Enhanced Recovery Trial Opportunity

Wed, 15th Jul 2020 - 1:42 p.m.

Matt Dudman <md@ersportsdrink.com>

My name is Matt Dudman, I am UK Partnerships Manager of a new sports recovery drink called Enhanced Recovery. Given PACTRAC's position as one of the UK's premier Triathlon Clubs I wanted to reach out to speak with you about hopefully working together on a trial of our product with your members.

Firstly to give you an overview of Enhanced Recovery™, it is a scientific breakthrough in sports nutrition which uniquely combines Omega-3, Proteins, Carnitine, Carbohydrates and Vitamins to optimise Muscle Protein Synthesis in one complete recovery drink. The drink was developed by Janne Mathisen, a food and nutrition scientist from Norway who has been responsible for a series of patents on the emulsification of omega-3 PUFA over some 15 years, and has created an extremely palatable and innovative 99% natural product.

The difference between this drink and anything else on the market is that it contains a worthwhile dose of Omega-3 combined with a matrix of proteins which is well supported by scientific research to kickstart the process of recovery. The drink is entirely food based, from sustainable sources and it's action is to Repair damaged muscle cells, Refuel glycogen stores, as well as help Rehydrate the body. Enhanced Recovery is also Informed Sport certified so contains no banned substances.

As mentioned, we would like to undertake some user trials and to this end would like to offer all members of your club a free month's supply of product to use in combination with some data provision to test their performance improvements.

In brief the protocol is very straightforward:

Agreement to participate
Provide the data for a specific exercise session (eg 800m, 5k, 10k) of personal fitness from Zwift/Garmin/Strava or other measurement.
Receive 1x24 pack of product (retail price £80).
Take the product each day you exercise immediately after finishing - otherwise eat and drink and behave as usual.
Provide the comparable personal fitness data for same specific exercise session from the same data source after taking 24th drink with any comments.

The days of the week and number of days exercised a week are not critical, but ideally will be similar to the previous month. All data will be anonymised, and handled on a confidential basis.

In addition, after the trial we will be pleased to offer all members of the club an ongoing offer code to buy the product online with a 20% discount, with a further 10% of the amount Enhanced Recovery receive from those sales paid back to PACTRAC as a thank you to the club for your participation and support.

Finally to this email l have attached a product overview sheet and a research review paper to give you a little more insight into Enhanced Recovery and the backing research.

We would be really pleased if we can work together with you on this and I would be more than happy to speak further over email or on the phone.

Kind regards,
Matt Dudman
UK Partnerships Manager
Enhanced Recovery