VO2 Max Test.

Wed, 13th Jun 2018 - 2:21 p.m.

From: Nathan Thompson [Nathan.Thompson@peterborough.ac.uk]

Subject: Participation in Cycling research at UCP

I would like to invite your triathlon club to take part in our cycling study at University Centre Peterborough. Our research investigates the use of biofeedback on pacing strategies in time trials and we are looking to recruit cyclists that have experience in time trial events.

As part of the research each subject will take part in 1 x VO2max test and 2 x 25km time trials and will be performed on a WattBike in our sports science lab. We will also assess stress and anxiety levels of the cyclist when exposed to biofeedback.

I have attached a participant information sheet with further details. However happy to give you a call or email to discuss further. http://pactrac.co.uk/media/files/VO2_max_test_Pboro_Uni..docx

Hope to hear from you soon
Nathan Thompson

BSc Sports Coaching and Physical Education Curriculum Leader (HE)

Peterborough Regional College / University Centre Peterborough
Room: 551 Phone: 01733 762151