = 89:06 AG 1st.

32. Jonathan Webb 17:31 50:30 22:57 = 90:58 AG 5.

34 Simon Guerin 12:30 55:49 23:35 = 91:54 AG 2.

57. Chris Waghorn 14:57 58:27 26:20 = 99:44 AG 11.

66. Cameron Brookes 21:19 57:32 21:57 = 1:40:48 AG 3rd.

68. Sue Davys 17:56 56:36 27:12 = 1:41:44 AG 2nd.

77. Paul Beland 22:27 56:37 24:34 = 1:43:38 AG 5.


1. Nathan Tweedie 19:41 75:49 34:29 = 2:09:59 AG 1st.

3. Wayne Stainsby 27:05 78:56 37:34 = 2:23:35 AG 1st.

7. Robin Brookes 25:50 82:12 38:46 = 2:26:48 AG 2nd.

8 PACTRACers competed in Geneva in the European Triathlon
Championship races, alongside 2,000 of the best triathletes from across
Europe. 5 competed in the Sprint, 2 in the Standard distance plus Sue
Davys in the accompanying Open Race (no results are available for this
at the moment).

High temperatures prevailed across most of Europe, with Geneva
experiencing extremely high temperatures, which remained throughout the

Distances: Swim 750 m (1 loop); Bike 12.75 miles (3 laps); Run 3-miles
(2 laps). Water temperature 19.2º C. Wetsuit swim.

Georgina Jennings won the GOLD MEDAL by 17:32 minutes in the Sprint
Triathlon Championships. She was the oldest GB competitor there, and
competing in the sweltering heat, won Gold in the 70-74 Age Group.
Georgina also beat 11 out of the 13 in the Age Group below her, and was
very pleased with her efforts.


1. Georgina Jennings (70-74) 19:41 53:38 30:34 = 1:43:53 GOLD
MEDAL. Georgina won by 17:32 minutes and led from the start.

12. Abi Schofield (25-29) 12:38 46:04 19:43 = 78:25 Although
6th Brit, Abi was also less than 3-minutes from a Podium spot. 4th out
of the water, Abi lost a bit of time on the bike when her chain came
off. She had the 2nd fastest run to pull herself back into

13. Henry Morton (20-24) 11:11 39:12 18:26 = 68:49 3rd Brit.
Less than 3-minutes from a Podium spot.

23. Jon Dundee (35-39) 14:01 40:18 21:00 = 75:19 11th

Tracy McCartney unfortunately didn't finish. After a competitive 17:11
swim, Tracy was going well on the bike, before firstly just missing a
stray car that had ventured onto the course, pulling out in front of
her on a steep 30mph decent; only to then shortly after, break her
chain in two, cycling up the next hill, and having to retire.


Women's 16-19 years old.

2. Kayleigh Adams 12:28 42:36 21:58 = 77:02

Kayleigh had a 56 second advantage going into the run, but just lost
out on the Gold Medal by 2-seconds in a sprint finish.

Women's PT4.

1. Lauren Steadman 10:33 35:10 20:57 = 66:40

Lauren led a British 1-2-3 home by over 3-minutes, having led the race
right from the gun.

Here is a photo of Georgina Jennings and Abi Schofield. http://bebrash.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/image8-300x300.jpg

Also - https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpt1/v/t1.0-9/11694950_867423043330310_8265372957099361846_n.jpg?oh=74098b7c07e8dbf32ea957621ab0c306&oe=56243170
is of Abi Schofield.


Standard Distance.

Distances: Swim 1500 m (1 loop); Bike 25.5
miles (2 laps), Run 6.25 miles (3 laps). Water temperature 21º C.
Wetsuit swim.

6. Antony Brown (55-59) 25:46 66:45 45:41 = 2:18:12 1st Brit
and was 3rd going into the run.

56. Stephen Hope (50-54) 31:40 74:50 44:07 = 2:30:37 19th Brit.


55. Gilles Corby (50-54) 29:40 75:14 45:21 = 2:30:15 BRJ
competing for France.

Open Race.

Sue Davys - no results available yet.


In the St.Neots Triathlon Andrew Russell (Standard distance) and Tim
Henson (Sprint distance), both came 3rd in their respective Age

Andrew Russell 26:34 84:02 49:34 = 2:40:10 Age Group 3rd.

Tim Henson 14:43 43:30 19:14 = 1:17:27 AG 3rd.

Gary Shoemake 14:31 46:23 21:57 = 1:22:51 AG 5.


6 PACTRACers competed in the Pitsford Triathlon from the Brixworth
Country Park in Northamptonshire. Sean Pooley was the first clubman
home in 9th overall, with both Sean and Emily John-Davis coming 2nd in
their respective Age Groups.

9. Sean Pooley 24:54 66:55 44:42 = 2:16:31 AG 2nd.

29. Nicholas Forscutt 28:56 73:49 46:26 = 2:29:11 AG 7.

39. Craig Mills 26:07 75:34 50:54 = 2:32:35 AG 8.

55. Paul Frampton 30:22 75:47 51:40 = 2:37:49 AG 7.

80. David Pooley 29:40 85:36 50:59 = 2:46:15 AG 15.

120.Emily John-Davis 31:26 92:02 56:29 = 2:59:57 AG 2nd.


4 PACTRACers competed in Challenge Roth, near Nurnberg, in Germany.
This is over the classic Ironman-distances of:

swim 2.4 miles
bike 112 miles
run 26.2 miles

Challenge Roth is one of the most iconic races in the
calendar, with thousands of spectators lining the route, the whole town
coming out to support, and entries closing each year in literally 2-
minutes from opening.

2 PACTRACers went into the race with injuries and, therefore, wisely
didn't finish the run. Roger Canham pulled out with a foot injury,
whilst Giles Cooper went into the race with a stress fracture. No
results are available for Giles, but he did complete the swim and bike
stages, in high temperature's, reaching 84oF. The water was warm, but
just cool enough to stay the right side of wetsuit's being allowed.

Giles said: "Not the best of days at Roth. I couldn't do the run due to
a stress fracture and some kind sole removed my timing chip on the swim
in a frenzied start. I managed the swim and bike but got no official

Roger Canham writes:

"one of the most famous long distance triathlons on the planet with one
of the deepest fields outside Kona. In addition, I really wasn’t sure I
would be able to complete the marathon after my foot pain had not
disappeared despite extensive rest since the Staffordshire Half-

I exited the water in 10th place in the Age Group.

T1 and T2 were fantastically organised and the volunteers superbly
drilled, it doesn’t get much better. Quickly onto my bike and ready to
tackle the bike course. It is billed as an "uber-fast" bike course but
actually, whilst the road surfaces are excellent, it really rolls,
taking in 1500m of elevation over the two laps. I got the first lap
under my belt in exactly 2:30 but really didn’t feel as though I had
held back so I resolved to pedal easier on the second, capping my HR
and power lower down. The second lap was 2:36 and I felt much better as
I approached T2. Off the bike in a total of 06:14 and in third place in
the Age Group, 13 minutes behind the leader.

At 5.25 miles the shooting pains returned in my foot and I struggled to
even walk with a limp, it was game over rover. It would have been folly
to try and carry on and risk my injury turning chronic and wrecking my
chances at the two world championships I have later in the year. Only
my second DNF."

Roger has two big races coming up:

Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Zell Am See-Kaprun, Austria, 30th
August 2015.

Ironman World Championships, Kona, Hawaii, 10th October 2015.

Charlie Brookes had a consistent race all round, finishing with a Union
Jack in hand. "He did a fantastic time and race in gruelling

"Charlie did fantastically well to battle through constant leg cramps
to finish, and beat his 12-hour target. Brilliant effort!"

1261. Charlie Brookes 1:12:23 5:57:31 4:43:09 = 11:53:03 AG 280.

1391. Steve Coombes 1:22:52 6:05:54 4:39:51 = 12:08:37 AG 307.

dnf Roger Canham 1:02:45 5:11:01

dnf Giles Cooper - no results.


3 PACTRACers took part in the Bolton Ironman at the weekend, plus Ross
Murphy, son of PACTRACer Terry. Terry spent the weekend up in Bolton
supporting and was impressed with the guts and determination of the
athletes to compete over such a long distance with lashing rain at the

Both Andy Gregg and Andy Chapman completed their first Ironman races,
whilst Gary Cooper is a veteran of this distance. An Ironman is the
culmination of a year's training, with the whole season being based
around 1 day. Bolton is a tough, undulating course with a nasty hill on
the bike. the weather made it even harder.

Andy Chapman "Well what can I say. Driving rain, ridiculous headwind on
most of the bike course, and a flat run course that had more hills than
the Cotswolds!! Full Ironman itch now scratched, although another dodgy
knee put paid to the time I wanted for the run. I can't thank Jo
Chapman enough for her continued support and encouragement even if she
does have to spend many nights alone as I'm in the garage Turboing

The distances were:

swim 2.4 miles in the lake.

bike 112 miles.

run 26.2 miles.

Andy Gregg writes: "2.4mile Swim - 1hr28min - Heavy rain storm
throughout, windy and wavy, just tried to keep a relaxed technique;

112mile Bike with nearly 6000ft ascent - 6hr 11min - Rain stopped after
first hour, and temp finally got above 12 degrees, but wet roads were
very scary on descents and 20mph wind continued throughout. Amazing
supporters on course especially the hills with "tour de France" style
hoards of people, music from campervans, loads of characters in fancy
dress, people running alongside shouting encouragement, even Sue &
Heidi ran up a hill together next to me - kept a very steady Power (ave
183W), and HR (ave 151, Zone2);

26.2mile Run - 3hr 51min - Sun was now out. Felt good for the first
10miles with HR~150-155, but then the hills kicked in and it really
started to hurt, especially the 2nd of 3 times up the 2.5mile long hill
from Bolton back out along Chorley Rd against the wind. Calves were
starting to feel tight, and HR dropping to 145. From 17 miles, sped
back up, but caused cramp in a hamstring at 25miles, so had to stop for
30secs to stretch it out before running to the finish to enjoy the red
carpet and Ironman archway".

223. Andy Gregg 1:28:20 6:24:52 3:50:59 = 11:44:11 AG 24.

307. Ross Murphy 1:16:33 6:42:16 4:04:36 = 12:03:25 AG 55.

315. Gary Cooper 1:05:31 6:33:16 4:28:03 = 12:06:50 AG 39.

853. Andy Chapman 1:09:33 6:43:11 5:51:37 = 13:44:21 AG 166.

Ironman and Challenge are two competing brands that both provide
Ironman-distance Triathlons throughout the world.


The Kimbolton Sprint Triathlon saw 6 Pactracers in action, with Ros
Goatly taking first in her Age Group whilst Jon Dundee and Steve Hope
were 2nd in theirs.

Distances were swim 400 meters in the pool, bike 13 miles - out to St.
Neots and back, and run 3 miles.

Lucy Alexander completed her first triathlon and said "I still don't
like swimming". First club member home, Jon Dundee, was only 90 seconds
behind the overall winner.

4. Jon Dundee 6:43 00:00:26 00:35:24 00:00:26 00:18:17 01:01:16 AG 2.

17. Steve Hope 7:22 00:00:50 00:38:55 00:00:42 00:18:52 01:06:40 AG 2.

63. Ros Goatly 7:57 00:00:52 00:42:31 00:01:13 00:22:29 01:15:01 AG 1st.

73. Pedro Polson 7:13 00:00:43 00:41:54 00:00:57 00:25:43 01:16:29 AG 4.

98.Louise Alexander 10:19 00:00:57 00:44:25 00:00:56 00:23:06 01:19:43 AG 6.

103.Nicholas Partridge 8:47 00:01:24 00:42:52 00:00:53 00:26:28 01:20:23 AG 16.


PACTRAC's Juniors were 1/2 second away from a double double last
weekend with Katie Tasker (TriStar 2) & Olivia Corner (TriStar 1), both
winning at Upminster on Saturday, then on Sunday Katie won and Olivia
came 2nd but with the same time as the winner.

They have both really improved over the course of the season and are
well placed to do well in their higher categories next year. Both
currently lead their respective Eastern Region Junior League Tables.


This weekend saw two more Junior Triathlons:

It was a fantastic day for the Juniors at Kimbolton on Saturday with 18
PACTRAC Juniors racing. The course was of 'sprint' length which suited
some but not all. There were over 400 Children racing in the grounds of
the school.

TriStart (Under 8)

Norah Brill in her 1st ever event walked away with the 1st place with

confident performance belying her years completing the fastest bike

runs. It was also a 1st event for Joesph Piickering who has recently
joined to finish 10th in the Boys race.

Tristar 1 (under 10)

Olivia corner won a hotly contested race to edge out her main rivals
again. A

solid bike ride and good turn of foot brought her victory. Hugo Brill

the most polite competitor ensuring his cup was safely returned to a

after a lap of the run course. Safford Hewitt-White & Lottie Tasker
showed strongly.

Tristar 2 (under 12)

Katie Tasker was narrowly pushed into 2nd place missing top spot by 3

seconds. There were improved performances by Arnie Stewart, Flo Brill,

Kirsten Loutit, Sam Oakley, Louis dawson, Sam Garner & Toby Cooke.

Katie has won her last 8 races and this puts an end to a great

Tristar 3 (Under 14)

Matt Wouldham improving form continued and with his best run for some

secured him a Podium in the Boys race. Rhiannon Loutit had a strong
swim and Sam Garner ran very strongly to secure good times.

Youth (Under 16)

Liam stokes had a slight mechanical issue getting away on the bike

cost him a place on the podium. Coming out on the bike he was able to

the winner and was able to go past him on the run. Oliver Seekins
produced a spirited performance to finish mid table.


Leighton Buzzard Triathlon.

3 from PACTRAC were racing at this inaugural full distance event in
very windy conditions.


Olivia Corner had a timing issue that resulted in a slower swim time.

Desptie this she still secured 2nd place with a strong bike and pwerful

Lottie Tasker did a PB coming 5th with her trade mark speed

Tristar 2

Katie Tasker won the event going off first and was never headed to win
by 45 seconds.

Tristar 2

1. Katie Tasker 3:28 12:06 7:49 = 23:23

Tristar 1

2. Olivia Corner 2:29 6:16 5:16 = 14:01

5. Lottie Tasker 2:47 8:09 6:30 = 17:26


The Outlaw Triathlon at Holme Pierrepoint, Nottingham was an

Ironman-distance triathlon covering:

Swim 2.4 miles in the National Watersports Rowing Lake.
Bike 112 miles.
Run 26.2 miles.

221. Graeme Hall 1:16:11 5:51:55 4:18:11 = 11:26:17. AG 15.

Graeme was up to 8th in his AG half-way through the run, but then slipped back to

15th on a tough day for racing. The weather across the country on

Sunday made any racing difficult, let alone one of this distance.


In the BigSwim at Holme Pierrepoint, Nottingham, Kate

Armstrong swam in the 5,000 metre race.

128. 1:53:15 Kate Armstrong

(52:59 + 60:16).

Kate competed in the Outlaw last year, but is

currently recovering from injury and took part in the accompanying

BibSwim instead.


Two distances were on offer in the

NiceTri LondonBrik Triathlon's at Stewartby Sailing Club, Bedford. Jon

Crowley won his Age Group in the Sprint distance coming home 8th


Standard distance: swim 1500 meters, bike 25 miles, run 6.25 miles.

42. Andrew Russell 28:21 63:06 50:26 = 2:21:53 AG 7.
59. Paul Jephcott 34:02 72:21 47:43 = 2:34:06 AG 4.

Sprint: swim 750 meters, bike 12.5 miles, run 3 miles.

8. Jon Crowley 13:07 33:50 19:43 = 1:06:40 AG 1st.


The National Championships were again held in Liverpool,
over the
Standard distance of swim 1500 meters in Liverpool Docks,
whilst trying
to avoid the many Jellyfish, bike 25 miles and run 6.25
miles - both largely flat and fast on closed roads.

Antony Brown won the SILVER
MEDAL. Antony was leading his Age Group off of the bike, and
lost one place on the run.

This race was also the first of 4 qualifying races
for the 2016 World Championships next July in Mexico.
The remaining 3
races will be held early next year. The top 4 qualify
but it may be that one of the girls above Abi Schofield
didn't put her
name down to go, so we are waiting to see if Abi has
qualified. Antony
has already decided not to travel to Mexico, but a
top 4 placing would have got him there, if he had wanted to.

73. Antony Brown 23:21 67:12 41:34 = 2:12:07 AG (55-59) 2nd.

227. Abi Schofield 23:05 83:52 39:24 = 2:26:21 AG 5th.

In the accompanying Sprint race, over half the distance:

143. Sue Davys 16:59 49:18 25:40 = 1:31:57