Christmas Swimming.

The Committee are currently looking at ways to see how we can reduce the shortfall on pool hire. (We make a loss and essentially need more people to swim!) As such we were concerned at the possibility of low attendances over the Christmas period. We asked for a commitment from the members to ensure that the Christmas sessions would be viable; and we're pleased to say that we have had enough expressions of interest to make it worth our while putting on two swims between Christmas and the New Year.

We have coaches in place for both Wednesday 28th and Friday 30th December, and now just need the members (you) to turn up and make our financial commitment pay for itself. Thank you to those that have brought this decision to fruition.

All of our normal swimming sessions will take place over Christmas, except:

Friday 16th December - NO swimming.Monday 26th December - NO swimming.
Monday 2nd January - NO swimming.