July: Robin 2nd AG at Holkham half / Katie selected for ER / Jonathan in the Elite SuperSprint / Paul V and Christina win Mini-Series Trophies / Paul L 8:50 at Roth!!! / 3 at Outlaw / 3 AG wins at Kim

Jonathan Oakey finished 4th in his Age Group in the sprint triathlonat Chatsworth House. Jonathan had the 9th fastest swim from 595 finishers
in the cold waters of the River Derwent. The river Nene last week was a
balmy 18.5 degrees, so the 12 degrees on Sunday was a surprise to many,
who took longer than expected to acclimatise.

Distances were:
swim 750 metres - out with the current, and back with it.
bike 14 miles - 1 hilly lap.
run 3 miles - out up the hill and back, on grass, track and mud.

42. Jonathan Oakey 11:32 38:50 23:08 = 73:30 AG 4.
69. Mark Weathersby 15:09 38:01 22:26 = 75:36 AG 12.
273. Nick Forscutt 16:36 46:18 24:14 = 87:08 AG 11.
320. Steve Hope 17:47 45:19 26:44 = 89:50 AG 15.



14 PACTRACers took part in the inaugural Outlaw Half Holkham Triathlon
at Holkham Hall, Wells-next-the-Sea, in Norfolk - 8 individuals and 2
teams of 3.

Robin Brookes came 2nd in his Age Group, having been caught by his Age
Group winner, half way through the run.

The distances were

swim 1.2 miles - an out and back course, held in the lake.
bike 56 miles - 1 lap including the coastal road, and Sandringham.
run 13.1 miles - 3 laps entirely within the grounds of the estate,
finishing in front of the house.

81. Robin Brookes 34:31 2:45:28 1:46:17 = 5:06:16 AG 2nd.
285. Antony Brown 34:12 2:43:11 2:22:04 = 5:39:27 AG 16.
432. Nick Park 40:22 3:09:15 2:07:53 = 5:57:30 AG 73.
550. Louise Alexander 44:42 3:17:49 2:12:13 = 6:14:44
639. Kevin Fletcher 42:31 3:36:27 2:08:09 = 6:27:07 AG 72.
699. Sue Davys 44:20 3:21:54 2:29:17 = 6:35:31 AG 5.
724. Jim Carmichael 37:29 3:11:39 2:49:59 = 6:39:07 AG 118.
912. Emma Goldberg 46:46 4:27:00 2:39:32 = 7:53:18 AG 43.

Relay teams of 3.
34. Roger Canham's team 34:35 2:51:14 1:26:31 = 4:52:20 6th team.
48. Giles Cooper's team 33:54 2:43:18 1:39:27 = 4:56:39 7th team.


PACTRAC Junior, Katie Tasker has been selected for the Girls Tristar 3,
Eastern Region team, at the Inter Regional Championships, on 4th
September, at Strathclyde Country Park in Glasgow. Only 3 per Age Group
were selected from each of the 12 regions. Racing will be in open water
with wetsuits, and will be draft-legal on the bike, to get the best
juniors used to racing at the elite level.


Only 9 competitor's lined up for the 7th PACTRAC Mini Series race of
the season. Once again, the rains came down in the afternoon, and
again just prior to the start, which put many off.

Abi Schofield led the swimmers out, 15 seconds ahead of Andrea Robinett
and Susie Freeman. Sean Beard was 8th out of the water, over a minute
and a half down; but he had the fastest bike split of the night and
came in, off the bike 1 3/4 minutes ahead of Andrea with Abi 23
seconds further back in 3rd.

Sean moved further ahead on the run, and was the only athlete to beat
the hour, whilst Abi moved back into 2nd place to finish a minute
ahead of 3rd placed Andrea.


The 8th of PACTRAC's 10 Wednesday night Mini-Series Triathlon's took
place at Oundle last Wednesday night.

Distances were the same as always, although the traffic lights on the
bike course made things interesting.

swim: 400 yards.
bike 10 miles.
run 3.5 miles.

This was only the 2nd decent evening we have had out of the eight so
far. 6 of the last 8 Wednesday afternoons have seen rain and general
inclement weather, resulting in lower numbers for the evening races.

20 people turned up on Wednesday on a much better night for racing,
although with a little wind about, only 2 PB's were recorded on the

Wayne Stainsby led Simon Guerin out of the pool, with Steve Hope and
Junior, Hannah Bassett 36 seconds down. Paul Vernon followed just
behind in 5th place. Paul soon led the chase on the bike, and took the
lead at Glapthorn. He extended his lead and came into T2 off the bike,
1:23 minutes ahead of Wayne with Simon holding onto 3rd a further
minute behind.

Paul then had the fastest run of the night to come home 3 minutes ahead
of Wayne, with a big gap to Nick Forscutt, who moved up to 3rd place on
the run.

This was Paul Vernon's 5th Mini-Series win of the year, and with that
he takes the Mini-Series Trophy with a maximum of 50 points from his
best 5 races.

Christina Cork currently leads the ladies Mini-Series with 37 points
from Susie Freeman 34 and Hannah Bassett 33. Their are still 7 ladies
in contention.


Ros Goatly entered the Foremarke Hall sprint triathlon - a good race
but very muddy.

swim 400 metres in the pool.
bike 12.5 miles.
run 3 miles.

82. Ros Goatly 7:56 45:06 26:00 = 79:02 AG 4th.


Aaron Godden entered the Norwich Sprint Triathlon at Whitlingham
Country Park, coming home in the top 10%.

Swim 700 metres in the lake.
Bike 11 miles.
Run 3 miles in the park.

16. Aaron Godden 14:43 34:35 21:36 = 70:54 AG 5th.


Jonathan Oakey has competed with the best Youth's in the country in the
Super-Series this year. The latest round was at Eton Dorney, the
iconic Olympic venue, with clean, calm lake waters. Jonathan finished
39th out of 62 competitors. The standard is very high, drafting is
allowed on the bike and it is a great learning curve for our best up-
and-coming Youths and Juniors.

Jonathan had a good swim, but the lead bikers had already established
their group and worked well together to pull away. Jonathan did a lot
of work on the front of the next bike group, as he tried in vein to
catch the leaders.

He worked hard on the bike, only to then see fresher athletes pull away
from him on the run section.

Youth SuperSprint Triathlon (15-16 year olds): Swim 400 metres, bike
6.5 miles, run 1.5 miles on fast, flat closed road bike and run

39. Jonathan Oakey 5:15 18:58 10:43 = 34:56


In the 9th Mini Series Triathlon of the 10-race series, Paul Vernon
again showed his domination of the series.

On a sunny evening, 24 athletes lined up for the 400 yard swim, 10 mile
bike and 3.5 mile run.

Paul Vernon won his 6th Mini-Series race this year; this time by over 4-
minutes from Youth Jonathan Oakey, who recorded his 4th second place -
all to Paul Vernon.

Jonathan was first out of the water, with Tom Dyke 36 seconds behind.
Wayne Stainsby followed 10 seconds further back, just ahead of Simon
Guerin and Rob Hammond.

Paul was 1:25 minutes adrift out of the water, but a super-fast bike
leg saw him storm into the lead, and he came into T2 (the second
Transition), 1:43 minutes ahead, with Jonathan 2nd and Wayne just ahead
of Rob in 3rd.

Paul had the fastest run of the night too, and extended his lead to 4:
12 minutes by the finish. Jonathan had an 18-second cushion over Wayne
going into the run, and the pair matched one another, Jonathan coming
home 19 seconds clear.

First lady was another Youth, Hannah Bassett, who was one of only 4
athletes to record a PB.

This is from the PACTRAC website, ahead of the last race in this year's
series, which takes place tonight, 20th July.

"Congratulations to Paul Vernon who has won the men's Mini Series

1. Paul Vernon 10... 10... 10... 10... 10... =... 50
2. Jonathan Oakey 9... 9... 9... 9... =... 36
3. Sean Beard 9... 8... 8... 10... =... 35

It's all to play for in the ladies Trophy:

Hannah Bassett.... 10...6...9...8...10..=..43
Sue Burnett.......... 5...7...8...9...9..=..38
Christina Cork.... 7..10..10..10..=..37
Susie Freeman...... 10...8...8...8..=..34
Abi Schofield...... 10...9..10..=..29
Andrea Robinett.. 10...9...9..=..28
Kate Armstrong.... 9...4...7..=..20

Hannah is in the lead, with just one event to go. It's your best 5 to
count, so if Hannah wins on Wednesday, she will get 10 points to
replace her lowest score of 6, giving her 47 points.

Sue needs to win to improve her tally to 43 points, which could see her
become joint leader.

Christina has only registered 4 results, so all of her points on
Wednesday will count. A 4th place giving her 7 points could be enough
to see her take the lead.

Susie Freeman also has just 4 results, so a 2nd place could put her
equal with Hannah - unless Christina ousts them both."


PACTRAC held their Standard Distance Triathlon at Oundle on Sunday.
This replaced the Long Course Triathlon, which has been a regular
fixture for the last few years. The distances were, therefore, shorter
but it was still a long race in Sunday's heat. The sun came out a
little earlier than expected.

swim 1800 yards in Oundle's 50-yard pool - 36 lengths.

bike 30 miles - 3 laps of the Mini-Series course around Glapthorn and
the Benefields.

run 6.25 miles on a new course - out to Glapthorn and Cotterstock,
taking in a Bridleway and finishing with a lap of the athletics track.

Paul Vernon won the race and with it the Club Championship Trophy for
2016. He has the maximum points of 400 from this race and his best 3
Mini-Series results. He didn't compete in the mid-distance race back in
May, so needed a good result here to clinch the title.

Abi Schofield was first out of the water, nearly 90 seconds ahead of
Simon Hoppe, with another 2 minutes back to Rob Hammond and another
minute to Mark Weathersby. The field was quite spread out after the
long swim.

The race at the front was closely fought, with Paul coming out of the
swim 3:51 minutes down on Simon. However, the pair had fast bike splits
and Paul was only able to pull 40 seconds back on the bike. However,
once he had his running shoes on, he was able to take up the chase with
real venom; eventually catching Simon just before Glapthorn on the way
back after 4 miles. Paul then extended his lead to finish with a
winning margin of 2:17 minutes.

Such was the intensity of the race at the front, that it was a further
8 minutes before Rob Hammond came home for a fine 3rd place, holding
off Mark Weathersby (recent overall winner of the Cardiff Triathlon) by

Again, from the PACTRAC website:

"CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS (Best 4 from 5 being the Mid-Distance, Standard-
Distance and your best 3 Mini-Series).

With just 1 event to go (tonight's final Mini-Series of the year), we
have just 17 members who have either completed 4 events or who can
attain more than 300 points.

Paul Vernon........100.000......100.000......100.000......100.000..=..400.000 VET
Mark Weathersby....100.000.......94.3614.....100.000.......88.7889..=..383.1503 SENIOR
Aaron Godden........84.1667......91.8925......87.6783......85.5373..=..349.2748 VET
Simon Guerin........89.0625......89.6862......83.6337......83.9163..=..346.2987 SENIOR
Abi Schofield.......88.0410......83.3239......81.1570......93.0436..=..345.5655 SENIOR FEMALE
Susie Freeman.......86.4414......83.9087......81.6423......90.9912..=..342.9836 SENIOR FEMALE
Josh Mould..........91.8925......87.8510......84.6860......78.1766..=.. 342.6061 JUNIOR
Steve Hope..........84.8588......86.1601......85.0960......85.054...=..341.1689 SUPERVET
Chris Waghorn........82.5259......83.4214......78.2252......90.8705..=..335.043 VET
Christina Cork.......80.8156......81.8788......83.4908......81.5556..=..327.7408 VET FEMALE
Paul Jephcott........79.2648......78.3584......77.9909......75.6559..=..311.27 SUPERVET
Sue Burnett.........76.2825.....78.0904......76.1050......75.0871..=..305.565 SUPERVET FEMALE
Georgina Jennings..67.9613......67.4818......69.7956......68.6156..=..273.8543 SUPERVET FEMALE
Chris Pike......................86.0499......85.9114......88.2626..=..260.2239 SUPERVET
Charlie Brookes.................90.3910......83.7969......82.3465..=..256.5344 VET
Debora Leininger.....51.1725....55.8397......57.3808......54.6589..=..219.0519 SENIOR FEMALE
Nicholas Partridge..............77.7652......69.0625......65.4126..=..212.2403 VET

Club Champion: Paul Vernon.
Vet: Paul Vernon.
Supervet: either Steve Hope or Chris Pike.


Club Champion: Abi Schofield or Susie Freeman.
Vet: Christina Cork.
Supervet: Sue Burnett.

Tonight's Mini-Series will determine the last 2 of the major trophies
plus the Ladies Mini-Series winner.


Meanwhile Paul Lunn did the race of his life at Challenge Roth,
Germany. Challenge is a rival series to Ironman that uses the same

Swim 2.4 miles
bike 112 miles
run 26.2 miles.

Roth is a fast course where records are broken. Last weekend, Jan
Frodeno, the 2008 Olympic Champion, broke the world record for the
distance. Paul Lunn came 27th overall and smashed the 9-hour barrier.
This is no mean feat, and was a superb achievement.

The results are here: http://datev-challenge-roth.r.mikatiming.de/2016/?pid=list

"Jan Frodeno presented DATEV Challenge Roth with the best 15th
anniversary present possible – a sensational world record over the
140.6 mile distance. Frodeno’s time of 7:35:39 undercut Andreas Raelert’
s former record of 7:41:33 by almost six minutes on the same course.

Frodeno announced half a year ago that he had Raelert’s record in his
sights at DATEV Challenge Roth. And when a man of this calibre
announces something then in his own words, “you do everything possible
to make it happen”.

On the day the 2008 Olympic Champion and current Hawaii Ironman World
Champion, not only faced the largest field on the long distance
triathlon circuit but also perfect conditions: high cloud, warm
temperatures and practically no wind.

Frodeno led from the start in a race against the clock although it was
not lonely. Hundreds of thousands cheered him on towards his new world
record as he became the first male Hawaii Ironman World Champion to win
at Roth. Frodeno was in a class of his own in the swim and also had no
competition on the bike, despite a trip into a ditch on the second lap.
“But that probably brought me more time thanks to the extra adrenaline
surge I got from the crash,” said Frodeno afterwards.

During the run he experienced “many highs and lows” in the final miles
but in the end, it was the highs that prevailed. And in his first
interview at the finish line he said, “Now I understand why this is the
greatest of all races”.

PACTRAC's Paul Lunn was 5th in his Age Group in 8:50:53 and 12th
overall Age Grouper, if you strip out the 15 Pro's ahead of him. He was
the 2nd GB athlete to Joe Skipper, the pro who came 2nd overall. Paul
was only 7 minutes behind the leading amateur. Paul has now entered
Ironman Frankfurt next year, to try to qualify for the World Ironman
Championships, which are held in Hawaii, in October each year.

It all clicked together and Paul had a fantastic race. He said
"yesterday was a good day". He competed in a 70.3 half-ironman in
Barcelona in May, even though he had a hip problem, so has clearly come
through the season well, and joins a very exclusive club. Paul was
targetting a sub 9-hour time and did incredibly well to achieve it.
Everything has to go right. It's easy on paper, but to go and do it is
another thing. His 3:05:01 marathon time after being on the limit for
nearly 6-hours beforehand is testament to the true grit and
determination of a fine athlete.

27. Paul Lunn 1:00:53 4:44:59 3:05:01 = 8:50:53


The Pitsford Triathlon took place over the weekend at Brixworth Country
Park in Northants NN6.

Standard Distance:

swim 1500 metres in Pitsford Reservoir, the home of Northampton Sailing Club.
bike 25 miles - a loop around country roads.
run 6.3 miles around the lake.

PACTRAC had 2 athletes racing and recorded a 5th and 6th in their
respective Age Groups. Pedro Polson also raced in the Sprint distance
race back in May, but the water was much warmer on Sunday.

32. Steve Giles 32:53 72:19 42:22 = 2:27:34 AG 6.
118. Pedro Polson 23:03 84:25 65:07 = 2:52:35 AG 5.


In the last PACTRAC Mini-Series of the season, Jonathan Oakey finally
got the win that he deserved. Having finished second behind Paul Vernon
on 4 previous occasions this year, Jonathan took full advantage of
Paul's absence (Paul was marshaling tonight), to win his first ever
Mini-Series race. He didn't have it all his own way though, and won a
very tight battle with Mark Weathersby by just 8-seconds.

Jonathan led out of the pool in 4:54 minutes with a 20 second cushion
over Abi Schofield and Tony Daniels. 7 swimmers came out in under 6

However, the competition on the bike was hot, and first Tony, then Mark
Weathersby and then Tristan Matthews all moved ahead of Jonathan, who
kept in contention. Jonathan had the fastest run of the night and
reeled them in, one by one. His final victim was Mark, who he caught
with 1/4 mile to go and pulled away slightly before the finish.

Steve Giles and Andy Gregg came in, off of the bike, 10 seconds apart
and maintained that gap throughout the run; both just catching Tristan
in the final stages.


Men's Mini Series Trophy (best 5 to count)

Mens Mini-Series:
1. Paul Vernon..... 10... 10... 10... 10... 10... =... 50
2. Jonathan Oakey. 9... 9... 9... 9...10... =... 46
3. Sean Beard...... 9... 8... 8... 10... =... 35

Ladies Mini Series:

Christina Cork.......... 7..10..10..10..9..=..46
Hannah Bassett.... 10...9...8...10...7..=..44
Susie Freeman...... 10...8...8...8...8..=..42
Abi Schofield......... 10...9..10..10..=..39

Whereas the Men's Trophy had already been decided, any one of 4 could
still have won the Ladies Trophy. Christina Cork had only competed in 4
races previously, so all of her points counted, and she took the Trophy
by 2 points from up and coming Junior, Hannah Bassett.


The final Club Championship Trophies were also decided. This is your
best 4 results from 5 races; the club's Mid Distance Triathlon in May,
Standard Distance Triathlon in July, and your best 3 Mini Series races.

Male Senior: Paul Vernon.
Male Vet: Paul Vernon.
Male Supervet: Chris Pike.

Female Senior: Abi Schofield.
Female Vet: Christina Cork.
Female Supervet: Sue Burnett.

Abi Schofield confirmed her win ahead of Susie Freeman in the Ladies
Trophy. The other Trophy that was still up for grabs was the Men's
SuperVets Trophy between Steve Hope and Chris Pike. Although Steve won
the individual battle tonight, it wasn't enough over the season to hold
off Chris, who had only previously competed in 3 of the races, so all
of his points were to count.

Paul Vernon exerted his supremacy over the season long competitions and
won both the Club Championship and Mini Series Trophies. Chris Pike is
a new name on the Honours Board, whilst it is Sue Burnett's first
Trophy since winning the Ladies Club Championship Trophy way back in
1990 ! Christina Cork wins the Female Vets Trophy to add to her Mini
Series Trophy.


The 3 PACTRAC Juniors had a good day at Upminster on Saturday, at
TriSport Epping's Junior Triathlon.

TS2 Girls - Olivia Corner narrowly missed out on the Podium to finish
4th. Her swim is improving and after an assured Bike and run, she came
in, in a highly creditable 4th place.

TS3 Girls - Katie Tasker came out of the water in 3rd place, but soon
made head way on the field, to open up a significant gap. She was then
able to extend this to win the race comfortably, securing her 4th win
of the season

Youth Boys - Matt Wouldham gave a strong performance in the swim to put
himself in contention. He was then able to build a significant lead on
the bike. With good even pace setting he was able to keep the remaining
field at bay to win.


PACTRAC had three 1st places in their respective Age Groups at the
Kimbolton Sprint Triathlon on Sunday.

Distances were:
swim 400 metres - in the school pool.
bike 12 miles - 1 lap on quiet country roads.
run 3 miles - 3 laps on the school fields.

10. Steve Hope 7:54 36:55 21:14 = 1:06:03 Age Group 1st.
29. Ros Goatly 8:14 39:27 25:07 = 1:12:48 AG 1st. 2nd lady overall.
36. Angela Wallis 9:37 40:33 24:27 = 1:14:37 AG 1st.
103. Gerald Farrow 15:35 54:59 40:14 = 1:50:48 AG 4th.


PACTRAC had 14 juniors in action at the Kimbolton Junior Triathlon.

Tristar 8.
7. Franklin Phillips 1:25 4:48 1:53 = 8:06
12. George Milton 1:31 4:49 1:57 = 8:17

Tristar 1.
9. Safford Hewitt-White 2:08 5:30 3:38 = 11:16

Tristar 2.
1. Connor Walker 2:26 6:34 4:30 = 13:30 WINNER

Connor was 2nd after the swim, dropped to 3rd on the bike, and then
pulled into the lead on the run. The second placed athlete started the
run 23 seconds in arrears, and gained 22 seconds back on the run,
leaving Connor to sprint home, with just 1-second to spare.

15. Olivia Corner 3:02 6:51 4:42 = 14:35
47. Louis Dawson 3:27 8:14 5:04 = 16:45
55. Toby Cooke 3:37 7:57 6:01 = 17:35
63. Kirsten Loutit 3:05 9:01 6:22 = 18:28
74. Libby Mellor 3:33 10:37 5:55 = 20:05
75. Chloe Moore 3:59 9:39 6:32 = 20:10

TriStar 3.
8. Luke Welch 3:31 7:32 6:24 = 17:27
41. Archie Stewart 3:54 9:30 8:11 = 21:35

1. Matthew Wouldham 3:41 8:34 7:11 = 19:26 WINNER

Matthew led from the start, all the way to the finish, to win by 51

11. Rhiannon Loutit 4:17 10:41 8:20 = 23:18

The National Water Sports Centre at Holme Pierrepont was the venue for
the Outlaw Triathlon. This was a full Ironman-distance triathlon over
the distances of:

swim 2.4 miles in the Rowing Lake - out and back.

bike 112 miles - 3 loops on a fast, flat course.

run 26.2 miles - 3 loops.

1100 athletes entered this prestigious event.

330. Andrew Chapman 1:06:23 5:56:48 4:52:38 = 11:55:49 AG 45.
469. Peter Tebb 1:22:15 6:56:12 4:14:27 = 12:32:54 AG 42.

Peter had a very disciplined event, pulling back 227 places on the run.

603. Matthew Roach 1:20:26 6:26:09 5:23:29 = 13:10:04 AG 81.


The Bedfordshire Sprint Triathlon took place at Box End, near Bedford.

The distances were:
swim 750 metres in the lake.
bike 12.5 miles on undulating roads.
Run 3 miles - on grass.

Jonathan Oakey was 2nd out of the water overall, in 10:51 minutes; and
held on for 4th place overall and first in his Age Group.

4. Jonathan Oakey 10:51 33:16 21:00 = 65:07 AG 1st.
24. Simon Guerin 12:06 35:11 27:02 = 74:19 AG 8th.