Two Qualify for the World Championships. Two make the top 10 in Ironman debut. Two survive for 15-hours in the Lake District. Two rock the cycling world.

Redcar Triathlon.

2 PACTRACers travelled to Redcar at the weekend to compete in the WorldChampionship qualifying race. These World Championship Sprint Triathlon
races are the only time that Age Group Triathletes get to race in draft-
legal races. You are allowed to take pace off other cyclists and the
roads are closed. The World Governing Body (ITU) changed the format for
the Sprint distance only, last year.

The distances were:

swim 750 metres in the sea, largely with the tide assisting you.

bike 12.5 miles - 4 laps on a windy circuit, by the coast. Flat.

run 3 miles - 3 laps largely along the coast road.

Both Marcus Widdess and Steve Hope qualified for the World
Championships, which are to be held in Rotterdam on 16th September.
This is the first time that the "World's" have been held in Europe
since they were in London in 2013; so their was a lot of competition
for places. Steve has represented GB 3 times in the European
Championships but this will be his first World Championships. For both
athletes to qualify outright, against some tough competition, from
across the UK is a good achievement.

Both Simon Hoppe and Georgina Jennings had already pre-qualified as a
result of coming in the top 10 in last year's World Championships in
Cozumel, Mexico.

Marcus Widdess 10:50 33:33 18:58 = 63:21 AG 12.
Stephen Hope 13:05 36:49 22:40 = 72:34 AG 10.


Monster Event Promotions carried out a test triathlon at Ferry Meadows
last weekend, to test the feasibility of holding a full triathlon there
in the future.

This was a Sprint Triathlon over the following distances:

swim 750m
bike 12.5m
run 3m

The event took place completely in the park, with the exception of the
bike, which went out via Milton Ferry Bridge to Helpston. No official
timings were taken as it was purely a test event.

PACTRAC results:

4. Mike Shadwell
8. Mathew Wouldham
12. Andrea Robinett
18. Chris Waghorn
23. Andy Rawlins
25. Jeff Manners
34. Georgina Jennings


The Breca Buttermere SwimRun.

7th. Paul Lunn & Duncan Shea-Simonds 15 hours and 18 minutes.

Paul Lunn & Duncan Shea-Simonds were only 7-minutes off of a Podium
spot. Only 90 of the 104 teams that started, managed to finish this
grueling event.

Run: 23.75 miles | Swim: 3.75 miles | Transitions: 18 | Total length:
27.75 miles.

This is a SwimRun on an adventurous, tough, challenging course.

The Course map etc can be found here
This is a race that involved 9 swims and 9 run sections, with the
discipline constantly changing from swim to run and back again, over
some tough terrain. Swimming in shoes and running in a shortie wetsuit
were the norm. The race started at 3:00am in Keswick and incorporated
swims in Derwent Water (2), Buttermere (3), Crummock Water (3) and
Loweswater (1). It was a tough day and the pair were on the go, racing,
for 15 hours and 18 minutes.

Paul (PACTRAC) and Duncan came 7th overall, just 2-weeks after both had
completed the Frankfurt Ironman Triathlon.

Paul said "That has completely broken me. 7th overall but just
completing it is surely a challenge. An awesome day on a tough course,
and with a killer of a decent."

The pair got off to a cracking start moving from 7th to 4th to 3rd,
before slipping back to 7th by the finish.
Both felt a little jaded in the second half and couldn't press on when
the trail turned technical.


2 PACTRACers made their Ironman debuts at Ironman Switzerland, with
both finishing in the top 10 in their Age Group.

swim 2.4 miles in Lake Zurich.
bike 112 miles
run 26.2 miles.

Sue Davys had a consistent run taking less than 10-minutes longer to do
the second half. Antony had a fast cycle that put him in a podium
position, before being caught back on the run.

493. Antony Brown 1:12:00 4:59:24 4:26:57 = 11:38:21 AG 5.
1292. Sue Davys 1:30:34 8:26:40 5:43:53 = 15:41:07 AG 8.

PACTRAC had 15 competitors at the NiceTri Standard Distance triathlon
at Grafham water on Sunday.

The distances were:

swim 1500 metres in Grafham water – 1 clockwise loop. The competitors
were split into 4-waves, each starting 5-minutes apart.

Bike 23-miles – out and back in both directions.

Run 6.25 miles – out and back in both directions.

The race attracted a highly competitive field from across the country.
Andrew Chapman was the best placed PACTRACer with Sarah Haslam the best
placed in her Age Group in 6th place.

109. Andrew Chapman.........22:58 62:41 44:07 = 2:09:46 AG 15.
131. Chris Pike.............25:22 63:28 43:01 = 2:11:51 AG 15.
133. Ricky Dear.............25:57 62:58 43:06 = 2:12:01 AG 18.
136. Aaron Godden...........23:46 64:45 44:09 = 2:12:40 AG 19.
142. Simon Guerin...........20:59 64:55 47:49 = 2:13:43 AG 21.
165. Steve Hope.............24:42 65:51 45:53 = 2:16:26 AG 10.
182. Simon Pauffley ......….22:43 68:25 47:26 = 2:18:34 AG 14.
217. Andrea Robinett........21:27 70:00 47:52 = 2:19:19 AG 8.
208. Gary Shoemake..........23:31 70:22 48:47 = 2:22:40 AG 29.
209. Rhys Wilkinson.........22:14 76:19 44:21 = 2:22:54 AG 15.
335. Sarah Haslam ….........23:57 74:12 52:46 = 2:30:55 AG 6.
257. Paul Jephcott..........27:13 74:10 52:10 = 2:33:33 AG 8.
258. Nick Park..............27:50 74:57 50:48 = 2:33:35 AG 41.
277. Christian Richards.....23:45 82:58 54:24 = 2:41:07 AG 39.
431. Angela Wallis..........30:28 82:47 55:42 = 2:48:57 AG 15.


Rob Hammond came 7th overall in the BRAT Standard Distance triathlon
and 4th in the 40-49AG.

7. Rob Hammond 24.40 61.57 38.04 = 2:04:41 AG 4th.


Terry Murphy completed the Calfman at Emberton Park, Olney, Milton
Keynes and came 1st in his Age Group.

Swim - 950 metres in the lake.

Bike - 29 miles

run - 6.25 miles.

68. Terry Murphy 22:35 96:08 69:12 = 3:07:55 AG 1st.


Dave Allsop competed in the Ironman in Maastrict, Netherlands.

Swim 2.4 miles.

Bike 112 miles.

Run 26.2 miles.

353. Dave Allsop 1:05:12 5:42:12 4:29:45 = 11:17:09 AG 26.


2 PACTRACers competed for their First-Claim cycling clubs in the
National 25-mile Cycling Time Trial Championship's in South Wales on
Saturday. Both recorded Personal Best times and were amongst the 56
women to go "under the hour". This was an out-and-back course, mostly
on dual carriageway near Swansea; with a crosswind making it tough
going in some places.

22. Claire Steels Peterborough CC 56:44 (26.439 mph)
46. Wendy Gooding Team Bottrill / HSS Hire 59:09 (25.359 mph)