Frostbite Friendly League 2021 - 2022.

Wed, 25th Aug 2021 - 4:43 p.m.

The Frostbite League returns for real over the coming winter. Below are the dates for 2021-22.
Please note the change of date for the first race at Priory Park.
Further information can be obtained from the Frostbite League Website:


1 24/10/2021 PRIORY PARK, ST NEOTS............Riverside Runners.
2 07/11/2021 NENE PARK, PETERBOROUGH...Bushfield Joggers.
3 12/12/2021 HINCHINGBROOKE PARK.............Hunts A .C.
4 16/01/2022 BRAZA CLUB, MARCH...................March Athletic Club.
5 06/02/2022 BOURNE WOODS...........................Bourne A.C.

Junior races start at 10.15 am and are approximately 1.5 mile
Senior races start at 11.00 am and are 5 miles


Sun, 24th Oct 2021 - 6:57 p.m.

Message from

"A great start to the series today at Priory Park. Many thanks to Sam and the team at Riverside for a really good and well organised event. Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped to make it happen.

In the junior league we had 142 finishers with C&C taking the lead, Hunts AC in 2nd and PANVAC 3rd. There were 381 seniors running with Hunts AC in 1st, C&C in 2nd place and PANVAC 3rd.

Numbers were lower than in previous years which possibly reflects concerns around Covid, plus of course this is the start of half term which probably had an impact.

The next race is just 2 weeks away and is being held at Nene Park, hosted by Bushfield. Bushy have asked for some help to marshal the race, so please if you could put out a request to your clubs for anybody who might be able to help and let me know any willing names."

Sun, 24th Oct 2021 - 7:41 p.m.

St. Neots Frostbite 24th October 2021:

Seniors (21 runners) 6/16 Juniors (2 runners) 15/15.

3. Josh Lunn ................ 27:10
17. Paul Lunn ................ 29:54
21. Adam Clark ............... 30:07
46. Richard Wright ........... 31:53
51. Jason English ............ 32:06
69. Scott Lloyd .............. 33:16
127. Simon Guerin ............. 35:57
148. Steve Hope ............... 36:49
188. Tony Birch-James ......... 38:43
189. Liam Higgins ............. 38:44
203. Louise Hathaway .......... 39:31
205. Steve Skelhon ............ 39:34
216. Rebecca Burge ............ 40:05
252. Daniel Richardson ........ 41:57
280. Willow Worthington ....... 43:36
284. Nikki Higgins ............ 43:53
307. Mariske Niemeijer ........ 46:03
335. Sue Beamish .............. 49:31
337. Nicholas Partridge ....... 49:50
339. Sue Davys ................ 50:00
356. Roy Mayhew ............... 52:11

115. Mathilda Simpson ......... 11:22
142. Josh Moore ............... 15:05

Sat, 6th Nov 2021 - 1:28 p.m.

Frostbite Race 2 @ Nene Park - Sunday 7th November

"The 2nd race in the series takes place on Sunday at Nene Park and hosted by Bushfield Joggers.

Parking is available at the park and is chargeable. Drivers should ensure that they visit one of the pay stations before approaching the car park exit. There are two main car parks, one close to the entrance and another by the Water Sports Centre. Drivers may be directed to the overflow car park which is also close to the start / finish area.

The forecast is good so hopefully another good race is on the cards.

With the junior event we will again adopt the pen style system used in previous years with your runners lined according to expected finish time. Again, we must use all space available to us to minimise risk.

To minimise traffic around the finish please encourage runners to move quickly away from the funnel end and to aid this club reps must keep a suitable distance from the funnel. This is especially the case with the juniors where in previous years we have seen considerable crowding around the funnel. Ensure the juniors know where you will be to receive the tokens.

If runners have tested positive for Covid and are still within quarantine period they must not attend. Where a runner is waiting for the results of a test, again they must not attend, nor should they come if feeling unwell. I realise that to some this may seem to be too restrictive, however I’m sure that nobody wants any of our events to be linked to an outbreak.

There are two coffee stops at the park and both ask that customers where a face covering. I would ask that runners and spectators respect their wishes.



Sun, 7th Nov 2021 - 8:16 p.m.

Race 2. Ferry Meadows. Sunday 7th November 2021:

SENIORS: 23 runners. 3rd place which puts us in 5th overall but on the same points as 3rd and 4th.

28 Jonny Hynes ............... 30:21
30 Mark Weathersby ........ 30:30
38 Adam Clark ................. 30:56
50 Sam Chapman ............ 32:05
57 Natasha Martin ............ 32:16
59 Jason English .............. 32:21
60 Richard Wright ............. 32:23
65 Daniel Fitzjohn ............. 32:37
66 Chris Northern ............. 32:43
118 Stuart Cleworth .......... 35:05
120 Chris Pike .................. 35:13
154 Simon Guerin ............. 36:34
172 Tony Birch-James ...... 37:42
177 Louise Hathaway ....... 37:51
207 Liam Higgins .............. 39:28
217 Neil Strenge ............... 39:42
272 Willow Worthington .... 42:08
273 Steve Hope ................ 42:09
343 Nikki Higgins .............. 46:27
349 Mariska Niemeijer ...... 46:48
369 Sue Beamish ............. 49:24
378 Sue Davys .................. 50:26
381 Nicholas Partridge ...... 50:36

JUNIORS: 6 runners. 14th place and 14th overall.

112 Archie May .................. 11:36
121 Chloe Moore ............... 12:10
125 Emma Cushion ............ 12:31
127 Katy Blake ................... 12:32
138 Mathilda Simpson ........ 12:59
150 Joshua Moore .............. 15:20

Mon, 6th Dec 2021 - 12:36 p.m.

Message from those good folk at Frostbite Headquarters:
"Frostbite Friendly League Race 3 – Huntingdonshire Athletic Club
Hinchingbrooke Country Park
Race HQ: Countryside Centre, Hinchingbrooke County Park, Brampton Road, Huntingdon PE29 6DB
Both junior and senior races are within the park and are traffic free. Junior starts at 10:15am, Senior at 11am.
Car parking: at following locations:
 Ample free car parking at Hinchingbrooke Hospital when permit is displayed:
o Car parking permits will be issued by marshals on entrance and must be displayed.
o Car Park 1 (staff) – enter the car park and just park up. Leave when ready.
o Car Park 2 – enter the barrier. Retain the yellow chip coin and when ready to leave take
the coin and permit to the parking hut where it will be validated.
 Limited Pay & Display spaces at Hinchingbrooke Country Park - £1 for 2 hours, or £2 for 6 hours. (Coins &
card accepted)
Toilets: Side of cafe & inside countryside centre
Race HQ - Countryside centre:
 Baggage area
 Meeting area
Burger van - including hot drinks.
Outside shelter for baggage and shelter
Course Terrain: Both races cover a mixed terrain surface including grass, un-surfaced muddy tracks, compact gravel
and tarmac footpaths.
Not suitable for spikes. Recommend deep lugged, or normal road shoes, depending upon conditions on the day.
(Let’s hope for a muddy one!)"
"Following the updated covid regulations which came into effect today there are a couple of changes to the event management which you should make your members aware of.

The meeting room in the Pavilion will not be open for changing, storing bags, or sitting before and after the race. Toilets in the Pavilion will be open with additional toilets at the rear of the café. Refreshments will be available from a Burger Van on site and from the park Café.

When using the toilets or visiting the café runners and spectators must wear a face covering.

The main thing is that we do have a race and many thanks to Ian, Andy and the Hunts AC team for making it possible."

Sun, 12th Dec 2021 - 7:06 p.m.

The Seniors were 12th today, so overall we dropped from 5th (equal on overall points with 3rd and 4th) to 7th now. 13 runners flew the flag.

(........ 3.Paul Vernon .... 28:37)
13. Mark Weathersby .... 30:31
43. Richard Wright .... 33:04
47. Chris Northern .... 33:16
98. Chris Pike .... 36:06
127. Tony Birch-James .... 37:35
189. Steve Hope.... 40:22
218. Liam Higgins .... 41:47
230. Rebecca Burge .... 42:27
247. Liz Curtis .... 43:30
281. Willow Worthington .... 45:47
298. Nikki Higgins .... 47:08
327. Mariska Niemeijer .... 49:26
364. Roy Mayhew .... 54:57

The Juniors slipped one place to 15th. Well done to Josh Moore for flying the flag today.

128. Joshua Moore .... 19:01

Sun, 9th Jan 2022 - 3:50 p.m.

Next Frostbite - Sunday 16th January at March

Hi all.
Happy new year!

We had a full team for last month's race and some decent results on a pretty muddy course. Welcome to new member Liz. Our 12th place means we dropped from 5th to 7th - would be good to get back to 5th!

After the Christmas break the Frostbite circus will be back on the road next week. This will be in March - as far as I can tell the usual venue and course at Whitemoor Prison. As always, it's a 5 mile run, starting at 11am and entry is free. All you need is some form of Pactrac kit and a valid membership. Let us know if you need either. Everyone is very welcome - you'll contribute to the team whatever your result, and it's a good social club occasion as well.

The details below are from the last time we did this race 2 years ago. If they change, I will post again. The race HQ is March AC's Clubhouse on Longhill Road March PE15 OBL. There is limited parking, so please car share (or cycle in, like a proper triathlete) if you can. The parking directions are quite specific: see

The website doesn't have course details yet, but I presume it's the same as last time: a mixture of grassy tracks (first 2 and last 2 miles) and tarmac (mile 3 and last 200m). This is normally not a very muddy course, but there could be slippery bits if we have lots of rain this week (not really in the forecast); in that case though, offroad shoes are an option. All flat apart from up and down some embankments, as you would expect in March.

This is one race where it pays off to start a bit more to the front than normal, as there is a tight, bendy and slippery bit after just 200m.

It would be great to see a large group of Pactracers again. You can see it as a hard training session for the races that are starting to appear on the horizon. Or you can see it as a nice run in a friendly environment with a large group of runners of all abilities. Or as a chance to meet up and talk tri season planning with clubmates. Or even do it to help Pactrac get up the ranking. Or all of the above.

Let us know if you intend to run, preferably on Facebook.

Tue, 11th Jan 2022 - 9:27 p.m.

Frostbite 2022,
Car Parking arrangements are here file:///C:/Users/steph/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_Race%204%20-%20Parking%20and%20Covid%20Information%20(2).zip/Race4MarchACMap2022.pdf

Additional measures due to covid
We are looking forward to welcoming you all to our first frostbite race at March since the covid
outbreak has changed how we gather; we still need to consider mitigating the risks associated.
We have a few additional rules and guidelines for you to follow to ensure we are covid compliant and to keep you all safe
 Start line moved to start of field to enable runners to spread out as far as possible before reaching pinch points.
We appreciate everyone wants to race and jostle for a start position but ask if all could keep a sensible distance before the start of the race and consider wearing and carrying the mask until numbers thin out
 Runners asked to keep left of the paths when running in and out of the nature reserve when facing each other
 Runners asked to pass with a wide berth when passing each other
 Finishers to make their way through the finish funnel to collect token without delay and to clear into the main field as soon as possible
 Refreshments available at a reduced menu and set price for tea and coffees at £1, cake at £1 money paid in an honesty pot, own mug bought and utilised where able
 Spectators and early finishers to consider social distancing rules and not to gather in groups of more than 30 and to maintain safe distancing
 Socialising after the event to be kept to a minimum, although we have a large field area for groups of no more than 30 to gather together and enjoy refreshments and the post-race
 Although the Clubhouse will be open for toilets, we encourage runners to come prepared to run and additional portaloos have been arranged. There is a one-way system for the
Clubhouse and masks to be worn when traversing through
 Runners and spectators asked to utilise hand sanitizers, masks where applicable and to
follow the latest guidance for gatherings inside and out
 Would appreciate if all attending can return a lateral flow test and to not attend if positive or they are showing symptoms of covid

Sun, 16th Jan 2022 - 9:32 p.m.

March - 16th January. 14 seniors and 5 juniors ran.
The Seniors came 8th today and drop 1 place overall from 7th to 8th.

19 Mark Weathersby ..... 32:25
26 Chris Northern ...... 32:57
84 Christian Richards .. 37:36
99 Tony Birch-James .... 38:30
142 Simon Guerin ....... 40:38
152 Steve Hope ......... 41:04
164 Rebecca Burge ...... 41:41
174 Claire Willis ...... 42:19
180 Daniel O'Sullivan .. 42:36
211 Willow Worthington . 44:20
257 Nikki Higgins ...... 48:23
279 Mariska Niemeijer .. 50:16
293 Daniel Richardson .. 52:02
298 Sue Davys .......... 53:01

The Juniors came 11th today and move up from 15th place to 14th overall.
28 Elizabeth Eames ..... 10:16
87 Chloe Moore ......... 12:50
113 Mathilda Simpson ... 14:22
114 Katy Blake ......... 14:23
118 Joshua Moore ....... 17:30

Fri, 4th Feb 2022 - 5:06 p.m.

The main thing to note is that both races will now start at Fiveways in the Woods rather than the junior event starting on the grass area by Beech Avenue. The senior course has also been changed slightly from previous years.

Please draw your members attention to the parking and general instruction sheet especially around car parking. Bourne Town Harriers have again secured parking at Warner's print works together with some parking at the primary school. Those attending are urged to use these two parking areas and walk to the start / finish areas. As many will know parking in the woods itself is very limited and the available space seems even smaller now. There have been complaints in the past from regular users on Frostbite days about parking being taken by runners and I’m sure you all agree we do not want to lose this facility so please ask members to be considerate.

Can all team managers please ensure athletes wear club kit.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Fri, 4th Feb 2022 - 5:09 p.m.

Bourne Town Harriers host the Frostbite League on Sunday 6th February at Bourne Woods.
This year there are some important changes to both courses and car parking due to restrictions placed
on us by the Forestry Commission.
Junior Frostbite - 10.15am The course this year starts and finishes at the Fiveways crossing as does the
senior course. The athletes head south from the start and then run an anti-clockwise loop around the
course and finish at the bottom of the hill at Fiveways. Spectators must respect the course and other
woods users. To confirm, the start has moved from the grassed area on Beech Ave/Woodland
Ave/Forest Ave to Fiveways.
Senior Frostbite - 11am The start is as normal at Fiveways (near to the Woods car park) with a loop east
and then back onto the main track before heading round a familiar part of the course. On the return the
Fox Wood loop has been removed but there is an added loop in a westerly direction marked by marshal
points 9/10/11 to provide at least some mud! There are lots of closed paths and some log piles and
athletes / spectators must observe the signs and keep away from these areas.
Parking: The main car park for both the junior and senior race is at Warners Publications (with their kind
permission) on Manor Lane near to the police station off West Road (PE10 9PH). A further car park is
available at Bourne Westfield Primary School which is also the race HQ and has access to 6 adults’
toilets. Please remove muddy shoes before entering the school.
We have previously experienced congestion at the Bourne Woods car park, and the Forestry
Commission have stated that previous parking on the road leading to the car park was unacceptable,
additionally runners taking up most car park spaces has led to complaints from regular users therefore
only use this area as a last resort. We cannot stop you from using the Bourne Woods car park site, but
we could be banned from using the facility if runners do not respect the actions that we have put in
THE MAIN ROAD. All car parking options will be well signposted and are within walking distance of the
junior and senior start. (Please allow time to get to the senior start from Warners, as this is a little
further away - just over a mile). It is always good to car share so please travel with a friend!
As this is a working forest, the Forestry Commission have said that there are areas where trees are being
felled. There will be log piles and areas where the paths will be muddy. NO PERSONS/ANIMALS ARE TO
CLIMB THE LOG PILES AS THEY ARE UNSAFE. A full inspection of the course will take place the day before
and on the morning of the race to ensure paths are clear and free of debris. We encourage those with
flags to place them in this grassed area (near the finish) rather than on the main paths.
First aid will be located at the starts and then finish area.
Toilets for the junior race there are 6 toilets located at Bourne Westfield primary (open from 9am) For
the senior race and spectators - there are to be 3 portaloos located near to the finish area (in the car
park area) and will be signposted.
As the one of the smallest clubs to host a race we are struggling to host such a big race with such a big
field. We need the respect of runners and spectators so that we can continue to use such a great facility.

Sun, 6th Feb 2022 - 9:14 p.m.

Firstly, a big thank you to Lisa, Alison and all the crew at Bourne Town Harriers for an excellent race today with MUD! Everyone seemed to enjoy the race and it was good to see so many gathered around the finish giving support to some of the later finishers.

Numbers were a bit lower today with this morning’s heavy rain probably putting some off. We saw juniors and 303 seniors complete the course.

In the junior race, Thorney took 1st place with Hunts AC 2nd and Yaxley 3rd meaning that the overall positions at the top remain unchanged with Hunts in 1st , PANVAC 2nd and Thorney 3rd. Hunts took 1st in the senior race with PANVAC 2nd and Yaxley 3rd. Overall, with one race to go Hunts AC are 1st , Yaxley 2nd and PANVAC 3rd.

You will notice that the team scores have been changed as unfortunately today we had a further runner disqualified. This time it appeared that a senior competitor had previously ran in the junior event earlier in the season.

Race 6 takes place at Jubilee Park, Huntingdon on 13th March. After the race we will present trophies to the top three clubs in both leagues. This will take place around 12:30.

See you on the 13th.

Sun, 6th Feb 2022 - 9:34 p.m.

The Seniors came 14th today and drop one place overall to 9th. Only 9 runners, but ideally we need 10 counters.

21 Chris Northern ...... 31:45
89 Tony Birch-James .. 37:12
133 Neil Strenge ........ 40:06
174 Claire Willis ......... 42:48
179 Steve Hope ......... 43:19
210 Nikki Higgins ........ 45:47
266 Nicholas Partridge . 53:44
267 Sue Davys ............ 53:55
276 Roy Mayhew ......... 55:37

The juniors came 12th today and stay 14th overall. 4 runners with, ideally, 5 for a team.

7 Evander Wishart ...... 08:46
77 Chloe Moore .......... 12:42
81 Mathilda Simpson ... 13:07
89 Joshua Moore ........ 16:27

Sun, 13th Mar 2022 - 6:33 p.m.

Final Race at Jubilee Park Huntingdon:

Were 9th.
On the day 10th.
Overall now 9th/16.

44. Chris Northern ......... 34:14
45. Richard Wright ......... 34:15
79. Tony Birch-James .... 36:15
81. Christian Richards .... 36:38
115. Steve Hope ............ 39:04
143. Daniel O'Sullivan .... 40:39
193. Nikki Higgins .......... 44:26
213. Rebecca Burge ....... 46:23
257. Sue Davys .............. 52:08
270. Roy Mayhew ........... 57:37

Were 14th.
On the day 13th.
Overall finish position 14th/15.

99. Archie May ................ 11:53
101. Mathilda Simpson .... 11:59
122. Katy Blake ............... 13:46
127. Joshua Moore .......... 16:14