Biathlon 2

Event description:

This is a Swim and Run race taken part usually in the pre season calendar. If nothing else this race is a great brick session but it give athletes and good marker on where there swimming and running capability is at before race season.

800m Swim, 5 Mile Run

Sun, 11th February 2007 at midnight
Location not known.

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Swim Run

The course record was set by Nathan Tweedie on Sun, 16th February 2014 with a time of 0:39:14. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Swim Run Total time
1st Graeme Hall 0:13:46 0:31:55 0:45:41
2nd Rob Hammond 0:13:10 0:32:50 0:46:00
3rd Brian Emmerson 0:12:46 0:35:37 0:48:23 PB
4th Andrew Harris 0:13:21 0:36:46 0:50:07 PB
5th Steve Hope 0:13:25 0:37:46 0:51:11
6th Laura Johnson 0:14:04 0:46:51 1:00:55
7th James Baile 0:14:54 0:46:50 1:01:44