As a beginner you will hear lots of different terms used and below is a list of the most popular expressions explained...........

• Aerobars/tribars: added to the bikes handlebars in order to achieve a more aerodynamic position whilst cycling

• Age grouper: triathlete who is not a professional (elite) but is racing within his or hers defined age group. This can even be for Great Britain in an international age group race if you qualify.

• Drafting: the action of swimming or cycling behind or to the side of another competitor to go faster for less effort. In the cycle leg of the race, drafting is legal for Elites but not for age groupers. In swimming,
anyone is allowed to draft.

• Brick: training session comprising a cycle then a run, or a swim and then a cycle designed to build strength of the transitions from one sport to another.

• Elastic laces: elastic shoelaces, enabling athletes to pull their running shoes on in T2 for a faster time

• Mount/dismount: getting on and off the bike at the start and finish of the bike leg, also the name for the physical line at which athletes must mount and dismount

• Race belt: an elastic belt to which the race number is attached to save you using safety pins.

• Racking: the action of setting up your bike so it is ready for you after the swim

• T1: transition one, the section of the race between the swim and the bike

• T2: transition two, the section of the race between the bike and the run

• Transition: the name for the area in which athletes rack their bikes and transition from swim to run, and run to bike

• Tri suit: an all-in-one race suit worn by men or women for the entire race, making it unnecessary to add or remove clothing during a triathlon

This should be all you need to know to talk like a PRO ;-)