From 17th May we have now re-started swim sessions at Oundle at 7:30pm on Monday's and Wednesday's. Later in the year, we should be able to add Friday's as well.

The sessions last for 1-hour and currently, due to various restrictions placed on us by Oundle Pool and the BTF, we are currently swimming without coaches and are restricted to 30 members swimming at a time. It is also seniors only at the moment.

Due to current restrictions, these are members only sessions, but new member's can join here  https://pactrac.co.uk/page/join/  Members are able to sign up on ClubPal for sessions in advance at £5 per swim. Monday's are in the 50m pool and Wednesday's in the 25m pool. It is a great new facility.

-------------UPDATE: We are expecting to be in the pool at Oundle from 17th May. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Facebook page for details of swim's at both Stanground and the Peterborough Lido.

UPDATE: We are currently looking to be in the pool at Oundle, from the week beginning 18th January. Further update in the next few days.

UPDATE: Following a meeting with the school and a look around the new facilities, it looks like we will be able to commence our swim sessions there from Monday 4th January. It's still possible that we could be in earlier but looking unlikely at the moment.

Work has now re-commenced on the New Oundle Sports Centre site this week (03/05/20). Oundle have decided to PERMANENTLY CLOSE the current swimming pool and commence the de-commissioning of the site. No dates are currently available as to when the new centre will open.

The current Sports Centre’s dry facilities will reopen at some stage, but not the swimming pool.

Oundle School have closed the Swimming Pool to outside members of the public, until the spread of CoronaVirus is contained. Our last swim at Oundle was on Monday 9th March. We will not be swimming at Oundle until further notice.

Oundle School are in a difficult position, having to look after their pupils first. Other pools are still open, so we hope to make alternative arrangements shortly.

Stanground £4:60
Regional Pool £5:10
Jack Hunt £5:10
Thrapston £3:30
Corby £4:70
There has been a delay to the opening of the new pool.

The current swimming pool will now be in use until 22nd May. We will then have 5-weeks without a pool with access to the new pool complex being from Monday 29th June.

Watch this space for further updates, details of the Mid-Distance and Mini-Series Triathlons, and arrangements for swimming at other pools in June.

An update on the new 50m pool at Oundle which is being built right next door to the current pool:

The current pool is due to close on Friday 20th March 2020, with the new pool opening on Monday 27th April. This means that we will be without a swimming pool for 5-weeks. We are currently looking at alternative options. Of course, things may overrun which is why we currently don't have a date for the Mid-Distance Triathlon, but are looking at May-time.

In the new pool, we have applied for: Monday 50m, Wednesday 25m, and Friday 50m.

Don't forget our regular weekly activities:

Monday 7:30-9:00pm Oundle. Swimming.

Tuesday 6:30-7:45pm Peterborough Athletics Track. Running.

Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm Oundle. Swimming.

Friday 7:30-8:30pm Oundle. Swimming.

Saturday 9:30-11:30AM Stanground. Run and swim technique.

Sunday Juniors 10:15am / Seniors 11:00am Frostbite once a month. Running.

Oundle pool will be closed on Friday 13th Dec 2019 for the staff Xmas Party as well as 25/12/19 and 01/01/20.

Their will be no coach on poolside Monday 23/12, Friday 27/12, Monday 30/12 or Friday 3/1.

For the brave or foolish, their will be general open water swims at Gildenburgh, Whittlesey on 22/12 and Ferry Meadows, Peterborough on 26/12. (See various Facebook messages for further info).

Oundle pool will be closed for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, which means that their will be NO swimming on Friday 19th April or Monday 22nd April.

These are the dates that Oundle pool will be closed over Christmas:

Friday 14th December.
Monday 24th December.
Wednesday 26th December.
Monday 31st December.