June: Jonathan Qu's / 3 Podiums at Stafford 70.3 / Georgina 1st / 27 PACTRACers compete at Dambuster / PACTRACers in Venice, Nice and Luxembourg / Paul V Qu's for Worlds /

PACTRAC had some good results at the Nottingham Triathlon, withJonathan Oakey finishing 29th overall and 5th in his Age Group (U20).

Jonathan Oakey 61:24
Jon Crowley 64:16
Mark Wethersby 64:19

Jonathan Oakey qualified for the European Sprint Triathlon
Championships next year in his under 20 Age Group. These will
be held in Dusseldorf and it will be his first time representing GB..


Mark Wethersby took the honours In the third Pactrac Mini Series.
Jonathan Arnold led Ben Garton out of the water, with Susie Freeman
following 42 seconds later ahead of Tom Dyke. Mark was another 23
seconds behind, but he soon picked up the athletes in front, and came
into T2 1:40 minutes ahead of Sean Beard. Mark then pulled another 31
seconds out of Sean on the run to come home 2:11 ahead. This was Mark's
first Mini Series win, having recorded a second place in Mini 1, two
weeks earlier.


Steve Hope competed in Challenge Venice. This was an ironman-distance
race, organised by rival company Challenge.

The distances were:

Swim 2.4 miles in the sea from Venice, directly following the causeway
to the mainland at Mestre.

bike 112 miles - out, 3 laps and back, all on fast, flat rouds, but you
had to constantly watch for rough patches of road.

run 26.2 miles - 5 laps all around the large park.

I had a decent swim, a great bike and a poor run. I slowed on the run,
but ran all of the way and have to be satisfied with the result.

301. Steve Hope 1.08.31 5.30.16 4.54.01 = 11.32.48 Age Group 12.


2 members competed in Ironman Nice over the classic distance of:
swim 2.4 miles in the Mediterranean Sea.
bike 112 miles with some long and tough climbs.
run 26.2 miles.

Paul Lunn came 6th in his Age Group and narrowly missed out on a podium

41. Paul Lunn 1.01.47 5.18.20 3.07.55 = 9.28.02 Age Group 6th.

1114. Daniel Fitzjohn 1.23.56 6.36.39 3.50.52 = 11.51.27 AG 236.


Georgina Jennings was the only Pactrac representative in the Beccles
Sprint Triathlon. Georgina came 2nd in the over 55 Age Group. She had a
good bike section which gave her a lead of 2:20 minutes going into the
run. If the run had been the usual 3 miles she would probably have come
first, but it was an over-distanced 4.5 miles and she came home a
gallant second,

86. Georgina Jennings 11.44 44.35 43.24 = 1.39.43

The PACTRAC Juniors competed in the Walden Triathlon at the weekend.
This was a Regional qualifier for the Eastern Region, with .
some very competitive racing at a well organised event.

TS3 - Katie Tasker came 3rd - a good performance as she was not at
her absolute best.
She was in 2nd place half way through the run. This result puts her in
a good position for selection but she will need another quality
performance at Cambridge later this month to secure selection.

TS2 - Olivia Corner came 5th and was the best 'Younger Year'
competitor. She did not 'fire' on the bike as she can and finished 30 seconds off the
She had a much better swim and a good run. All is not lost as the Cambridge
course will suit her more.

Toby Cooke had a good race and finished in Mid division a much improved
swim helped his cause greatly.

Chloe Moore found the run tough. She is
making progress and enjoyed her race.

TriStar 2.

23 Toby Cooke 3:27 15.26 10:13 = 29:06

TriStar 3.

3 KatieTasker 4:39 18.28 12:10 = 35:17

TriStar 2 female.

5 Olivia Corner 3:28 14.36 8:57 = 27:01

33 Chloe Moore 4:54 19.29 15:08 = 39:31


4 members of PACTRAC competed in the Half-Ironman 70.3 in

The distances were:
swim 1.2 miles in Chasewater Lake.
bike 56 miles on closed but often rough roads, with lots of turns.
run 13.1 miles - 3 laps based around the lake.

Roger Canham came first in his Age Group and qualified to compete in
the Half-Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba, Queensland, on
Australia's Sunshine Coast, on 4th September.

Robin Brookes and Terry Murphy just missed out, both recording 3rd
place in their respective Age Groups. This is Terry's first venture
into long-distance triathlon's, and he sought the advice of a coach to
follow a set training regime, that saw much improvement in all 3

57. Roger Canham 32:40 2:36:42 1:28:14 = 4:45:09 AG 1st.
179. Robin Brookes 33:34 2:43:55 1:42:19 = 5:08:50 AG 3.
275. Giles Cooper 35:08 2:54:44 1:44:12 = 5:22:04 AG 8.
1554. Terry Murphy 52:11 3:19:37 2:28:47 = 6:55:18 Age Group 3rd.


Georgina Jennings was PACTRAC's sole representative in the Sudbury
Sprint Triathlon organised by the local Sudbury Triathlon Club.

Georgina managed to win the 60+ Age Group by 1 minute. She was the
first over 60 year old, male or female, and competed against athletes
10-years her junior. She went into the run with a near 3-minute cushion
and ran well.

swim 400 metres in the pool.
bike 13.5 miles.
run 3 miles.

45th. Georgina Jennings 9:26 46:28 29:21 = 85:15 Age Group (over 60) 1st.

Dave Patmore-Hill competed in the IRONMAN 70.3 in the Moselle Region of Luxembourg.

swim 1.2 miles in the Mosel river on the boarder between the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany.

bike 56 miles along the vinyards and through the hilly countryside.

run 13.1 miles through the Mosel valley around the town of Remich and along the riverside.

Actually, due to the high river conditions, the race was changed to a
Duathlon, with the swim being replaced by a 3-mile run. Dave came into
T1 in 3rd place in his Age Group, before dropping a few places on the
bike in poor conditions.

Dave said: "I was really pleased with some of today's efforts at
Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg. Going into the race I have done nil duathlon
training as I was expecting a triathlon. It was a 3 mile first run
which I completed in 17.57. This put me in 3rd place, going out on the
bike, but I had dropped to 58th coming back in; before running back up
to 21st. I had a terrible 2nd transition as I couldn't find my run kit,
which added another 3 mins onto transition, so the finish time of 4.37
hours could have been better.
I'm pleased with the start to the season's racing, but need to get more
effort on the bike and I'm sure a podium will be here this year."


Beth Brooks competed in the Great East Swim at Alton Water. She said
"Feeling proud. So pleased! 2 miles in 58.20, in quite rough
conditions. It was pretty warm in the lake though at 18°c, which was
warmer than the air temperature on the bank! Thoroughly enjoyed this
morning at Alton Water." She is already thinking of doing the 3-mile
swim next year.


Since 2002 the Dambuster Triathlon has become a well established,
national standard event, on the triathlon calendar.
This year the event, held at Rutland Water, was an Age Group
qualification event for the World Triathlon Championships later this
year, in Mexico, in September.

The 15th Dambuster Triathlon proved to be a hard days racing in
overcast, cold, windy conditions.

Swim 1500 metres - in Rutland Water. One lap of a spectator-friendly,
tried and tested course, starting in front of the Harbour Bar.

Bike 26 miles - around Oakham, Uppingham, Morcott and Empingham. A good
testing course, well suited to strong bikers. Their are 4 big hills,
including the triple hills of the Rutland Ripple between Oakham and
Uppingham. Their is also the long hill at Steadfold Lane, near to
Ketton Cement; with the rest of the course, surprisingly undulating,
but on good road surfaces.

Run 6.25 miles - including crossing the dam and back twice, so you can
see the competition for much of the run.

750 athletes finished this prestigious triathlon, including 27
PACTRACers. 3 finished in the top 10 in their Age Group, with only one,
Paul Vernon, qualifying for the World Championships in Mexico. However,
Paul has a young family and has decided not to travel.

Chris Waghorn in his first venture at this distance said "I'm Done. Too
exhausted to say much more than that. Mission accomplished."

17. Paul Vernon 26:32 66:09 34:59 = 2:07:40 AG 3rd.
68. Mark Weathersby 27:28 70:34 38:42 = 2:16:44 AG 14.
97. Jaap Flikweert 25:10 73:32 40:50 = 2:19:32 AG 9.
126. Wayne Stainsby 26:17 76:10 40:06 = 2:22:33 AG 23.
177. Richard Nixon 24:05 75:45 46:47 = 2:26:37 AG 24.
190. Giles Cooper 27:54 77:05 42:38 = 2:27:37 AG 16.
205. Chris Pike 28:07 76:22 44:04 = 2:28:33 AG 19.
232. Simon Pauffley 26:38 79:43 44:22 = 2:30:43 AG 7.
233. Daniel Fitzjohn 32:39 77:14 40:52 = 2:30:45 AG 35.
239. Peter Harris 29:53 74:47 47:09 = 2:31:49 AG 26.
247. Simon Guerin 24:38 78:53 49:00 = 2:32:31 AG 34.
257. Gary Cooper 26:14 79:39 47:18 = 2:33:11 AG 38.
264. Andy Gregg 34:05 77:26 42:23 = 2:33:54 AG 40.
282. Charlie Brookes 26:50 82:05 46:12 = 2:35:07 AG 43.
297. Richard Ardern 29:05 84:42 42:13 = 2:36:00 AG 48.
391. Gary Shoemake 29:13 83:49 49:07 = 2:42:09 AG 62.
417. David Naylor 28:22 86:38 49:21 = 2:44:21 AG 47.
468. Martin Etchells 25:12 89:40 52:38 = 2:47:30 AG 24.
476. Jonathan Webb 30:44 88:48 49:06 = 2:48:38 AG 75.
487. Mark Stevens 20:39 94:13 54:44 = 2:49:36 AG 64.
489. Paul Jephcott 32:25 87:27 49:50 = 2:49:42 AG 25.
518. Chris Waghorn 28:08 93:05 51:01 = 2:52:14 AG 84.
552. Pedro Polson 24:08 92:58 57:31 = 2:54:37 AG 28.
561. Simon Taylor 35:43 87:06 52:41 = 2:55:30 AG 29.
598. Andy Rawlins 34:02 97:28 47:33 = 2:59:03 AG 100.
603. Kate Armstrong 33:38 97:32 48:12 = 2:59:22 AG 38.
653. Sue Davys 34:33 93:44 57:51 = 3:06:08 AG 42.


PACTRAC held their 5th Wednesday night Mini Series Triathlon last
Wednesday. Plenty of rain for the 4th time out of 5 and the threat of
lightening again suppressed the number of competitors.

The course and distances were the same:

swim 400 yards in Oundle's 50-yard pool.

bike 10-miles around Glapthorn and the Benefields.

run 3.5 miles - out to Glapthorn and back.

Paul Vernon won his 3rd Mini Series race of the year, this time by 3
1/2 minutes from Jonathan Oakey.
Paul won in a season's best time of 49:06 with runner-up Jonathan
recording another PB.

Jonathan was first out of the water, nearly 1/2 minute up on Abi
Schofield, who had Susie Freeman in close attendance. Dave Allsop was
the next out. He had 1/2 minute head start on Paul at this point and
over a minute on Sean Beard.

Paul had the fastest bike split of the night and came into T2 81
seconds ahead of Jonathan. Further back, Dave had been almost caught by
Sean, and came in just ahead of him.

Christina Cork, Abi and Susie had a battle for first lady, with
Christina riding away from the other two, and then holding them off on
the run, as the other two gradually caught back. Only 48 seconds
separated them at the finish.

Paul Vernon also had the fastest run of the night to take a good lead
in the overall Mini Series, with 3 wins so far. It is your best 5 races
that count. Jonathan was a well deserved 2nd, with Sean pulling away
from Dave for 3rd.

Only 3 PB's were recorded on a damp night, but the racing was
competitive as usual.