Ride and Tie

Event description:

Teams of two will battle it out over three laps covering 6 miles of tarmac. The race is about sharing the running and biking in any share you and your partner choose. This is a great event to get famly and freinds involved wether it be letting your kids laugh at you on the bike as you run the 3x6 mile loops or you swap mile-on-mile off with your training partner.

Great fun and good brick training session for season start

3 x 6-mile laps in teams of 2.

Sun, 11th April 2010 at midnight
Location not known.

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Ride and Tie

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The course record was set by Paul Lunn on Sun, 6th April 2014 with a time of 1:14:02. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Run Cycle Other Total time
1st Steve Giles 0:33:25 0:17:35 0:36:55 1:27:55
1st Chris Jordan 0:17:25 0:46:38 0:23:52 1:27:55 PB
3rd Matt Lewis 0:19:17 0:44:35 0:24:47 1:28:39
4th Tom Rebbitt 0:33:58 0:21:12 0:34:07 1:29:17 PB