River Swims Risk Assessment.

For any river swims or open water swims, please see below for the risks involved:

It is important that everyone is aware that there are some risks associated to river swimming; that everyone is primarily responsible for their own safety (not Pactrac or any other individual); but that we also look out for each other. The key risk is getting hit by boats - this is why it is important to stay in groups, wear colourful caps and look up/wait to regroup, regularly. Other risks are stomach upsets (so don't swallow the water!) and trips&slips around the structures. And of course encounters with wildlife, especially swans and turtles... We've not had any serious incidents, but need to raise awareness again so that we can keep it that way.

Please find below copies of the Risk Assessment, Normal Operating Procedure and Emergency Action Plan.

Here's a swim safety poster from sh2out https://events.britishtriathlon.org/uploads/content/SH2OUT%20Safe%20Open%20Water%20Swimming%20Advice%20Poster.pdf

Risk Assessment:https://pactrac.co.uk/media/files/PACTRAC_Nene_River_Swim_RA_1_rULQymR.xlsx

Emergency Action Plan:

Normal Operating Procedure:


Mon, 23rd May 2022

Nene Swim Risk Assessment form is here: