Mid Distance Triathlon

Event description:

SUNDAY 24th April sees the first club triathlon of 2022. The Mid-Distance Triathlon, based at Oundle swimming pool.

Swim 800m in the 25m pool.

Bike 18-miles - 2 laps of the Mini-Series course. Out via the Fire Station and after 2-laps come back in from Milton Road.

Run 4.75 miles – Oundle Fire Station → Glapthorn crossroads → Cotterstock crossroads → The George → Oundle, Milton Road.

The start will be prompt at 8:00 AM so please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to set up your transition, get marked up and listen to the Race Brief.

Bags should be left with your bike in transition. This will be marshalled at all times. We will have access to the OSSC facilities after the event to shower & change.

THIS IS PART OF THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP, with points for the marshals too. BOOK VIA pactrac.clubpal.app Please note that we do still require marshals for this event, so if you can spare a moment, please book your marshal’s spot via Pactrac.clubpal.app

Sun, 24th April 2022 at 8 a.m.
Entry fee:
From £10.00 to £10.00
How to enter:


, pe84ab

Races at this event

Mid Distance

Swim 900 metres Cycle 18 miles Run 3.1 miles

No record has been set for this course yet.


Swim 800 metres Cycle 18 miles Run 4.7 miles

A new course record has been set at this event by Adam Clark with a time of 1:26:17. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Swim Cycle Run Total time
1st Adam Clark 0:11:17 0:46:48 0:28:12 1:26:17 PB
2nd Sam Chapman 0:14:01 0:47:15 0:28:26 1:29:42 PB
3rd Simon Hoppe 0:12:39 0:47:17 0:31:46 1:31:42 PB
4th Simon Guerin 0:12:29 0:48:44 0:34:23 1:35:36 PB
5th Rob Hammond 0:13:31 0:52:33 0:32:20 1:38:24
6th Susie Freeman 0:12:28 0:58:49 0:38:18 1:49:35
7th Steve Hope 0:14:58 0:59:54 0:38:39 1:53:31
8th Willow Worthington 0:17:33 1:06:34 0:40:44 2:04:51 PB
9th Marc Hatfield 0:20:09 1:02:22 0:43:40 2:06:11 PB
10th Michael Berry 0:24:20 0:59:49 0:42:37 2:06:46 PB
11th Tony Daniels 0:12:26 0:53:05 8:54:29 10:00:00 PB


Swim 800 metres Cycle 19 miles Run 4.8 miles

No record has been set for this course yet.