Nathan smashes the Mini-Series Course Record. 2 Juniors to represent the Region. Marcus wins at Bedford. Giles 2nd in AG at Holkham.

3 PACTRACers travelled to Ripon for the Olympic distance triathlon,held around the Racecourse lake.

The Ripon Triathlon was not only a qualifying race for the World
Championships, to be held in Rotterdam later in the year, but was also
the English National Standard distance Championships.

282. Aaron Godden 29:45.... 67:32.... 47:42... =... 2:24:59 AG 53
319. Steve Hope 27:57.... 73:31.... 45:30... =... 2:26:58 AG 12
583. Sarah Haslam 29:33.... 80:54.... 50:28... =... 2:40:55 AG 11


Two Half-Ironman distance triathlons took place at the weekend. The
distances of both were: swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, run 13.1 miles.

1300 athletes including 4 PACTRACers raced in Norfolk at the "Outlaw
Half Holkham", based around Holkham Hall, with the swim and the entire
run (3 laps), taking place within the grounds of the estate. The bike
course was a single loop taking in the coastal road and some quiet
country roads.

Giles Cooper came 2nd in his Age Group and will tackle the full Outlaw
Ironman distance triathlon in Nottingham 3 weeks later.

75. Giles Cooper 34:52.... 2:46:19.... 1:32:13... =... 4:53:24 AG 2.

224. Andrew Chapman 35:31.... 2:49:06.... 1:56:32... =... 5:21:09 AG 37.

286. Simon Guerin 32:27.... 2:56:18.... 2:00:33... =... 5:29:18 AG 48.

366. Rory Suckling 35:15.... 3:13:47.... 1:50:10... =... 5:39:12 AG 47.

Edinburgh 70.3 Half-Ironman. (swim shortened to 950 metres).

Dave Patmore-Hill was "super pleased to get 24th in my Age Group at the
Edinburgh 70.3 today.
Hardly trained this year because of my new job. My coach, yet again has
kept me honest on my bike in training and the performance today in
terms of numbers was one of the best. Swim, which was horrendous, cut
short (950m)due to crazy winds(21mph) and the bike was 3342ft with 41
miles of it into headwind which made for a tough day. The run was as
challenging with over 1000 ft up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. Only
managed to move from 28th off the bike to 24th overall, which by my
standards is poor. The next time I'll pick a course where you expect
decent weather."

213. Dave Patmore-Hill 20:42.... 3:23:33.... 1:42:41... =... 5:26:56 AG 24.


3 Juniors competed at Eton Dorney in the Super Series. This is a
British Triathlon high performance event and is part of the Youth /
Junior Super series. It, therefore, contained the very best up-and-
coming triathletes from across the country, was very competitive and a
real bench mark for the National Championships.

Junior Men

Jonathan Oakey had a good swim to enter T1 in contention. He worked
well in the 3rd group and was able to work to catch up to the lead
group entering T2. He was able to make 33 places up on the bike at an
average of 26mph over the 13-mile circuit. On the 3-mile run he was
able to hold his position on the 1st lap and finished strongly to
finish a very creditable 16th Junior. He is now 19th overall in the
Super Series rankings with 2 events to go.

Tristar 3

Katie Tasker exited the swim in mid-division and after a quick
transition was soon able to make ground on the leaders entering T2 in
3rd position – she smashed it on the bike; the only flaw was the bike
course was a bit short and she really could have done with another lap
to really stretch the field. The quality runners in the field soon went
to work and with 3 National X-country runners for company, they soon
made life hard with a burst of acceleration. Katie was able to hold her
position and finished a very creditable 7th. (The lead girl ran 1.5m in

Tristar 2

Olivia Corner did not get away out of the water and had a malfunction
in transition getting her wetsuit off. Once on the bike however she was
able to make headway on the rest of the field and with a powerhouse of
a run was able to pass a number of athletes to finish a very
respectable 12th.

This was a great experience for all 3 and vital lessons were learnt,
but some great news is that 2 PACTRAC Juniors will be representing the
Eastern Region at the Inter Regional Championships at Mallory Park on
Sunday 28th August. Well done to Katie Tasker & Olivia Corner. This is
the first time that PACTRAC have had 2 representatives. Only the top 30
in the UK get an invite to race in this prestigious event.

The British Triathlon U20's Festival is the pinnacle of the season for
triathlete’s aged 11-19 years and has become a key milestone in the
development of future triathlon stars.

Races featured in the day include:

British Triathlon Inter-regional Championships (TriStar 2 & 3)
Youth Elite Races
Junior Elite Races

"The event returns to Mallory Park, Leicestershire on Bank Holiday
Monday 28 August after being hosted there in 2015. With its undulating
and technical bike course, it provides the perfect stage for exciting
racing to conclude the series in 2017 and act as the Junior qualifier
for the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam."


2 PACTRACers competed in the Bedford Sprint Triathlon at Robinsons
Pool, Bedford.

Marcus Widdess won the event outright by 49-seconds. He was 3rd out of
the water, and had the fastest bike leg of all, to take a commanding
lead; which he held onto with the 3rd fastest run of the day.

Terry Murphy also won his Age Group in a PB time on this course.

The distances were:

swim 400 metres in the pool.
bike 15-miles on mainly country roads.
run 3-miles around the park.

1. Marcus Widdess 5:57.... 00:41:35.... 00:16:49.... 00:00:32.... 00:00:30... = 65:23 AG 1st.
54. Terry Murphey 10:42.... 00:49:12.... 00:28:24.... 00:01:17.... 00:01:31... = 91:08 AG 1st.


Nathan Tweedie made a spectacular entrance into this year's Mini-
Series. It's been 8-year's since the record was last beaten, and Nathan
smashed 39 seconds off of Matt Gunby's 2009 Course Record on a windy
night, that certainly wasn't conducive to a fast bike split. Nathan is
training and racing with the British Elite Squad in Loughborough, and
his next race with them is later in the month in Spain.

Such were the weather conditions that only 12 athletes lined up at the
start. The afternoon rain put a few off and the evening itself turned a
little cold and windy.

Nathan led from start to finish, creating not only a new overall Course
Record, but a new swim record as well as equaling the run record.

Robin Laukaitis was second out of the swim as 4 athletes appeared
within 16-seconds of one another. Nathan was well out of sight by now.
Rob Hammond led Darren Kelly in off of the bike and these two held onto
2nd and 3rd respectively.

The top 4 times in the Mini-Series:

28 Jun 2017 Mini-Series 6 Nathan Tweedie 0:03:53 0:22:51 0:19:11 0:45:55
01 Jul 2009 Mini series 5 Matt Gunby 0:04:43 0:22:40 0:19:11 0:46:34
10 Jun 2015 Mini-Series 3 Nathan Tweedie 0:04:01 0:23:26 0:19:55 0:47:22
07 Jul 2010 Mini series 6 Josh Daniels 0:04:07 0:23:49 0:19:27 0:47:23

The Course Record has progressed as follows:

2006 Mini series 1 Simon Hoppe 50:25
2006 Mini series 4 Simon Hoppe 49:32
2007 Mini series 7 Matt Gunby 49:12
2007 Mini series 9 Peter Galpin 49:02
2008 Mini series 7 Josh Daniels 47:30
2009 Mini series 5 Matt Gunby 46:34
2017 Mini-Series 6. Nathan Tweedie 45:55

4:10 or better has been achieved 15 times. 4-minutes has been beaten
only twice. The top 8 Mini-Series swim times have all been recorded by
Nathan Tweedie.

2017 Mini-Series 6. Nathan Tweedie 0:03:53
2015 Mini-Series 2 Nathan Tweedie 0:03:56
2015 Mini-Series 3 Nathan Tweedie 0:04:01

The swim record has progressed as follows:

2010 Mini series 5 Josh Daniels 0:04:09
2010 Mini series 6 Josh Daniels 0:04:07
2014 Mini-Series 6. Nathan Tweedie 0:04:03
2014 Mini-Series 9. Nathan Tweedie 0:04:02
2015 Mini-Series 1 Nathan Tweedie 0:04:02
2015 Mini-Series 2 Nathan Tweedie 0:03:56
2017 Mini-Series 6. Nathan Tweedie 0:03:53

bike: Nathan recorded the 15th fastest bike split on the course, on a
windy night.

2009 Mini series 5 Simon Hoppe 22:28
2015 Mini-Series 10 Paul Vernon 22:32
2015 Mini-Series 2 Paul Vernon 22:32
2013 Mini-Series 7 Paul Lunn 22:33
2012 Mini series 9 Jaap Flikweert 22:37

The bike record has progressed as follows:

2007 Mini series 9 Peter Galpin 22:59
2008 Mini series 5 Mark Botteley 22:45
2008 Mini series 8 Simon Hoppe 22:42
2009 Mini series 5 Simon Hoppe 22:28


The top 4 run times on the course have been recorded by 4 different
athletes, with Nathan matching Matt Gunby's 2009 record.

2017 Mini-Series 6. Nathan Tweedie 19:11
2009 Mini series 5 Matt Gunby 19:11
2010 Mini series 6 Josh Daniels 19:27
2015 Mini-Series 10 Paul Vernon 19:33

The run record has progressed as follows:

2006 Mini series 1 Simon Hoppe 20:50
2006 Mini series 4 Simon Hoppe 20:35
2007 Mini series 4 Peter Galpin 19:55
2007 Mini series 7 Matt Gunby 19:39
2009 Mini series 5 Matt Gunby 19:11
2017 Mini-Series 6. Nathan Tweedie 19:11