Biathlon 1

Event description:

We have the pool from 9:00am so will aim to start soon after 9:00. If you arrive around 8:30am that should give you time to Register (£6), and sort your Transition out (Indoors) before the Race Brief (on Poolside).

Distances are:

swim 900 yards - 18 lengths.

run 5 miles - to Glapthorn Crossroads, turn right to Cotterstock Crossroads, turn right to the George pub. Turn left at The George and head back to the pool.

Oundle School Sports Centre
Sun, 25th January 2015 at 9 a.m.
Who can enter?
Entry is restricted
Entry fee:
From £6.00 to £20.00
How to enter:

On the day. Arrive before 8:30am to set up your Transition, Register and listen to the Race Briefing.

Please read the event briefing before registering. A condition of registration is to have read the full briefing.

Race officials:

Races at this event

biathlon one

Swim 900 metres Run 5 miles

A new course record has been set at this event by Rob Hammond with a time of 0:47:03. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Swim Run Total time
1st Rob Hammond 0:13:34 0:33:29 0:47:03 PB
2nd Steve Hope 0:14:20 0:36:05 0:50:25 PB
3rd Liam Stokes 0:11:58 0:39:32 0:51:30 PB
4th Abigail Schofield 0:12:31 0:39:23 0:51:54 PB
5th Andy Gregg 0:17:58 0:36:22 0:54:20 PB
6th James Steventon 0:16:53 0:38:41 0:55:34 PB
7th Sue Davys 0:19:34 0:45:34 1:05:08 PB
8th Paul Hodgson 0:26:28 0:52:08 1:18:36 PB