Junior FAQs

When Do you meet?

We train alternate Sundays at Stanground Sports Centre. There is also swimming on Wednesday evenings at Oundle but space is limited for this.

Do I need to really good to join?

The only criteria we have is that to be 8 -16 years old and are able to swim 2 lengths(50m) unaided. We try where possible to get children to be in groups of similar age & ability.

What equipment do I need?

A cycle Helmet is essential; we have a limited number of 'club' bikes but any bike will be ok as long as it is good working order.

For running a pair of trainers, shorts, t-shirt & a tracksuit or waterproof if you have one. Gloves if it is cold

Swimming you will need a costume a pair of googles, swim hat (optional) & a Water bottle to keep hydrated. If you require an inhaler then you need to bring this also.

Is it really competitive

The main focus is for the children to enjoy themselves the training is testing but achievable to those with base fitness. There are races and regional leagues for those who wish to do so.


Do you have any events?

We try to have a couple of practice events a season. These are for the children to practice their skills in a more formal environment and get used to any ‘new distances’ 

We enter a team into the Frost bite friendly league over the winter – This is a series of cross county events that are fun for Children and Adults alike!

We try to have social events and encourage the parents to join in. There is normally a picnic and the obligatory Parents vs Children rounders matches.

What Bike do I need?

If you have any bike in good working order that will be sufficient to start with. Bikes can come in a bewildering range of sizes, styles and costs. We have a limited number of club bikes for use. If you want some help on this subject, please feel free to ask.

How far is a race?

Distances are broken down by your age: -

TriStart - Aged 8

TriStar 1 -Ages 9 and 10

TriStar 2 - Ages 11 and 12

TriStar 3 - Ages 13 and 14

Youth - Ages 15 and 16

Age Group


Bike (if

Bike (if







TriStar 1





TriStar 2





TriStar 3
and Youths





Race distances are not precise. No two events are the same as the transitions between each discipline are included in the race.

 Where can I find out updates

 Once you join you get access to our Facebook page and receive regular emails.

Do you swim only in swimming pools?

Some events are hosted in lakes, reservoirs and rivers. We try to organise some open water training at Tallington lakes. We also have a limited number of wet suits for use at these events and in races.

What club kit do you have?

We have a range of club kit. From Trisuits, hoodies, beanies, tops. We often have a ‘shop’ before / after training

Where can I find out more?

 Please contact us if you'd like to know more. You can also find more information on the British Triathlon website.
 Juniors – British Triathlon