Ride and Tie Mothers Day Get Out Of Jail Card

Event description:

Teams of two. PACTRACers will be drawn on the day. Other clubs are able to pair up in advance! Team member A bikes 1 lap, then runs 1 lap; whilst Team member B runs 1 lap then bikes 1 lap. This all happens simultaneously, (so, for example, if we have 10 teams, then 10 runners and 10 cyclists will all start off together). On the 3rd lap, teams have 1 bike and can swap cyclist and runner as many times as they like, in order to get the 2nd member over the finish line as quickly as possible.

In practice, whoever finishes their 2nd lap first would normally carry on running. The 2nd team member would start the 3rd lap on the bike, overtake the runner, drop the bike somewhere up the road on the verge, and run off. The runner will then pick up the bike, overtake their partner, and leave the bike somewhere up the road, and start running again ...

Sun, 18th March 2012 at 10 a.m.
Kit list:

Bike Helmet. Bike shoes, plus running shoes for the 3rd lap. An ability to recognise your partners bike by the verge on the 3rd lap (please don't pick up another team's bike by mistake!).

Entry fee:
How to enter:

Entry on the day.

Location not known.

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The course record was set by Paul Lunn on Sun, 6th April 2014 with a time of 1:14:02. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Run Cycle Other Total time
1st Steve Hope 0:17:41 0:39:15 0:30:39 1:27:35
2nd Samuel Smith 0:39:07 0:18:26 0:30:05 1:27:38 PB
3rd Rob Hammond 0:16:41 0:36:00 0:36:12 1:28:53
4th Daniel Groom 0:45:01 0:21:02 0:22:56 1:28:59 PB
5th Richard Pike 0:45:22 0:18:21 0:30:57 1:34:40 PB
6th Chris Pike 0:17:54 0:42:43 0:34:22 1:34:59 PB
7th Jim Fell 0:44:09 0:19:55 0:35:43 1:39:47
8th George Prodrick 0:19:36 0:52:00 0:34:00 1:45:36
9th Simon Lovell 0:20:41 1:01:34 0:46:26 2:08:41
9th Gill Bates 0:54:00 0:30:01 0:44:40 2:08:41