Event description:

Swim 400m - 16 lengths of the 25m pool.
Run 5km - Mini-Series route, so out to Glapthorn and back with a detour around Milton Road to finish.

Location not known.
Sun, 20th February 2022 at 8 a.m.
Kit list:

No bike :(

Who can enter?
Entry is restricted
Entry fee:
From £5.00 to £5.00
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Swim 400 metres Run 5000 metres

A new course record has been set at this event by Graeme Kane with a time of 0:27:28. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Swim Run Total time
1st Graeme Kane 0:06:17 0:21:11 0:27:28 PB
2nd Steve Hope 0:07:13 0:24:41 0:31:54 PB
3rd Willow Worthington 0:08:01 0:27:02 0:35:03 PB
4th Lynda Lock 0:07:00 0:28:52 0:35:52 PB
5th Nikki Higgins 0:10:03 0:30:37 0:40:40 PB
DNF Rob Hammond 0:06:42 9:53:18 -