Biathlon 2

Event description:

This is a Swim and Run race taken part usually in the pre season calendar. If nothing else this race is a great brick session but it give athletes and good marker on where there swimming and running capability is at before race season.

We have the pool booked from 9:00 to 10:00am so will look to start soon after 9:00.

Start individually on Handicap times. Race is open to ALL members (but you must do both Biathlon's to win the Trophy!)

Location not known.
Sun, 19th February 2012 at 9 a.m.
Race officials:

SUE DRAKE Time Keeper

To volunteer EMAIL OR CALL mike wenn on or call 07715208360

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Swim Run

The course record was set by Nathan Tweedie on Sun, 16th February 2014 with a time of 0:39:14. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Swim Run Total time
1st John Murray 0:13:22 0:30:53 0:44:15 PB
2nd Jaap Flikweert 0:12:48 0:31:32 0:44:20 PB
3rd Paul Spain 0:14:10 0:31:08 0:45:18
4th Rob Hammond 0:13:46 0:32:42 0:46:28
5th David Allsop 0:13:32 0:33:44 0:47:16
6th Steve Hope 0:13:30 0:34:48 0:48:18 PB
7th Giles Cooper 0:13:43 0:35:23 0:49:06
8th Steve Giles 0:17:22 0:31:47 0:49:09
9th Will Pearson 0:12:14 0:37:00 0:49:14
10th Roz Giles 0:14:17 0:38:20 0:52:37 PB
11th Tony Moran 0:16:46 0:40:11 0:56:57 PB
12th Martin Taylor 0:16:00 0:41:46 0:57:46