7 Outlaws. 2 win Age Group. 3 just miss European qualification.

The Outlaw Triathlon took place at the National Watersports Centre at
Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham. This was an Ironman distance race

Swim 2.4 miles in the boating lake.
Bike 112 miles - 3 laps.
Run 26.2 miles.

Over 1,000 competitors took part in this tough but popular event, with
54 not finishing.

PACTRAC had 7 competitors with Charlie Brookes leading them home.
Louise Alexander had the best Age Group position in 13th. Afterwards,
they were walking (just) and smiling (a lot).

Charlie Brookes had a good start and then moved his way up the field
averaging 20mph on the 112 mile bike section. He held good form on the

Giles Cooper had moved himself up to 73rd place after 80-miles on the
bike before mechanical trouble saw him lose an hour and a quarter (and
400 places). He managed to finish the bike section and had a good run,
recording 3:48 hrs for the marathon, and re-gaining 250 places.

Steve Coombes was just over half-way through the field after the swim,
and pretty much improved his position at every checkpoint thereafter,
to finish 304th overall.

Stephen Cooke had a very consistent bike split, took his time in
transition to make sure that he finished, and improved at every split
on the run section.

Louise Alexander had a solid bike section to overtake half of the
females that started in front of her. She then held her own on the run
to finish 13th in her Age Group.

Robin Laukaitis was in the top 10% of the field after a good swim, had
mechanical trouble at the start of the bike and held his position on
the run.

Peter Tebb had a consistent bike split, before pulling 66 places back
in the first half-marathon and holding his place from there.

202. Charlie Brookes 1:08:06 5:48:47 4:14:34 = 11:11:27 AG 26.
252. Giles Cooper 1:07:04 6:30:30 3:48:29 = 11:26:03 AG 15.
304. Steve Coombs 1:18:55 6:01:38 4:17:24 = 11:37:57 AG 47.
548. Stephen Cooke 1:08:13 6:55:47 4:35:12 = 12:39:12 AG 125.
605. Louise Alexander 1:25:54 6:34:16 4:50:54 = 12:51:04 AG
606. Robin Laukaitis 1:01:57 6:43:39 5:05:34 = 12:51:10 AG 39.
623. Peter Tebb 1:16:57 6:47:42 4:50:31 = 12:55:10 AG 66.


In the Kimbolton Castle Sprint Triathlon (Pool based swim 400m, Bike
12.5 miles, Run 3-miles), both PACTRACers came 1st in their respective
Age Groups.

46. Ros Goatly 7:43 39:10 23:32 = 70:25 AG 1st.

85. Angela Wallis 10:08 42:48 25:38 = 78:34 AG 1st.

12 PACTRAC Juniors competed in the Junior races, with Olivia Corner
coming 4th in her female Age Group. The bike section was cancelled due
to excessive rain making it unsafe to ride on the wet grass. Team
spirit was high as Sam Fielding's Junior Squad put themselves to the
test against some good opposition.

TriStars Start. 8 years old. Swim 50m, Run 400m.

13. Johana Cork 1:38 2:49 = 4:27 AG 10.

21. Josh Moore 2:09 2:52 = 5:01 AG 7.

TriStar1 (9-10 years old). Swim 100m, Run 800m.

23. Franklin Phillips 2:22 4:00 = 6:22 AG 16.

TriStar2 (11-12 years old). Swim 150m, Run 1200m.

11. Olivia Corner 2:52 4:59 = 7:51 AG 4th.

19. Safford Hewitt-White 2:42 5:40 = 8:22 AG 13.

33. Libby Mellor 3:14 5:33 = 8:47 AG 12.

56. William Freeman 4:26 5:16 = 9:42 AG 33.

63. Chloe Moore 3:26 6:25 = 9:51 AG 38.

68. Emma Clay 4:09 5:57 = 10:06 AG 27.

74. Isabelle Lock 3:38 7:17 = 10:55 AG 31.

TriStar3 (13-14 years old). Swim 200m, Run 1600m.

36. Archie Stewart 3:47 7:19 = 11:06 AG 26.

51. Toby Cooke 5:00 7:29 = 12:29 AG 31.


Nicholas Partridge was PACTRAC's sole representative in the London

"In the most dramatic weather conditions I have ever raced in, I took
part in the 2017 edition of the London Triathlon.
The swim went quite well with not too much rough and tumble and I was
pleased with my time of 30:53 for 1500m.
Transition was very good with a quick mount helping me pass about 10
other riders.
The heavens then opened and torrential rain was followed by huge
splashings through the puddles and hail stinging the arms and eyes.
Delighted to be wearing my giro helmet eye shield visor to aviod grit
in my eyes from the splashing wheels, I darted through twisty congested
On the return ramp ito transition 2 I had significant issues with the
chain getting jammed between the spokes and the big rear gog! In dismay
I tried to fix it wasting about 5 minutes and deciding to run the bike
in for the last 250m.
This was followed by wheeling the bike in by carrying the rear! I
stayed to the left and as the front wheel crossed in front I tried to
stop in my cleats and slipped clean over, glad to be wearing my helmet
as it clearly stopped me from banging my head nastily.
Having removed my shoes and socks I continued more gingerly into T2
where I booted up and got on with the job of running 6.25 miles in
adverse conditions.
Around to the run course I was still checking out my body for injury
after my fall and the 6 inch deep puddles didn't help as once again
splashing through the course I realised I felt ok and started to push
on, but trying not to go too deep too early.
My run time of 1:01:26 was reasonable as I didn't think I had a sub 1:
05 in me towards the end.
With a PB of 7 minutes and barring incident I feel I could have gone
sub 3-hours save for the mistake on the ramp and the slip over. Still
to have the calmness to stop and check out myself before I continued
was a mighty good decision so overall I'm pleased tinged with
disappointment at the issues with which I suffered."

swim 1500 metres in London Docks.
bike 25 miles.
run 6.25 miles.

933. Nicholas Partridge 30:53 96:17 61:26 = 3:08:36 AG 41.


The Castle Howard triathlon took place in Yorkshire over the Olympic
distances of:

swim 1500 metres - 2 laps in the lake.
bike 27.5 miles - 1 lap on undulating, country roads.
run 6.25 miles - all off-road on grass or uneven track.

This was a qualifying race for the European Championships in Estonia
next year. Both Steve Hope and Sarah Haslam missed out by just 1
place, whilst Aaron Godden missed out by 3 places in his Age Group.
Their are two more qualifying races so all 3 will try again at Grafham
Water in 2-weeks time.

91. Aaron Godden 30:27 86:55 47:43 = 2:45:05 AG 8.
111. Steve Hope 28:25 89:26 50:06 = 2:47:57 AG 6.
224. Sarah Haslam 29:47 99:02 54:31 = 3:03:20 AG 6.
374. James Macwilliam 32:57 106:42 64:09 = 3:23:48 AG 39.


Amy Hayes has spent over a year preparing to swim the English Chanel.
The Pilot Boats take on 4 swimmers individually in each 7-day window.
Amy was swimmer number 3 last week so had to wait until the 2 swimmers
in front of her had crossed, before she could get her chance.
Unfortunately due to high winds and rough seas, the Pilot Boat was only
able to cross twice, whilst Amy spent the week in Dover waiting for the
weather to pick up. Only 2 of the 4 swimmers set off. Amy was third in
line waiting for the boat and never got her chance, and is now hoping
for another slot in September.