May: 6/6 AG wins for Jim / Paul 2nd in 70.3 / Kim first lady / Paul V English Champion / Georgina British AND European Sprint Champion / Roger Qu's for Kona / Nicola wins Gold / Dave wins Silver.

In the Stockton Duathlon, on a flat, fast and fully closed-road town centre course, Jim Fell won his Age Group for the 6th
consecutive Duathlon this year. Jim suffered a fall on the run, but
held on to win his Age Group by 16:53 minutes. He is now the English
Duathlon Champion. Unfortunately, the resulting injury means that he
won't now be competing in Spain next month in the World Duathlon
Championships. George Prodrick will be there for Pactrac, and another
local, Claire Steels will also be in Spain.

199. Jim Fell 2:37:51 AG 1st (70-74 years).

Jonathan Oakey came 8th
overall and 2nd in his Age Group at the Leicester Sprint Triathlon.
Distances were: swim 400 metres, bike 12.5 miles, run 3 miles. Jonathan
was caught 1-mile into the last run to come home 2nd in his Age Group.

8. Jonathan Oakey.... 6:14 38:37 18:41 = 63:32 AG 2nd.


In the Half-Ironman 70.3 in Majorca, Pactrac were represented
by Paul Lunn (2nd in Age Group) and Robin Brookes (7th in Age Group).

The race covered:

swim 1.2 miles in Alcudia Bay.
bike 56 miles into the mountains.
run 13.1 miles - flat along the coast road and through the town.

Majorca suffered torrential rain on the day, and
the athletes got soaked from the start to the finish. Paul said: "It
was pretty miserable out there". Robin said: "It rained for the entire
race, but it was still warm ... the downhill was a bit scary".

Paul competed in this big International race for the 6th time, and now has a
2nd place Trophy to go with his previous 1st and 3rd Trophies. His next race
will be the full Ironman over twice the distance, in France‬ in 4 weeks time.

48. Paul Lunn 30:28 2:40:31 1:29:27 = 4:40:26 Age Group 2nd.
464. Robin Brookes 32:06 3:09:25 1:39:01 = 5:20:32 AG 7th.


The Monster Mojo - (swim 1.2
miles, bike 51 miles, run 13.1 miles) and the Monster Mojito - (swim 1
mile, bike 24 miles, run 6.25 miles) took place from the Peterborough
Rowing Lake, Thorpe Meadows, Peterborough on Sunday.

Pactrac had 12 competitor's finish at Peterborough in these early season races.
Wayne Stainsby came 6th overall in the Mojito, with Kim Bell coming 9th
overall and first lady. Abi Schofield was 3rd lady overall, whilst Kate
Armstrong also won her Age Group.

34 Sean Pooley 32:49 2:29:59 1:46:27 = 4:49:15
35 Daniel Fitzjohn 41:03 2:32:15 1:36:50 = 4:50:08
57 Michael Shadwell 33:19 2:41:58 1:57:17 = 5:12:34
97 Nicky Bailey 43:00 3:07:44 2:19:58 = 6:10:42

6 Wayne Stainsby 25:27 64:40 40:54 = 2:11:01
9 Kimberley Bell 19:07 68:11 45:23 = 2:12:41
26 Abi Schofield 23:11 74:49 46:30 = 2:24:30
49 Susie Freeman 24:29 76:14 50:22 = 2:31:05
58 Peter Tebb 30:45 76:34 45:29 = 2:32:48
62 Paul Jephcott 31:40 71:16 51:18 = 2:34:14
89 Kate Armstrong 31:47 81:52 49:56 = 2:43:35
112 Terry Murphy 40:22 81:13 60:19 = 3:01:54


The Grafham Water Standard Distance Triathlon was the English National
Standard Distance Triathlon Championships, as well as being a World
Championship qualifying race. Paul Vernon won his Age Group to become
the English Champion. He also qualified for the World Championships, in
Mexico, in September, as has Simon Pauffley, both for the first time.

swim 1 mile.
bike 25 miles
run 6.25 miles.

Andrew Chapman had a good race for 16th in Age Group, on a hot day.

Paul Vernon stormed the run, to move into first position in his Age Group,
taking it by 41 seconds.

13. Paul Vernon 25:13 56:40 36:08 = 1:58:01 AG 1st.
139. Andy Chapman 25:11 63:22 46:32 = 2:15:05 AG 16.
184. Simon Pauffley 25:06 67:50 48:13 = 2:21:09 AG 3.
259. Simon Guerin 24:41 67:49 58:54 = 2:31:24 AG 31.
324. Pedro Polson 23:26 75:06 65:34 = 2:44:06 AG 17.


PACTRAC had 3 members racing in the Big Cow Triathlon, held at Emberton
Park, Olney, nr Milton Keynnes on Sunday. This race hosted the British
Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships, in which Georgina Jennings
retained her GOLD MEDAL from last year.

Georgina's best discipline was the bike, whilst Jon Crowley had a
better swim, and Mark Weathersby a good run.

The distances were:

swim 750 metres in the lake - 1 lap.
bike 12.5 miles - 1 lap of rolling countryside around Olney.
run 3 miles - 2 laps around Emberton Country Park.

Georgina is working towards the European Sprint Championships in Lisbon
in 2-weekends time, along with clubmates Simon Hoppe and Steve Hope.
She is hoping to retain her Gold medal from Geneva last year.

69. Mark Weathersby...... 13:09.... 34:12.... 19:29..=.. 66:50.. AG 9.
109. Jon Crowley........... 12:00.... 35:23.... 21:30..=.. 68:53.. AG 13.
397. Georgina Jennings.... 17:12.... 46:32.... 33:09..=.. 96:53.. AG 1st.


May 14th 2016 Ironman Texas North American Championships.
Swim 2.4 miles.
Bike 95 miles.
Run 26.2 miles in temperatures of 95oF and 80% Humidity.

175. Roger Canham 1:12:43 4:16:18 3:44:11 = 9:13:12 AG 6th.

Roger Canham entered Ironman Texas, hoping to qualify for the Ironman
World Championships in Kona, Hawaii for an 8th consecutive year.

Roger was looking for a qualification spot for Kona early in the year,
in order to allow him to have the rest of the summer building up to
the Big Island race.

Roger writes: "Three weeks out from the race it looked almost a
certainty that they would pull the race, as the bike course flooded.
At the eleventh hour they came up with a 95 mile route with nearly 90
turns! (It should have been 112 miles).

48 hours before the start, the water quality in the lake dropped and
so they had to change the swim course as well.

That meant moving a whole transition area, so now both Transitions
were in different places.

To cap it all it was a non-wetsuit swim, as the water temperature was

Out on the bike and the pace was really hot right from the mount line.
The rolling swim start meant athletes were well spaced out on the
flattish course, and we all slowed into the multiple corners.

I slotted into a fast-pace line of about 10 bikers all riding legally
but hard, gobbling up the miles in excess of 24 mph. By half way the
temperature started to rise, the corners tighten and a light head wind
started to pick up, nothing problematic but knocking off a couple of
mph. I kept trying to push the pace but the second half was feeling
much harder, as the conditions started to bite and I struggled to
digest my nutrition.

Off the bike and I am normally excited to crack on, reeling in the age
groupers over the next 26.2 miles; but not this time. My stomach was
complaining, my quads were creaking and I felt hot and heady. These
sensations were new territory, but as always I was sure that once I
got the feet rolling I would quickly shake the bike off and tick off the
miles. After a couple of miles the usual spring did not return to my
legs, they were just sore and I hadn’t managed to make a start on
properly fueling, my stomach had pretty much shut down. The soreness
turned to quasi cramp as I started to hobble rather than run and the
lack of fuel going in and high heart rate started to worry me. By the
end of the first 8-mile lap I should have been locked into my running
flow and hoovering up my competitors, but instead I was in melt down
on every level. I decided to stop at the next aid station and have one go
at pressing the reset button before bailing out. I just stood still as
the volunteers poured cups and cups of cold water over me, taking my
breath away but felt massively better. Once my heart rate came down
and I felt in control I sauntered off, resolving to keep my core
temperature under control and start to eat at every aid station. The
next couple of miles felt much better, I was fueling, controlling my
temperature but my legs were still in pieces. I just couldn’t get any
rhythm, my trusty running legs just weren’t firing. I knew the sort of
run split I needed so I just did my best to come close to it and hope
that it was a tough run for everyone. I hobbled along at the required
pace but no flow - just lock down the brain and move forwards a step
at a time. I managed to turn my mind from one of despair to mild optimism
that I could make it, just.

Had I snatched success from the jaws of defeat? Boom!, the lightning
cracked overhead, an instant crash of thunder, the heavens opened and
the rain poured down. More lightning, more thunder more wind and then
hail stones. I dipped my head so my cap protected my face and resolved
to fight to get to the line. It was surreal, chaos all round, aid
stations being blown away, athletes running scared and rivers of water
on the streets. As I rounded the last couple of turns the barriers
were being blown over so I had to pick my way through the debris to get to
the finish line, fully expecting at any minute to be struck by a
scaffold pole of something similar. Even the commentator was in
hiding, and I needed to get under cover and out of danger.

I was proud I hadn’t given in to the challenges despite the battering
my cramping legs had taken. After an hour or so I decided to find my
position in the field and was thrilled to learn I was 6th across the
line and I was pretty sure there were 6 slots on offer for Kona. The
"war stories" started to slowly filter through as it transpired that
the race director had suspended the race 5 minutes after I had crossed
the line, with athletes being held in shelters in groups of up to 400
at various points around the course, as the storm raged on. After
about 40 minutes the race was restarted but of course it was mayhem as the
huge groups now set off to complete their races.

At midnight the organisers had 12 hours to figure out how they were
going to correct the results to reflect the temporary suspension of
the race; there podiums to fill and slots to allocate. For the slower
groups there were likely no finishers ahead of the clock being
So, they made up a rule and applied it the way they felt dealt with
the majority of athletes. I crossed the line 6th and they confirmed that,
but they awarded the slot to the guy who came across the line 8th as
he was ahead of me at mile 22. How do you figure that one out. I have
made an appeal and I'm sitting here wondering if they will do the right

A great effort from Roger, who is waiting to hear still, if he has
qualified (HE DID). The Ironman World Championships in Kona are the mecca of
Triathlon, and are as prestigious in triathlon terms as the Olympics.


John Crowley came 8th overall at the Sprint Triathlon in Grantham,
with a good swim, followed by a fast bike section that moved him up the

swim 400 metres.
bike 11.25 miles.
run 3 miles.

8. Jon Crowley 7:16 29:10 20:50 = 57:16


The 2nd PACTRAC Mini-Series Triathlon took place at Oundle, with a mix
of experienced and Novices.

Simon Guerin led the swimmers out of the pool, half-a-minute ahead of
Dan and Hannah Bassett. Jaap Flikweert was next and he soon established
a lead on the bike, coming into T2 65 ahead of Simon. Jaap then had the
fastest run of the day to win by nearly 3-minutes from newcomer, Ricky
Dear. Ricky had been 9th out of the pool, moved up to 4th off the bike
and then had the 2nd fastest run of the night. Andy Gregg had the 3rd
fastest run to move himself up to 3rd overall. First lady was Junior,
Hannah Bassett in a new PB time of 64:40.

Results are on


4 PACTRACers competed in the European Triathlon Sprint Championships in

Distances were:
swim 750 metres in the sea protected by the Marina.
Bike 13.4 miles - out and bac k along a closed-road Motorway, with a
good tail-wind out and much harder going on the way back.
run 3 miles - 2 laps based around the huge indoor stadium with a couple
of dog-legs.

Georgina Jennings retained her GOLD MEDAL (from Geneva) in the 70-74
year Age Group. Georgina won by nearly 9 minutes. Simon Hoppe came 6th
in his Age Group, to maintain his record of never having been outside
of the top ten in the European Championships.

Henry Morton recorded the fastest PACTRAC time in 65:10 for 14th his
Age Group, whilst Steve Hope exceeded all expectations and also recorded 14th.


1st. Georgina Jennings 97:13
6. Simon Hoppe 66:19
14. Henry Morton 65:10
14. Steve Hope 76:56


Nicola Latty and Amy Mellor competed in the European Masters Swimming
Championships at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, with Nicola taking
the Gold Medal in the 200 metre Butterfly.

Nicola recorded a time of 2:34.84. She was 2nd after the first 50
metres, had a slight lead after 100 metres, and then pulled away to win
by 6.75 seconds. A great swim and a great Gold Medal, she was only 4
1/2 seconds away from an Event Record in her Age Group.


Newmarket Leisure Centre, Newmarket.

SuperSprint Triathlon:
Swim 300m in the pool.
Bike 14 miles. Out, 2 short loops, and back.
Run 2.5 miles. 2 laps.

Ros Goatly came 5th female and 1st in her Age Group in a time of 69:28.

47. Roz Goatly 5:23 44:49 19:16 = 69:28


The first PACTRAC Mini-Series of this summer took place at Oundle on Wednesday.

The distances and course remain the same as in previous year's:

Swim 400 yards in Oundle's 50-yard pool.
Bike 10 miles - 1 loop around Glapthorn and the Benefield's.
Run 3.5 miles - out to Glapthorn and back.

Last year, due to insurance difficulties, the Mini-Series was
restricted to club members only, but these have now been resolved, and
non-members can compete again. Even so, the inclement weather, with
puddles on the roads, meant that just 14 competitor's started this
first race, in the current series of 10.

Tom Dyke, was first out of the water, quickly followed by Andrea
Robinett, both competing in their first Mini-Series event. The eventual
top-3 were next away, between 13 and 41 seconds behind. The order
sorted itself out on the bike, with Paul Vernon coming in ahead of Mark
Weathersby and Wayne Stainsby. Paul then ran away with the win to come
home nearly 3-minutes ahead of Mark, with Wayne less than a minute
behind in 3rd.

Results are on under "races", "race results".

Steve Skelhon competed in Ironman Lanzerote. This race is considered by
many to be one of the toughest Ironman events in the world.

swim 2.4 miles - 2-laps with a short run between the two laps in
Puerto del Carmen.

bike 112 miles - a very challenging course with strong winds. All
around the island, with over 2551 m. of climbing, including up to the
top of Mirador del Rio, allowing some great views for those that had
the time to look.

run 26.2 miles - 3 laps along the flat sea front of Puerto del Carmen,
towards the airport and back, under the intense Lanzarote sun.

It was an extremely windy day with rising temperatures as the race went on.

1020. Skelhon, Steve 1:06:33 7:16:38 5:04:07 = 13:27:18 AG 91.


Barcelona 70.3

swim - one-loop in the Mediterranean Sea from the beach of Calella (30-
miles from Barcelona).
bike - 56 miles heading inland on closed roads.
run - two-laps along the coast to Pineda.

Abi Schofield upped the distance to compete in her first half-ironman -
the Barcelona 70.3 Abi had a good swim.

"I thought I knew pain, but it turns out that today showed me a new
level! Amazing swim & bike... shocked to say the run was pure agony."

846. Schofield, Abi 30:51 3:18:12 2:08:11 = 5:57:14 AG 11.


The "Grafman" Middle Distance Triathlon, held at Grafham Water,
incorporated the 2016 British Age Group Middle Distance Championships.

Distances were:

swim 1.2 miles in Grafham Water.
bike 56.7 miles - 1 lap with a few out and back legs.
run 13.1 miles - out and back twice in each direction.

In a tough race with nearly 50 non finishers, Dave Allsop won a SILVER
MEDAL in the National Championships in the 50-54 year Age Group. He
started the run in a neck and neck tussle with the eventual winner,
holding off any challenge from behind, with a great run.

46. David Allsop 33:08 2:32:36 1:32:44 = 4:38:28 AG 2nd.
128. Robin Brookes 33:25 2:42:34 1:42:51 = 4:58:50 AG 5th.
131. Steve Giles 41:13 2:43:51 1:34:02 = 4:59:06 AG 16.
175. Andy Chapman 33:37 2:40:01 1:53:52 = 5:07:30 AG 33.
192. Chris Pike 38:04 2:49:02 1:43:26 = 5:10:32 AG 14.
242. Richard Nixon 30:40 2:45:32 2:03:31 = 5:19:43 AG 38.
605. Rebecca Carey 37:53 3:25:34 2:21:13 = 6:24:40 AG 13.


Simon Pauffley competed in the Southport Triathlon over the Standard
distance of:

swim 1500 meters.
bike 25 miles.
run 6.25 miles - 2 laps.

99. Simon Pauffley 25:33 75:32 43:55 = 2:25:00 AG 7th.


Susie Freeman raced at Eton Dorney in the Sprint Triathlon over the
distances of:

swim 750 metres in the lake.
bike 12.5 miles.
run 3 miles.

201. Susie Freeman 12:30 43:08 23:34 = 79:12 AG 4th.