Mini-Series 5.

Event description:

Please read the Competitor Briefing which will also be included in your receipt, after entry via ClubPal is received.

The Mini-Series is a series of 5 Wednesday night, club triathlon events. Entry is in advance by ClubPal only. The course is based around Oundle Swimming Pool. Registration from 6:45pm.

NOTE: The BTF's Drafting rule, which means no cycling within 10 metres behind another bike, unless you intend to overtake.

Swim - 400 metres. 16 lengths of the 25-metre pool.

bike - 10 miles. 1-circuit around Glapthorn, Upper Benefield, Lower Benefield and Oundle. A couple of nasty climbs, but 1-mile of twisty decent around the Benefield's and a 40mph stretch just before the Golf Course! NOTE: the bike start uses a new route out of the school grounds to come out by Oundle Fire Station.

run - 3.1 miles. Out to Glapthorn, again via the Fire Station exit; at Glapthorn turn and retrace, but go past the Fire Station to come into the School via the old route along Milton Road.

There is a Trophy (male and female), with your best 3 Mini-Series Races to count.
Your best 2 Mini-Series also count towards the Club Championships.

Wed, 28th July 2021 at 7:30 p.m.
Kit list:

A Bike Helmet is compulsory (to BS, Snell or Ansi standards).

Entry fee:
From £10.00 to £10.00
How to enter:

Entry is in advance via ClubPal.Arrive before 7:00pm to set up your Transition. Registration is from 6:45 to 7:20pm. Briefing 7:20pm. 31 or more entries may result in 2 waves being run. First wave starts 7:30pm.

Please read the event briefing before registering. A condition of registration is to have read the full briefing.

Any breach of the rules, in particular drafting, will result in a DQ. The committee reserves the right to prevent any member competing in subsequent club events for breach of the rules.

YOU MUST STAY AT LEAST 10 METRES BEHIND THE BIKE IN FRONT, UNLESS YOU INTEND TO OVERTAKE, IN WHICH CASE YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO DO SO. (BTF Rules changed in 2016 and the Draft Zone was increased from 7 to 10 metres).

Oundle School Sports Centre

Races at this event

Mini-Series 2021

Swim 400 metres Cycle 10 miles Run 3.1 miles

The course record was set by Paul Lunn on Wed, 30th June 2021 with a time of 0:45:46. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Swim Cycle Run Total time
1st Mark Weathersby 0:06:12 0:23:00 0:19:08 0:48:20
2nd Simon Hoppe 0:06:17 0:23:32 0:21:25 0:51:14
3rd Adam Clark 0:06:06 0:26:29 0:19:34 0:52:09
4th Simon Guerin 0:05:57 0:24:41 0:21:33 0:52:11
5th Aaron Godden 0:07:17 0:24:56 0:21:07 0:53:20
6th Jake Daniels 0:07:01 0:26:53 0:20:28 0:54:22 PB
7th Scott Lloyd 0:08:37 0:26:03 0:19:48 0:54:28
8th Steve Hope 0:07:12 0:26:49 0:22:26 0:56:27 PB
9th Jason English 0:07:28 0:29:03 0:21:31 0:58:02
10th Tony Daniels 0:06:20 0:26:16 0:26:56 0:59:32 PB
11th Louise Banerjee 0:09:11 0:32:45 0:27:23 1:09:19
12th Sue Davys 0:08:45 0:31:48 0:30:18 1:10:51
13th Georgina Jennings 0:08:57 0:34:10 0:34:09 1:17:16 PB