The Frostbite League

The club get together once a month from October to March to compete against other local running clubs in the Frostbite League.

The Frostbite League is a popular race series where runners score points across 6 cross country races, all about 5 miles long. 

All you need to participate is to be a fully paid up member and a club vest/t-shirt. 

More information on the league can be found here Frostbite Friendly League.

Track sessions

Running on the track is a fantastic addition to your training and there’s a few ways of getting some run practise on the track at Peterborough.

GPAN also run sessions on alternate Wednesdays for only a £1 a session. These are aimed at new comers to track running and run by some of our great local clubs.

And finally if you are a Vivacity premier member you can get free access to the track when it’s open as part of your membership. Great stuff so get running!!