5-week progressive run technique session.

COACHED RUN TECHNIQUE TRAINING BEGINS THIS SATURDAY - 10th OCTOBER. 10am prompt at Ferry Meadows WaterSports Centre.

Our fantastic coaches are holding running sessions for the next five Saturday mornings at Ferry Meadows. Sessions will start at 10am and be run in accordance with the BTF guidelines so registration & answers to a health questionnaire are required before you can participate. Registration is via http://supersaas.com/schedule/PACTRAC/PACTRAC

Meet up by the overflow car park in the field next to the Watersports Centre. We need to keep away from busy areas so that we can maintain social distancing.

This is for all members. It's a progressive 5-week program of run technique, and it's free. You could pay a lot of money for this elsewhere. 10:00am for the next 5-Saturday's. This Saturday we have Sam and Rob Head. Next week Paul Lunn and Louise Hathaway. Then it's Simon, Sarah and finally Sam again.

This weeks session involves drills to improve your running efficiency and aid with injury prevention. It's designed to get you thinking about your running action. Their will be some harder efforts to put it all into practice.

A lot of extra work is involved in putting these sessions on during a pandemic; and we need members to sign up to this initiative to make it worth the coaches time. All abilities can benefit from it. Sign up via the link above. You know you want to.