Frostbite League Bourne Woods

Event description:

5 MILE Cross Country Winter Series. There are 6 races held in different towns throughout Cambridgeshire.

Sun, 3rd February 2008 at midnight
Location not known.

Races at this event

Frostbite League

Run 5 miles

The course record was set by Steve Giles on Sun, 4th February 2007 with a time of 0:28:45. View the leaderboard for this course.

Competitor Run Total time
1st Rob Hammond 0:34:23 0:34:23
2nd David Wagstaff 0:34:28 0:34:28
3rd Colin Benn 0:35:09 0:35:09
4th Katheryn Hutchinson 0:37:31 0:37:31 PB
5th David Coxhead 0:41:21 0:41:21 PB
6th Richard Rollings 0:43:41 0:43:41 PB
7th Georgina Gardiner 0:47:22 0:47:22