Report from the PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon - Nathan and Paul 1-2.

Sunday saw 78 solo athletes and 4 Relay Teams competing in the PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon from Castor. The distances were:

Run 4-miles. After 1/4 mile a dog-leg up Water Lane helped to split the runners up, before they got to Loves Hill - a difficult climb early in the race. Then a long straight, slightly uphill still, before turning to go down to Milton Ferry Bridge. The runners then ran a loop of the top triangle in Ferry Meadows before heading straight back for transition, so down the steep decline of Loves Hill this time.

Bike 18-miles. Out via Marholm to Helpston Heath, and then 1-loop around Helpston, Bainton and Ufford, before returning again via Marholm. A challenging course, with a gradual incline before the cyclists even reached Ufford Hill.

Run 2.5-miles. this time, straight out to Milton Ferry Bridge and back, so the runners had to tackle Loves Hill for a third time as well as get to descent it for the 3rd time. Going up Loves Hill at the beginning of each discipline, is what gives the course it's USP.

PACTRAC had over 50 volunteers on the day helping out, from marshaling on the bike and run routes, to Timing, manning Water stations, Canteen staff, handing out medals, controlling the enclosed Transition Area, Draftbusting , signing the course, Photography, Car Parking as well as First Aid, providing the BTF Race Referee and setting up the Barriers and Bike Racking for Transition.

Grateful thanks go to John Ovenden of Fenland Runner, who provided a pair of Alphawoolf Training shoes to both the male and female winners.

The race itself was a well fought battle between Nathan Tweedie and Paul Lunn, with Nathan leading after the first 4-mile run; Paul pulling him back on the bike and catching him, after Marholm on the way back; before Paul just led by a few seconds into T2. However Paul took a little longer, in the cold and wet conditions, with cold hands, to take his helmet off, by which time, Nathan had left Transition and gradually pulled away, to have a commanding lead by the turning point, and was able to take it a little easier on the way back.

Full results are here

1. (5) M.. D.. Nathan Tweedie....21:56....46:47....15:00 =.. 1:23:432. (80) M.. I.. Paul Lunn..............24:19....44:21....16:12 =.. 1:24:52
3. (28) M.. G.. Nathaniel Walker..23:00....48:07....14:59 =.. 1:26:06
4. (27) M.. G.. Paul Schofield......26:48....47:35....17:25 =.. 1:31:48
5. (24) M.. G.. Lelio Cereda.........25:15....51:26....16:56 =.. 1:33:37
6. (18) M.. G.. John Odell............26:45....50:06....17:31 =.. 1:34:22
7. (64) M.. I.. Darren Kelly............26:50....50:18....17:16 =.. 1:34:24
8. (25) M.. H.. Wayne Stainsby....26:23....53:43....16:36 =.. 1:36:42
9. (16) M.. G.. Tony Ward............26:09....53:51....16:47 =.. 1:36:47
10. (6) F.. E.. Jess Williams.........26:04....54:17....16:28 =.. 1:36:49
11. (95) Relay - Castor A&B .......31:20....45:33....20:07 =.. 1:37:00
12. (98) Relay - Fenland Runner..26:56....52:39....18:22 =.. 1:37:57
13. (3) M.. A.. Owen Wilkinson.....24:19....56:52....17:39..=..1:38:50

GB athlete, Nathaniel Walker, was 2nd after the first run, splitting the PACTRAC pair, with Junior, Owen Wilkinson, matching Paul for 3rd place=. However, Nathaniel soon dropped to 3rd on the bike, whilst Paul Schofield moved up to 4th. Paul Lunn was on a bike course that he trains on quite a bit, and had the fastest bike of the day, whilst Nathaniel Walker had the fastest 2nd run to hold onto 3rd, with Paul Schofield holding onto 4th. Nathan had a consistent race and was able to ease off in the last 1.25 miles.

2 Relay Teams battled it out for the honours, with Fenland Runner (the sponsors team) having the fastest runners, but just being pipped by Castor A&B Team who had the faster cyclist. Their was less than a minute in it at the end.

Jess Williams won the ladies race, coming home a convincing winner, in 10th place overall. 2nd lady was Castor's own Sarah Fitzjohn, so 2 Trophies going to the home village. 3rd lady was Sadie Boor of local running club, Werrington Joggers.

Stuart Hathaway who crashed out on the bike last year, came back strong and exorcised some ghosts. The event was for both experienced athletes and first-timers, with many tasting multi-discipline sport for the first time, including Werrington Joggers Roger Sayer and Wendette Christian. Wendette was racing for the NGNPUK charity and raised over £1,400 to help provide Syringe Drivers, which are most frequently used in pain management for palliative care.

Wendette said: "As it was my first Duathlon, I didn't know what to expect but I really enjoyed it and would thoroughly recommend it."

This was the fourth year that PACTRAC have promoted this race, with the athletes enjoying some friendly, safe racing; whilst this year, most of the marshals were complaining of the cold and rain.

Medway Junior Duathlon:

3 PACTRAC Juniors competed in the Medway Duathlon, Olivia Corner, Chloe Moore and Joshua Moore.

"It was a cold and damp day, an excellent proper cycle track, with a few hills and twists and turns.
Both run and bike were on tarmac.

The bike into transition was a bit precarious, a fast downhill, but good to watch.

Chloe dismounted possibly too soon, (and she’s normally pretty good at dismounting), whilst Josh took it to the line and just managed to dismount before crossing the line. (with brakes screaming).

Olivia came 16 out of a total 37, in TS3

Chloe came 34 out of a total 37, in TS3

Josh came 25 out of a total 29, in TS1

It was a strong field especially in TS3. We were a little Pactrac team encouraging each other on, and proudly displaying their Pactrac tops.

Chloe and Josh are racing again next Sunday, but in an Aquathlon"

Virgin London Marathon.

1474. Mark Weathersby 3:05:02 (first half in 1:24:04). (Mark needed 3:
04:59 to get a good-for-age entry for next year, so missed out by 3-
seconds). AG 880.
2175. Giles Cooper 3:12:50 (first half in 1:33:33) AG 123.
12866. Kate Armstrong 4:16:30. (first half in 2:02:57) AG 92.

Paul Lunn deferred.
Sean Beard deferred.
Scott Lloyd deferred.