Oct: Paul L Qu's for Kona with 8:57 in Barcelona IM / Roger in Kona / Antony 1st in AG / Paul V 2nd at Oulton Park and 1st (English Champion) at Bedford / Steve competes in Majorca.

Paul Lunn competed in Ironman Barcelona over the distances of:

swim 2.4 miles in the sea.bike 112 miles
run 26.2 miles.

This is Paul's 3rd Ironman triathlon of the year - an amazing
achievement in itself - and the 2nd time that he has done a sub 9-hour
time. Previously his fantastic performances have not quite given him a
qualifying slot for the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii in
October 2017. This time it was different and Paul qualified for his
first ever visit to Hawaii next year. He finished 2nd in his Age Group
and 10th overall amongst the Age Groupers, once you strip out the 26
professional athletes ahead of him.

He was absolutely exhausted at the end, having raced hard for nearly 9-
hours with no let-up. But it was all worth while when he crossed the
line and achieved his dream of qualifying to race in Kona.
Paul will now be taking a couple of weeks off before recommencing
training for next year.

36. Paul Lunn 1:00:38 4:35:49 03:20:44 = 8:57:11 AG 2nd.


Meanwhile, Roger Canham is in Hawaii for the 2016 World Ironman
Championships this weekend.


PACTRAC had 4 competitors at the Bedford Triathlon, held at Robinsons
Pool, with 2 winning their Age Group.

swim 400m in Robinsons Pool.
bike 15 miles around the villages north of Bedford.
run 3 miles in Bedford Park.

6. Antony Brown 1:10:39 Age Group 1st.
91. Sue Davys 1:33:22 AG 1st.
97. Terry Murphy 1:35:43 AG 2.
175. Gerald Farrow 2:10:18 AG 11.


Paul Vernon came a great second overall in the Oulton Park Duathlon at
the famous Race Track. The race started on the starting grid and the
transition was in the pits.

He was beaten only by an elite category duathlete, after a great second
run, that saw him taking time back.
Run 5.6 miles - 2 laps.
Bike 24.25 miles - 9 laps.
Run 2.5 miles - 1 lap.

2. Paul Vernon 28:21 57:51 13:46 = 1:39:58.

36. Claire Steels 32:06 63:06 16:16 = 1:51:28 1st lady


Roger Canham competed in Kona, on Saturday, in the World Ironman
Championships, which are held annually in Hawaii.

Distances are:

swim 2.4 miles in the sea.

bike 112 miles - out and back in the wind and humidity of the lava

run 26.2 miles.

711. Roger Canham 1:07:46 5:34:42 3:41:50 = 10:24:18 AG 33.

Roger said "It's always hot and always windy and was tough out there. I
fell apart on the marathon."


The NiceTri Duathlon took place at Bedford Autodrome with Paul Vernon
winning overall in 1:50:46.

Paul led this European Championship qualifying race by nearly 2 1/2
minutes after the first 5.5 mile run. However, he came into T2 neck-and-
neck after Nic Pillinger caught him back on the bike section. Paul,
soon pulled away again on the final 3-mile run, and took the victory by
over a minute at the end.

Paul had already qualified for the European Sprint Duathlon
Championships, in an earlier race at Clumber Park; and has now
qualified for the European Standard distance Championships too. Both
will be held in Soria, Spain in April.

1. Paul Vernon 29:29 62:28 18:48 = 1:50:45 Age Group 1st.

Olivia Corner competed in the TriStar 2 race and won her Age Group.

1. Olivia Corner 5:33 13:37 4:52 = 24:02.


Meanwhile, Steve Hope was finishing a busy season, with his 18th
triathlon this year - this time at the Challenge Peguera half-Ironman
distance triathlon, in Majorca.

swim 1.2 miles in the warm, salty, choppy sea. A beach start, and two
waves literally went over my head before I even started to swim.

bike 56 miles - 2 laps into the mountains.

run 13.1 miles - 4 laps with a couple of long drags per lap.

324. Steve Hope 5:47:27 AG 9th.


This weekend sees Sean Beard tackle the Frankfurt marathon, whilst the
week after, Roger Canham is racing in China, trying to qualify for the
World Ironman Championships for a 9th time.