Jim Fell National Champion. Amy PB's in Paris Marathon.

Amy Hayes competed in her 2nd marathon in 4 months.Following on from her exertions in Hawaii in December (3:57hrs), she
persuaded husband Brad to have a go in Paris.

"When I registered I put
in an anticipated finish of 4:15-4:30. That was some time ago, and I've
now amended that to 3:35. I like reaching goals, so I usually set very
reachable goals. Haha! I'm still not sure I have a 3:35 marathon in me.
But, there's only one way to find out!"

"The first half felt like
Cambridge (half-marathon). The second half felt like that wretched 15
miler I did the week after Cambridge."
"I stuck comfortably with the 3:30 pacer until mile 13, where I got a nearly full water bottle chucked in my face. It cracked my cheek bone pretty hard; but my legs were good
and my cardiovascular was good"

"A 10 minute PB actual finish time for
the 2016 Paris Marathon.
Now...croissants, pastries, macarons. I've got
some calories to replace."

9777. Amy Hayes 3:47:27
34903 Brad Hayes 5:05:33


The National Duathlon Championships were held
at Windsor on Sunday, and Jim Fell won his Age Group for the 4th time
in 4 Duathlon races this year. Jim won by a comfortable margin of
nearly 9 minutes. This represents a significant on-going improvement
for Jim, who is now the NATIONAL CHAMPION.

In his last race, Jim had
to carry his winnings, a crate of Alcohol-Free Beer, half-a-mile to his
car. At Windsor it was mud: "If anyone collects soil samples, we have
kilograms on our shoes and bike!"

The distances were:

run 6.25 miles.
bike 25 miles.
run 3 miles.

Claire Steels (not PACTRAC) also won her
Age Group for the 4th Duathlon in a row, and won a Bronze Medal in
these National Championships.

Claire said "Gold in Age Group at the
British Champs and 3rd lady overall! Time for a rest before the
European Championships in Germany!!" "An interesting race today!
Toughest race to date with 'tiny' bit of mud and cross country! But at
least we got a break when they stopped the race for royalty going to
Windsor Castle!
Great to see so many familiar faces though and well
done everyone! Germany here we come!" (These are in two weeks time)

Sean Beard started his comeback from injury with his first Duathlon of
the year.

116. Sean Beard 41:30 74:36 22:45 = 2:18:51 AG 7.
371. Jim Fell 50:38 88:10 29:43 = 2:48:31 AG 1st.

59 Claire Steels 40:54 70:26 21:56 = 2:13:16 AG 1. (3rd lady).


The Entry Deadline for
the PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon which takes place on Sunday 17th
April from Castor, is this Monday 11th April. Over 80 athletes have so
far entered and organisers expect a field of 100, many competing in
multi-discipline sport for the first time. Entries are still open on http://pactrac.co.uk/events/4181/