National Relays Nottingham

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National Club Relay Championships

British Triathlon Federation Event of the Year 2007Originally started by One Step Beyond in 1991, this event is just legendary; there is truly nothing else like it. In 1991 with just 120 competitors, 2010 saw over 1800 lucky athletes join in the organised chaos of the Club Relays.

This year due to high demand, they have decided to make the weekend longer by adding another day for the event. There is going to be one extra wave throughout the weekend and this is going to be on the Sunday morning.

The event is now not so much about the swim, bike, run elements, but obviously these are very important. We like to think this whole weekend of fun is triathlon's answer to the Glastonbury Music Festival. Yes, there's the headline stage - over the years we have had Olympians and World Champions taking part but this weekend is also about the apres triathlon. Where else can you find close to 1000 triathletes all camping and partying together?

Wave Times:

Sat PM - 2 Mixed PACTRAC teams.

Basically each team has 4 members. Team member 1 swim's 400 metres in the lake (wetsuit required), before tagging team member 2 who swims 400 metres, then member 3 swims 400 metres, before member 4 swims 400 metres before tagging member 1 who cycles 3 laps - 9 miles, before tagging member 2 who cycles 9 miles etc. Once all members have cycled, member 4 will tag member 1 who will run 1 lap - 3 miles, before tagging member 2 ... etc.

We usually organise our teams into equal abilities, so that we can have a little race amongst ourselves, so all abilities are welcome.

The Mixed Race will be on Saturday Afternoon.

So far we have entered 2 teams: Mike Wenn, Sean Beard, Giles Cooper, Steve Giles, Chris Jordan, Neil Tandy, Dave Wagstaff and Roz Goatly.

We have 2 reserves - Graham Honey and Steve Coward, but can still enter a 3rd team with a £10 late entry fee per team, if we can get TWO more members to sign up.

Can all members check their diaries, and then add their names, by POSTING A REPLY to this on the Forum. We will need to enter soon. It's a great event. Do it now.

Sat, 27th August 2011 at noon
Location not known.

Races at this event

National Relays Nottingham

Swim Cycle Run

A new course record has been set at this event by David Wagstaff 2nd Leg with a time of 0:50:44. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Swim Cycle Run Total time
1st David Wagstaff 2nd Leg 0:09:09 0:14:23 0:27:12 0:50:44
2nd Michael Wenn 0:09:39 0:15:35 0:29:14 0:54:28 PB
3rd David Wagstaff 0:08:36 0:15:01 0:31:29 0:55:06 PB
4th Pactrac Piranhas ( dave w, josh d, mike w ) 0:00:33 1:37:01 1:58:14 3:35:48