Biathlon 1

Event description:

We have the pool from 9:00am so will aim to start soon after 9:00. If you arrive around 8:30am that should give you time to Register (£6), and sort your Transition out (Indoors) before the Race Brief (on Poolside).

Distances are:

swim 900 yards - 18 lengths.

run 5 miles - to Glapthorn Crossroads, turn right to Cotterstock Crossroads, turn right to the George pub. Turn left at The George and head back to the pool.

Sun, 25th January 2015 at 9 a.m.
Entry fee:
From £6.00 to £20.00
How to enter:

On the day. Arrive before 8:30am to set up your Transition, Register and listen to the Race Briefing.

Please read the event briefing before registering. A condition of registration is to have read the full briefing.

Oundle School Sports Centre

Races at this event

biathlon one

Swim 900 metres Run 5 miles

A new course record has been set at this event by Rob Hammond with a time of 0:47:03. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Swim Run Total time
1st Rob Hammond 0:13:34 0:33:29 0:47:03 PB
2nd Steve Hope 0:14:20 0:36:05 0:50:25 PB
3rd Liam Stokes 0:11:58 0:39:32 0:51:30 PB
4th Abigail Schofield 0:12:31 0:39:23 0:51:54 PB
5th Andy Gregg 0:17:58 0:36:22 0:54:20 PB
6th James Steventon 0:16:53 0:38:41 0:55:34 PB
7th Sue Davys 0:19:34 0:45:34 1:05:08 PB
8th Paul Hodgson 0:26:28 0:52:08 1:18:36 PB