JUNE Roundup. Bill, Katie and Mark qualify. Nathan 4th in British Champs.

The Eastern region's largest junior triathlon, the Rob McLeantriathlon, organised by Cambridge Triathlon Club, took place from
Impington Village College on Sunday. The pool swim was followed by
and run courses on fast, flat grassed sports fields.

This was an Inter Regional Championship (IRC) qualifying race and with
both Katie Tasker and Connor Walker coming 2nd in their respective Age
Groups we have at least two qualifiers.

"They all did brilliantly but Connor was outstanding. 2nd in the TS3
an IRC qualifier as his only tri is amazing."

"dead impressed with Connor, he did well coming 2nd considering that’s
the only Tri he does."

"Libby and Chloe were drawn in the same wave, so it was a race.

Libby beat Chloe in the swim by about 30s, but Chloe slowly clawed it
back on the bike and overtook and regained another 30s.

But it wasn’t a good enough lead and Libby overtook Chloe on the run.

Both were about ¾ down the field with Libby just getting a couple of
places on Chloe."

TriStars Start.

1. Izzy Hurn 2:06 6:09 2:59 = 11:14
4. Gracie Hurn 2:28 6:40 3:01 = 12:09

TriStar 1.

59. Josh Moore 5:51 9:48 7:20 = 22:59

TriStar 3.
2. Connor Walker 4:38 16:05 9:10 = 29:53
8. Olivia Corner 5:43 18:33 10:39 = 34:55
22. Libby Mellor 6:17 21:08 12:28 = 39:53
25. Chloe Moore 6:52 20:25 14:13 = 41:30


2. Katie Tasker 4:42 17:33 10:34 = 32:49

On Sunday Calleigh and Hannah Coull completed their first competitive
triathlon at the Nottingham Children’s Triathlon. Both girls had quite
an eventful race, with Hannah on the deck twice and still finishing!

Calleigh competed in the TriStar 2 Race – Swim 200 meters (8 lengths),
Bike 2.5 miles (4 laps) and Run 1 mile ( 3 laps).

Calleigh was very nervous as she put her bike into transition, but
happier after listening to the race briefing. She was 2nd out of the
pool which boosted her confidence, completing the swim in 3.11.

The bike course was all on grass and had some tight corners, but she
handled it all really well, after she had completed her 3rd lap, a
marshall stepped our in front of her, waved his arms and told her to
get off her bike and go into transition – she still had a lap to go!
She thought she must have counted wrongly or done something wrong as
the Marshall was very intent on her going into transition. She
completed the 3 laps in 9.11.

On to the run which was again on grass- Calleigh completed the 1 mile
in 6.42, although she wasn’t giving it her all, as she was upset over
the bike incident.

Calleigh's overall time was 20.55 but if she had done the correct
number of bike laps it would have been around 24.00 minutes, which
would have put her in 8th place.

Hannah competed in the TriStart race – Swim 50m (2 lengths), Bike
yards and run 660 yards.

Hannah was not at all nervous! She was first out of the pool after the
swim, which pleased her. – 1.20

On to the bike, she took a corner too tightly and fell off, but jumped
straight back on, completing the lap in 4.31.

The run was going well until she saw the finish and started to sprint
and somehow managed to fall over her own feet. Still she jumped back
and sprinted over the finish line with a run time of 3.06.

Hannah crossed the line a bit battered and bruised, but with a smile
her little red face and a total time of 10.47."

Hannah Coull 1:20 6:21 3:06 = 10:47

TriStar 2.
Calleigh Coull 3:11 11:02 6:42 = 20:55


Sunday's Standard Distance Triathlon at Leeds Castle in Kent, was a
qualifying race for the 2019 World Standard Distance Triathlon
Championships to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The distances were:
swim 1500 metres - 2 laps of the Castle moat, and past the Castle Gates
in shallow, warm water.

bike 28 miles - largely out-and-back on good, flat roads but with it's
fair share of cracks and pot holes.

run 6.25 miles - mostly on grass with lots of lumps and bumps to be
aware of.

2 PACTRACers competed with both Andrea Robinett and Steve Hope outside
of the top four in their respective Age Groups and having to wait to
see later if they have a qualifying spot. Both are already representing
GB in this year's European Championships - Andrea in the Standard
Distance in Estonia in July (alongside PACTRAC's Paul Jephcott, Angela
Wallis, Aaron Godden, Sarah Haslam and Bill Haslam), and Steve in the
Sprint Distance in Strathclyde.

Meanwhile, Jim Fell is competing in the 2018 Standard Distance Duathlon
World Championships in Fyn, Denmark on 6th July. Jim pre-qualified by
virtue of his top 10 placing in the 2017 World Championships in
Penticton, Canada.

184. Steve Hope 29:59 83:59 49:58 = 2:43:56 AG 12.
275. Andrea Robinett 26:46 90:22 59:22 = 2:56:30 AG 8th.


3 PACTRACers competed in the Cardiff Sprint Triathlon last weekend,
with Mark Weathersby qualifying for the World Sprint Triathlon
Championships to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland next year. We have
two up-and-coming stars of the future in Nathan Tweedie and Jonathan
Oakey who both competed in the British Elite Sprint Championships
alongside the very best of the British athletes. GB star Adam Bowden
won the race, with Nathan finishing 8th and Jonathan 35th overall.

Mark said "Cardiff World Sprint Qualifier, 1st in Age Group. To the
worlds!" (qu for Lausanne).

swim 750 metres in Cardiff Docks.

bike 12.5 miles - 4 laps on closed roads in a draft-legal format.

run 3 miles - 2 laps around the Dock area.

In the Elite race, Nathan led the athletes out of the swim in the dock
by a clear 6-seconds. He then cycled with the leading group doing a lot
of the work on the front and came into T2 with the leading cyclists
before falling behind slightly on the run. Jonathan managed to get into
a good group on the bike and held his own.

27. Mark Weathersby 12:57 35:45 17:45 = 66:27 Age Group 1st.

8. Nathan Tweedie 9:00 32:06 16:02 = 57:08 ..Nathan finished
4th in the Under 23 Category and just missed out on a medal.
35. Jonathan Oakey 9:54 33:53 17:49 = 61:36 ..11th in the
under 20's.

The photo is of Nathan Tweedie and Jonathan Oakey at Cardiff.

3 PACTRACers competed in the AsKeenAsMustard Swim/Run event at Box End,
Bedford. This was the 2nd in a series of 3 races with the first and
third being at Ferry Meadows (10th June and 9th September).
The race started and finished with a run and had 5 swim sections in
between, so 6 runs and 5 swims in all. Total distance was 10km split
roughly into 1.8km of swimming and 8.2km of running. This is an
interesting concept that developed in Sweden and started in the uk in
the lake district and has now ventured south. It involves swimming in
your training shoes, and running in a wetsuit.

41. Nicholas Partridge 1:52:22.42. James MacWilliam 1:52:22.43. Sue
Davys 1:53:41.


In the 5th of 8 PACTRAC Mini-Series triathlons, Mark Weathersby again
showed his dominance, winning his 3rd consecutive Mini-Series. He has
taken a commanding lead in the Series with a 2nd place and 3 wins and
only needs 1 more result to secure the Trophy.
Jonathan Arnold was first out of the water, with Matt Allsop, returning
after a few years away, hot on his heels. Katie Tasker was just 26
seconds behind and was to again pull out after the bike, saving herself
for an important qualifying race at the weekend. Tony Daniels was in
fourth place another half-minute behind. The first 10-swimmers were out
of the water by 5:40 minutes. Mark Weathersby and Simon Hoppe were out
neck-and-neck on the swim in 5th/6th places and stayed pretty much
together on the bike coming into T2 together at the head of the field.
Matt held onto 3rd just 26 seconds down, whilst Tony Daniels, the
winner of Mini-Series 1 back in May, was only a further 7-seconds down
in 4th.
Mark pulled away on the run to win by 1:33 minutes with the fastest run
of the night, leaving Siomon to come home 2nd, Matt and Tony holding
their positions and Scott Lloyd with his trademark fast run moving up
to 5th.
Hannah Bassett was the first lady taking a commanding lead in the
Ladies Mini-Series, and this time, over 2-minutes ahead of dad, Dan.
Hannah was the only athlete to record a PB on a windy night which saw
lower bike split times.
Their was also the 2nd Novice Mini-Series event which incorporated a
half-distance swim of 200 yards. The bike and run courses were
otherwise the same. Michelle Cooper was the first of 4 on the result
sheet, which included 1 relay team.
Results are on http://pactrac.co.uk/events/4211/


In the Race Across America (RAAM), Team "Get Busy Living" racing for
The Matt Hampson Foundation have raised £60,000.00 so far. The riders
cycling in relay were Roger Canham, Robin Brookes, Dylan Bogg and Karl
Mamos. They took just 6 days, 9 hours and 12 minutes to ride the 3,070
miles from America's west coast to east coast.


Willow Worthington chose the Cotswolds ladies sprint triathlon for her
first ever open triathlon race.

The distances were: swim 750 metres, bike 12.5 miles, run 3 miles.

84. Willow Worthington 21:37 45:17 23:20 = 90:14 Age Group

Graham Honey competed in the 52.5 mile Race to the King Ultra running
marathon along the South Downs Way. A double marathon to honour the
ancient kings, which finished on the steps of Winchester Cathedral.
It is 4 years since Graham's last ultra marathon and he finished 42nd
from 263 finishers in a time of 11:51:09.
Day 1. 23.5 miles in 5:00:53.
Day 2. 29.0 miles in 6:50:16.
TOTAL 52.5 miles in 11:51:09.


PACTRAC have a number of members aiming for some big swims at the moment.

Next week, Amy Hayes is attempting the Kaiwi Channel swim in Hawaii. This is a 26 mile ocean swim from Molokai to Oahu. Although this is the warmest of the 7 big world swims, it does have its own particular challenges with sea life including jelly fish, one sting from which and your swim can be over.

Amy swam the English Channel last year and is now attempting her second of the big-7 swims. She is currently in Hawaii preparing for this solo crossing of the Kaiwi Channel. This is 5 miles longer than the English Channel (26 miles across by the most direct route).

Amy said: "The swells can be huge, the water is warm, and the wildlife threat is substantial. This might not be as iconic as the English Channel, but you can bet your booties that it will be much harder. With only a couple of months training, having taken advantage of a spot that opened up in March, this is going to be extremely rough."

The Photo is of Amy from a training swim on Monday from Hawaii Kai to Diamondhead Lighthouse.

PACTRAC's Jonathan Ratcliffe who swam the English Channel in 2016 and the Irish Straight in 2017 also has plans to swim the Hawaii Channel swim in either 2018 or 2019.

Amy Mellor had a spot to swim the English Channel in August, but a hip injury has caused her to postpone her plans until 2019.

A number of PACTRACers will be swimming in Rutland Water in the official swim there on 12th August.


4 friends from Uppingham / Manton rode the Race Across America
(RAAM) bike race that started on 16th June taking teams of 4 riding 1
at a time across America 3081 miles from west to east. Two of the team
were PACTRAC Chairman Roger Canham and long time PACTRAC member Robin

This was a serious attempt not only to compete but to try to win the
race. The team had prepared well with a couple of 24-hour test rides
and took a whole entourage of back-up chefs and physios etc. They
finished in 4th place overall and were the 1st all over 50-year old

Some more information is on their sponsorship page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/getbusylivingraam

This race is described as the world's toughest bike race. Starting on
Saturday evening 16th June, competitors had 9-days to complete the
race. Team Get Busy Living finished in 6 days 9 hours and 12 minutes.
This is their website https://www.getbusylivingraam.com/ and their
is also a Facebook page.

The race website is here http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/


19 competitor's and 2 Relay Teams took part in the 4th round of the
PACTRAC Mini-Series.

Mark Weathersby won his 2nd consecutive Mini-Series race in convincing
style. He was second out of the water, 37-seconds behind junior,
Jonathan Arnold. Christian Richards followed 38 seconds later with Dan
and Hannah Bassett right on his tail. Mark soon took the lead on the
bike and with the fastest bike and run splits on the night he romped
home well ahead of the rest of the field by nearly 6-minutes. Steve
Hope moved up to 2nd on the bike, albeit over 3-minutes behind Mark,
but was unable to hold off the fast-running of Scott Lloyd who moved
into 2nd just before half-way on the run.

First lady was Hannah Bassett who overcame the windy bike conditions
finally overtake her Father, Dan, coming into the finishing straight
the run. Only 1 PB was recorded tonight. 2 Relay Teams had a closely
fought competition.

Results are on http://pactrac.co.uk/events/4210/


The Dambuster Triathlon took place at Rutland Water on Saturday.

Distances were:
swim 1500 metres in the lake - 1 lap.

Bike 26 miles around Oakham, Uppingham, Morcott, Ketton and Empingham.
1-lap including the triple hills of the "Rutland Ripple" between
and Uppingham, as well as the Rookeries Hill by Ketton Cement.

Run 6.25 miles from Whitwell over the Dam to Normanton Church and back.

PACTRAC had 12 competitor's, with 4 finishing in the top 50 and 4
finishing on the Podium.

4. Paul Lunn 23:45 63:27 37:35 = 2:04:47 AG 1st.
(moved up 1 place on the run.)
11. Mark Weathersby 25:22 68:27 38:10 = 2:11:59 AG 2.
33. Giles Cooper 26:25 73:29 40:07 = 2:20:01 AG 1st.
47. Dave Thorold 29:28 69:40 43:43 = 2:22:51 AG 5.
122. Tom Moorhouse 29:36 79:03 46:24 = 2:35:03 AG 20.
127. Barry Ryan 33:07 81:24 41:06 = 2:35:37 AG 20.
130. Steve Hope 27:30 80:35 48:11 = 2:36:16 AG 5.
211. Jeff Manners 31:34 84:53 50:49 = 2:47:16 AG 31.
279. Pedro Polson 24:47 93:33 60:48 = 2:59:08 AG 18.
317. Simon Taylor 40:23 92:59 58:02 = 3:11:24 AG 19.
329. Matt Hall 41:55 96:44 57:06 = 3:15:45 AG 50.
(first Olympic Distance Triathlon.)
336. Sue Davys 33:07 100:07 66:19 = 3:19:33 AG 3.

Paul, Dave and Steve also took part in the Green Wheel Relays on
Sunday. 47 teams of 7 ran the 50-mile loop around Peterborough's off-
road trail, organised by GPAN (Greater Peterborough Athletics Network) http://www.greenwheelrelay.org.uk/


The Pitsford Triathlon was over the Standard Distance of swim 1500
metres in the lake, bike 25-miles, run 6.25 miles
and utilised the facilities of Northampton Sailing Club.

135. Nicholas Partridge 31:11 87:08 70:12 = 3:08:31 AG 19.


Darren Kelly gave a good account of himself in the Woodhall Spa
Triathlon (swim 400m, bike 15-miles, run 3-miles).

16. Darren Kelly 7:02 40:25 19:08 = 66:35 AG 4.


The Lakesman (Keswick) (2.4m, 112m, 26.2m) - Mark Bedford competed in
The Lakesman Triathlon from Keswick on Sunday. This race was over the
Ironman distance of:

Swim 2.4miles - 1 lap in the crystal clear water in Derwentwater. A
mass start.

Bike 112miles - undulating and on generally excellent road surfaces.
Whilst not flat, the organiser's minimised the elevation so that it
came in at less than most of the other UK based races of this
3 laps around Silloth, Whitehaven and back through Cockermouth.

Run 26.2miles - 5 laps just north of Derwentwater.

Mark said: "First I was an Ironman, now I'm a Lakesman. It didn't
go to plan, but I swam 2.4 miles, cycled 112 miles and then ran a
marathon in tough conditions in 13 hours 25 minutes. I'm now "Made
Fantastic weekend."

291. Mark Bedford 1:36:26 7:27:14 4:21:50 = 13:25:30 AG 38.


2 PACTRACers competed in the National Championships in Leeds.

The men's swim was reduced by half to 750 metres because the lake at
Roundhay Park was covered in mist, which then cleared, allowing the
ladies to then swim the full 1,500 metres. The event was held on closed
roads around Roundhay Park and Leeds City Centre, taking in 25 miles on
the bike and a 6.25 mile run.

208. Simon Guerin 12:45 77:06 45:53 = 2:15:44 AG 38.
424. Andrea Robinett 25:35 82:16 48:47 = 2:36:38 AG 11.

Simon Guerin said: "Leeds went well. I had a good swim but they
shortened it due to visibility, the bike could have gone better but had
a good run so pretty pleased all in all."

We had 10 athletes in the inaugural swim/run event at Ferry Meadows
organised by the very capable As-keen-as-Mustard team. This event
started and finished with a run and had 5 swims in between, so 6-runs
and 5 swims in all. Everything that you started with, you had to finish
with. It meant running in wetsuits and swimming in training shoes but
was a lot of fun, constantly changing from running to swimming and
back. 4 of the 5 swims were in Gunwade Lake and the 5th was in the
River Nene swimming with the current. You were allowed to swim with
pull buoys and hand paddles, but had to carry them on the run too. They
were a definite advantage to those that chose to use them. The total
distance was 10km broken down into approximately 8.2km of running and
1.8km of swimming. Their was some good competition to be had, but the
biggest challenge was being out of breath at the start of each swim,
and having to compose before setting off.

25 Steve Hope 1:16:17
30 chris waghorn 1:18:05
34 Laura Hardy 1:18:44
41 Pedro Polson 1:23:36
47 carol smallman 1:26:15
60 Sue Davys 1:34:39
64 Catherine Burbage 1:36:53
72 Willow Worthington 1:41:09
80 Georgina Jennings 1:53:32
81 Daniel Richardson 1:59:16

Their will be another swim/run event in Ferry Meadows on 9th September.


In the 3rd of the 8 PACTRAC Wednesday night Mini-Series events, Mark
Weathersby improved on last weeks second place by taking the win ahead
of Simon Hoppe.

Mark led the swimmers out, with Simon right behind and Rob Hammond on
his toes. It was a further 20-seconds before Dan Bassett led a trickle
of 9 swimmers out within 30-seconds of each other.

The top 3 had the 3 fastest bike splits, with Mark and Simon yoyoing at
the front, with Mark coming in just ahead. After a quick transition
both set off on the run, where Mark soon pulled away with the fastest
run of the night; both athletes improving on last weeks times by well
over a minute. Mark was one of 4 athletes to record a PB tonight and
his time would have won last week's race by just 1-second.

Rob held onto 3rd spot, whilst fast running splits saw Wayne Stainsby
and Scott Lloyd take 4th and 5th. Hannah Bassett was first lady,
recording a new PB by 15-seconds; catching Dad Dan and Nicholas
Partridge on the run, both of whom also recorded new PB's.

Results are on http://pactrac.co.uk/events/4209/

Next week, 20th June sees the second of the Novice events for first
time athletes, with the option of a 200yard or 400yard swim. Their is
also a Relay option for teams of 2 or 3 as well as the usual race.


2 PACTRACers competed in the Deva Triathlon at Chester on Sunday, with Bill Haslam finishing 1st in his Age Group. Bill took the lead on the bike and comfortably held it on the run. In doing so, Bill qualified for the World Championships in Lausanne in 2019. He and his wife Sarah have already qualified for the 2018 World Championships on the Gold Coast, and the pressure is now on Sarah to qualify for Lausanne at the final qualifier at Leeds Castle in 3-weeks time. Meanwhile Mark Weathersby waits to see if his 8th place is good enough, but again has Leeds Castle to try again.

This was over the Standard Distance of:
swim 1500 metres in the River Deva.
bike 25 miles - 1 lap venturing into Wales.
run 6.25 miles - 3 laps on tarmac and trail.

51. Mark Weathersby 28:13 65:39 40:05 = 2:13:57 AG 8.
196. Bill Haslam 29:05 70:06 46:47 = 2:25:58 AG 1st.

Sunday saw Super Sprint, Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons at Tallington Water.
Darren Kelly was the best of the PACTRACers finishing 1st in his Age Group.

Olympic distance Open Water Triathlon (swim 1500m, bike 28 miles, run 6.25 miles)

8. Michael Shadwell 25:47 77:22 39:15 = 2:22:24 AG 5.
10. Darren Kelly 27:02 76:42 42:21 = 2:26:05 AG 1st.
12. Jon Crowley 25:55 77:59 43:47 = 2:27:41 AG 2.

In the Super-Sprint (swim 400m, bike 7.5 miles, run 1.5 miles):
24. Gill Searl 16:16 39:09 21:34 = 76:59 AG 2.

PACTRAC held the 2nd of their Summer Mini-Series Triathlons at Oundle on Wednesday. A separate wave was added for First-Time Triathletes, with the swim distance cut in half to 200 yards. The rest of the course was the same.

swim 400 yards - 8 lengths of Oundle's 50-yard pool.
bike 10-miles - 1 lap around Glapthorn and the Benefield's with it's 2 hills and 2 fast descents.
run 3.5 miles - out to Glapthorn and back.

7 first-time competitor's completed the shorter 200 yard swim with Laura Edwards leading them out in 3:05 minutes. Michelle Cooper had the fastest bike split, but it was Steve Ives who led them in, off of the bike, ahead of Dustin Braband by 53 seconds. Dustin took the lead on the run whilst still in Oundle and came home a worthy winner by 1:35 from Michelle who clawed her way up to 2nd place with Steve finishing 3rd.

14 athletes competed in the main event which was held over the full swim distance of 400-yards. Jonathan Oakey was first out of the water in 4:25, 23-seconds ahead of the fast-improving Katie Tasker in her first taste of the Mini-Series. Veteran, Simon Hoppe was another 29 seconds behind, ahead of Mark Weathersby and Robin Laukaitis by 8-seconds. Mark Pereira (first race), Christian Richards (second race) and Hannah Bassett (second lady) were hot on their heels.

Jonathan had the fastest bike split and extended his lead to over a minute, whilst Simon and Mark fought it out for second place, Mark eventually keeping his 8-second lead coming into T2. Mark had the fastest run of the night to pull away and finish 2nd, but still 1:13 behind the deserved winner Jonathan. Jonathan will get quicker, once his exams are out of the way; Mark was just 2 seconds outside of his own PB from 2016; whilst it is 7-years now since Simon last broke the magic 50-minute barrier. Scott Lloyd moved up to 4th place on the run, with an overall time 1-minute quicker than last week. This enabled him to catch Steve Hope on the run-in back to Oundle and the pair now share joint first in the race for the Club Championships.

Katie always intended a gradual introduction into the Mini-Series and pulled out after a short run, preferring to save herself for an important qualifying race at Blenheim Palace. Hannah had a good all-round race, making slight improvements on last week to come home first lady. Only one PB was recorded on a tougher night than it looked.

The next Novice / First-Timer's event is on Wednesday 20th June, where once again the option of a 200-yard swim will be available.

Results are on http://pactrac.co.uk/events/4208/

The Blenhheim Palace Triathlon was a qualifier for the UK School Games (and for the winner the
opportunity to represent Team GB at the Youth Olympics in Beunos Aires in October).

Katie Tasker had a really solid all round race. Her improved swimming has seen her able to exit the water much closer to the leaders. This enabled her to be in the chasing pack on the bike. She was able to stretch it on the super fast but
undulating circuit, and was able to lead the chase group coming in to T2.
She rounded this off will a much improved run and was able to hold her form
and maintain her highest postion in the super series.

This performance has secured Katie a berth in the Eastern Region team
in the UK School games to be held in Loughborough in August.

Katie Tasker 5:28 27:28 12:18 = 45:14 5th / 43.


Swim : 400m
Bike : 8.25 miles.
Run : 2 miles.


3 intrepid PACTRACers ventured over to Lanzerote for the full distance
Ironman triathlon. May is always early to properly get fit for such a
long distance, but the 3 gave a good account of themselves, in what is
one of the toughest Ironman races out there, in the dry, windy lava
fields of the Canary Isles.

Steve Skelhon completed his 10th Ironman triathlon (swim 2.4 miles,
bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles) whilst brothers Chris and Richard Pike
finished their 3rd, coming home together as usual.

699. Chris Pike 1:12:57 7:09:24 4:25:02 = 12:47:23 AG
700. Richard Pike 1:13:15 7:12:51 4:21:18 = 12:47:24 AG
1249. Steve Skelhon 1:05:30 7:33:06 5:51:05 = 14:29:41 AG


PACTRAC Mini-Series 1

The first of the summer's Wednesday night Mini-Series Triathlons took
place at Oundle School Sports Centre last Wednesday.

The distances were:
swim 400 yards - 8-lengths of Oundle's 50-yard pool.
bike 10 miles - 1-loop around Glapthorn and the Benefield's including
good uphill sections and 2 fast descents.
run 3.5 miles - out to Glapthorn and back.

19 athletes started the event, including Jonathan Arnold who was first
out of the water, ahead of Tony Daniels, by a whole minute. Robin
Laukaitis was a further 6-seconds down, with both Dan and Hannah
Bassett out together, another 15-seconds behind. 16 seconds were to
separate the next 5 swimmers.

Tony Daniels soon took the lead on the bike, whilst Steve Hope moved
to 2nd from 7th out of the water. Stephen Comber came in 3rd with
Jonathan Arnold now in 4th - but cramp at the end of the bike section
finished his race.

On the run, the two fastest runners on the night, moved up the field;
Andy Corner moving from 7th to 4th, and Scott Lloyd from 8th to 3rd.
Steve managed to hang on to 2nd place by 43 seconds from Scott, whilst
also gaining a minute on leader, Tony, but to no avail coming home 51
seconds behind. This was Tony's first ever Mini-Series win, whilst
Steve equaled his previous best position of 2nd.

Fastest of the 4 females on the night was Junior, Hannah Bassett, who
takes an early lead in the competition, on a windy night where only 3
PB's were recorded.

Results are on http://www.pactrac.co.uk/events/4207/


This Wednesday sees a Novice wave included in with the main Mini-
event. Their is a 2nd Novice event on Wednesday 20th June which will
also incorporate a Relay option for those not wanting to do all 3
disciplines. The Novice waves cover the same distances except that the
swim is halved to 200 yards.

Other multi-discipline races coming up locally include:

The Tallington Lakes Standard, Sprint and Super-Sprint Triathlon's
Sunday 3rd July.

A new Swim,Run event at Ferry Meadows on Sunday 10th June. This
the Otillo format and covers 10km of constantly changing from running
to swimming and back (this will involve 6 runs and 5 swims, so 11
disciplines back to back). Organiser's http://www.akamustard.events will be
following this up with a 2nd event at Box End, Bedford on 24th June.

The English National Aquathlon Championships then takes place at Ferry
Meadows on 22nd July. This will involve swimming 750 metres and
3 miles with National medals up for grabs in each 5-year Age Group. http://www.monsterracing.net/aquathlon2018