September roundup.


Two PACTRACers ventured over to Bala for the Standard distancetriathlon in Lake Tegid, Bala. The weather was against the athletes all
day, being wet, cold and windy. It was difficult to race in such
conditions, with merely changing gear on the bike often being a

Aaron Godden said "It was a tough day at the office from the off as it
was pouring down all race. Choppy swim and wet bike but that said a
great event with an awesome bike and run course on closed roads with
nice undulations - spoiled only by the weather."

179.  Aaron Godden  31:03    69:54    45:18  =  2:26:15
274.  Steve Hope    28:53    78:24    48:08  =  2:35:25


The NiceTri Triathlons took place at St.Neots in the River Ouse, with 7
of the 8 PACTRACers coming in the top 3 in their Age Groups in the 3
races. The best placed were Marcus Widdess and Angela Wallis who were
1st in their respective Age Groups.  This was a pre-World Championship
test for Marcus, who is representing GB in the World Triathlon
Championships in Rotterdam on 17th September alongside clubmates Simon
Hoppe, Georgina Jennings and Steve Hope.

Andrew Chapman was delighted with his 2nd place in his Age Group,
recording a massive PB over last year. Steve Skelhon also recorded a
2nd as did Jon Crowley in the Sprint race.

Daniel Richardson said of his Age Group 3rd place "The swim was not
good but I did it. The bike and run went OK. Happy to finish."

Super Sprint: (swim 400 metres, bike 6.25 miles, run 1 mile).

15.  Daniel Richardson 19:19    26:04    13:34  =  58:57  AG 3rd.

Sprint: (swim 750 metres, bike 16 miles, run 3 miles).

Marcuss Widess had the 2nd fastest run of the day and moved up from 5th
to 2nd on the run, winning his Age Group in the process.

2.  Marcus Widdess 11:37    41:33    16:37  =  1:09:47  AG 1st.
14. Jon Crowley         12:36    43:01    19:18  =  1:14:55  AG 2.

Standard distance: (swim 1500 metres, bike 27.5 miles, run 6.25

7.  Michael Shadwell 26:23    78:17    37:03  =  2:21:43  AG 3.
10. Andrew Chapman 27:11    76:35    40:11 =  2:23:57  AG 2.
26. Steve Skelhon 27:39    83:00    44:02 =  2:34:41  AG 2.
89. Nick Park           33:46    92:33    47:47  =  2:54:06  AG 9.
111.Angela Wallis 36:00    99:25    49:14  =  3:04:39  AG 1st.

Simon Hoppe came 3rd overall and 1st in his Age Group at the Battle of
Bosworth triathlon at Market Bosworth. the distances were, swim 750
metres in the lake, bike 12.5 miles on country roads and run 3 miles
around the park. This was a pre-World Championship test for Simon, who
is representing GB in the World Triathlon Championships in Rotterdam on
17th September alongside PACTRAC teammates Steve Hope, Georgina
Jennings and Marcus Widdess.

Simon came out of the swim in 5th place and then had the fastest bike
of the day. This put him up to 2nd place at the start of the run, where
he was just beaten in a sprint finish to come home 3rd overall.

3rd. Simon Hoppe 10:53   36:53    19:12  =  66:58  AG 1.


Wendy Gooding is organising a "Ride for Guy" cycle ride on Sunday 10th
September from Gorilla Cycles in Oundle, to raise money for the Sepsis
Charity.    Details are here

Guy Gooding was fit and healthy but passed away on 10th January from
Sepsis, an infection whereby the body attacks itself. (Further details
are here  ).


Mark Weathersby competed in the Coniston End To End Swim on Saturday -
a 5.25 mile End to end swim of Coniston Water. Wetsuits were optional
but recommended, with Mark choosing to wear one.

136. Mark Weathersby 2:41:16  AG 13.


Paul Lunn raced in his first ever 100 mile Time Trial at the weekend,
just west of Derby, and smashed the National Clarion record, which was
held by Crewe Clarion member, Alan Roberts, in a time of 3 hours 48
minutes. Paul recorded 3:40:11 which is an average speed of 27.3mph.
This is a faster pace than his current best time for 25 miles of 56:01.
Malc Jacklin of the Fenland Clarion should be sending a report in.



The Vitruvian Triathlon hosted the National Mid-Distance Triathlon
Championships at Rutland Water at the weekend.

The distances were:

swim - 1900metres. 2 laps from Whitwell. beach start, running in to
stoney/rocky waters.

bike - 53 miles. 2 laps around Oakham, Uppingham, Morcott and Ketton,
taking in the triple hills of the Rutland Ripple between Oakham and
Uppingham as well as the Rookeries hill by Ketton Cement.

run - 13.1 miles over the Dam and out to Normanton Church and back.

PACTRAC had 9 competitors plus 2 teams racing. Paul Lunn came third
overall and first in his Age Group to win the GOLD MEDAL in the 45-49
Age Group and BRONZE MEDAL overall.

3.   Paul Lunn        32.55    2.08.57    1.20.13  =  4.02.05  AG 1st.
53.  Roger Canham     36.09    2.29.33    1.27.39  =  4.33.21  AG 10
99.  Dave Thorold     40.02    2.27.55    1.37.59  =  4.45.56  AG 14
159. Antony Brown     36.10    2.28.17    1.53.31  =  4.57.58  AG 9
176. Ricky Dear       42.01    2.38.15    1.40.52  =  5.01.08  AG 35
178. Charlie Brookes  37.30    2.38.42    1.45.10  =  5.01.22  AG 28
490. Louise Alexander 47.18    3.06.21    2.04.31  =  5.58.10  AG 19
511. Ashley Weller    42.32    3.06.29    2.13.11  =  6.02.12  AG 86
615. Sue Davys        47.28    3.31.04    2.31.07  =  6.49.39  ag 5

Team Brookes          33.31    2.32.44    1.37.31  =  4.43.46  7th Team
Team Polson           43.03    3.12.29    2.11.49  =  6.07.21  23rd

Paul Lunn was 50th after a consistent swim, had the 4th fastest
transition, which moved him up to 36th (gaining 14 places in
transition). He then had the 4th fastest bike which moved him up to 6th
place, with a slightly quicker 2nd lap to negative split. Paul then had
the fastest T2 transition of all of the competitors, before again
negative splitting on the run, where he moved up into the BRONZE MEDAL
position overall by gaining 3 places on the last lap.



Two PACTRACers were in the top 10 in their Age Groups at the World
Triathlon Championships in Rotterdam at the weekend.
Both the Olympic distance and Sprint distance World Championships were
held on Sunday, with 4 PACTRACers all qualifying in their respective
Age Groups for the Sprint.

Georgina Jennings came first in her 70-74 Age Group to win the GOLD
Simon Hoppe came 10th in his 45-49 Age Group.
The top 10 in each Age Group gain automatic entry into next year's
World Championships on the Gold Coast of Australia, next September.

Georgina was totally surprised with her win. She has been injured for
the last few weeks and unable to train. It was touch-and-go whether she
would even make it to the start line. She also had some tough
competition, mostly from world competitor's who she only competes
against once a year, and are, therefore, relatively unknown, especially
as a new batch of younger athletes appear on the scene every year.

Georgina excelled herself having the fastest swim and the fastest bike
split and then holding onto the top spot with the 3rd fastest run in
her Age Group. She went on to win the Gold Medal by 4:54 minutes. The
weeks of enforced rest didn't hold her back.

The distances were:

swim 750 metres - 1 lap in fresh water in the River Nieuwe Maas. It got
a bit choppier as the swim progressed, but the water temperature was

bike 12.5 miles all on the Rotterdam bike paths, so although it was a
closed circuit, few roads had to be closed. The course used various
bridges and bike paths on the only day of the week when it didn't rain.
The World Sprint Championships are the only Championships for Age Group
athletes where drafting on the bike is legal. However, because she was
leading her wave, Georgina got no assistance from this ruling. Simon
Hoppe and Marcuss Widdess however, were in good positions after the
swim and were able to make headway on the bike in a good group.

run 3-miles - 1 lap in the park making use of all of the paths, and
finishing on the blue-carpeted home straight between the two
Grandstands of spectators.

Georgina has now won all 3 "Majors" this year and is really pleased
with that.

She won the British Sprint Championships at Strathclyde in May, the
European Sprint Championships in Dusseldorf in June and now the World
Sprint Championships in Rotterdam in September.  Georgina won the
Silver medal last year in Mexico, so goes one better this year, and
gets the clean sweep.


1. Georgina Jennings    18.15    53.50    29.02  =  1.41.07  GOLD

10. Simon Hoppe         11.43    38.19    18.33  =  1.08.35

29. Marcus Widdess      11.45    40.24    17.55  =  1.10.04

46. Steve Hope          14.30    44.35    21.20  =  1.20.25


The Sundowner middle-distance triathlon is based at Allerthorpe
Lakeland Park just 10 miles from York.
PACTRAC had 3 competitors with 2 of them, Paul Jephcott and Jonathan
Arnold, winning their Age Groups. It was a case of "opposite ends of
the spectrum" as Jonathan competed in only his 2nd open triathlon in
the 16-19 year category and Paul, a GB international, won the 60-64
category in a well earned end of season double.

Paul and Jonathan were both leading their respective Age Groups
throughout the race; with Jonathan being 6th overall out of the water.

SWIM – 1900 metres. 4 laps
BIKE – 56.5 miles. 1 lap.
RUN  - 13.1 miles. out-and-back plus 3 short laps.

231. Paul Jephcott 41:09    3:08:53    2:02:18  =  5:52:20  AG 1.
234. Jonathan Arnold     26:25    3:20:15    2:07:03  =  5:53:43  AG 1.
346. Wendy Coxshall 37:53    3:47:50    2:13:24  =  6:39:07  AG 16.


At the Derby Triathon, Ros Goatly came 2nd in her Age Group. She came
in off the bike in first position, but was caught on the run and beaten
in a sprint finish.

The distances were:

swim 400 metres in the pool.

bike 11.25 miles.

run 3 miles.

126. Ros Goatly   8:43    40:36    24:53  =  1:14:12  AG 2.


Amy Hayes competed in the 70.3 Santa Cruz in California.

Swim 750 metres.
Bike 56 miles.
Run 13.1 miles.

"My left knee really started to hurt halfway into the bike, and the
last 5 miles of the run were an extremely painful limp/running...but I

1566.  Amy Hayes   14:31    3:58:03    2:18:01  =  6:30:35  AG 55.


3 competed in the North Norfolk Triathlon held in Wells-next-the-Sea
which was based around the quayside at Wells.

The 1500 metre open water sea swim was in Wells Harbour followed by a 1-
lap, 25-mile bike route around North Norfolks coastal villages and a
6.25-mile run along the North Norfolk coastal path and out onto the

107.  Adrian Whitby 27:09 78:52    48:26  =  2:34:27
115.  Martin Etchells 21:35 81:21    52:40  =  2:35:36
206.  Christian Richards 27:29 95:15    52:48  =  2:55:32


Jaap Flikweert won his Age Group in the Stanwick Lakes Olympic distance
triathlon (1500 metres, 26 miles, 6.25 miles), whilst Robert Gibson
came 2nd in his Age Group in the accompanying Sprint distance triathlon
(750 metres, 14 miles, 3 miles).

6.  Jaap Flikweert 26:40    70:15   42:36  =  2:19:31 AG 1st.
30. Stephen Comber 29:22    81:14   51:30  =  2:42:06 AG 9.

7.  Robert Gibson  18:15    40:58    19:45  =  1:18:58 AG 2



Ros Goatly and Terry Murphy won their respective Age Groups at the
Bedford Triathlon held at the Robinsons Pool.

The distances were:

swim 400metres in Robinsons Pool, Bedford.

Bike 15-miles around the villages north of Bedford.

run 3-miles around Bedford Park.

34. Ros Goatly    1:22:59  AG 1st.
78. Terry Murphy  1:30:39  AG 1st.


Claire Steels competed in her final Duathlon of the season for her
French Tri Val de Gray team. This French Grand Prix Duathlon took place
in Noyon and took a different format of run,bike,run,bike,run with
Claire signing off with a great 17th place overall.



On Saturday 14th October we have Roger Canham (for the 9th time) and
Paul Lunn (first time) competing in the World Ironman Championships,
which are held in Kona, Hawaii, every October.

Also on 14th October Steve Hope, Tristan Matthews and Rory Suckling
will be competing in the Challenge Paguera Triathlon in Majorca - a
half Ironman distance race.

And on the same weekend Dave Patmore-Hill competes in the 70.3 Half
Ironman in Belek, Turkey.

15 Oct. Bedford Autodrome Duathlons - 2018 ETU Sprint & Standard Qualifiers - Jim Fell, George Prodrick.


PGER 08-10-17 (37 runners):
159. Simon Mead.............1:24:18
210. Jaap Flikweert..........1:27:00
214. Daniel Fitzjohn..........1:27:10
300. Scott Lloyd................1:30:19
334. Dave Thorold.............1:31:28
380. Sarah Caskey............1:32:52
398. Chris Pike...................1:33:18
435. Aaron Godden.............1:34:17
441. Andrew Chapman........1:34:29
466. Stuart Lemmon.............1:35:11
477. Wayne Stainsby............1:35:28
511. Adrian Tilley...................1:36:20
576. Rhys Wilkinson.............1:37:47
638. Stephen Cooke.............1:39:10
640. Simon Pauffley..............1:39:13
654. Petro Bartoszyk.............1:39:27
676. Steve Hope....................1:39:42
729. Adrian Whitby.................1:40:46
817. Charlie Brookes..............1:43:04
826. Tony Daniels...................1:43:16
858. Paul Frampton................1:43:55
876. Becky Witton...................1:44:21
981. Samuel Allsop.................1:46:07
1012. Steve Skelhon...............1:46:37
1048. Gary Shoemake............1:47:07
1060. Paul Jephcott.................1:47:22
1122. Dustin Braband...............1:48:18
1133. Simon Guerin..................1:48:27
1319. Jeff Manners...................1:51:33
1593. Carry Murphy...................1:55:28
1845. Liz Whittaker....................1:58:25
2375. Paul Beland......................2:05:56
2389. Sarah Haslam...................2:06:10
2437. Cath Hunt.........................2:07:01
2863. Abbie Smith......................2:13:40
3108. Emily Boyd.......................2:18:16
3122. Sue Davys........................2:18:30