PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon

Event description:


A video of the 2018 event by Steve Ashman can be found here

The Results for 2018 are here:

An open event building on the success of the inaugural 2015 event.
The HQ will be at Castor Village Hall.

Run 4 miles.
Bike 18 miles.
Run 2.5 miles.

The event has been moved forward to the last weekend in March, and will, therefore, avoid a clash with both Easter and the VLM.

Previous year's results can be found on the Tab above under "Races" and "Race Overview".

The Results for 2018 are here
2017 results are here
2016 results are here
2015 results are here

A list of marshaling duties will be available shortly, but if you want to get involved, please email


Run Map(1): 4.11 miles.

Bike Map: 17.76 miles.

Run Map(2): 2.39 miles.

Terms and Conditions of Entry:

The event will be held under British Triathlon Federation rules:

A quick poster reminder of some of these rules are here

and the drafting rules here

7:00am Village Hall opens.
7:30 - 8:40am Registration.
8:15am Marshal's Briefing.
8:55am Athlete's Briefing.
9:00am Race Start.
11:45am Prize Presentation.

More details:
Download competitor briefing
Sun, 31st March 2019 at 9 a.m.
Who can enter?
Open to the public
Entry fee:
From £29.73 to £34.85
How to enter:



This year, PACTRAC members can again enter without supplying a marshal / helper. There will be a list of available jobs shortly. If anybody is able to help, there will be plenty of opportunities.

Enter now at

The best warm up is to keep active beforehand, and walk around, rather than sit down too much.

You cannot ride your bike in Transition, and will be asked to walk/run
with it to/from the Mount/Dismount line.

You must have your helmet on and fastened, at all times when you are in contact with the bike.

In T1 you will be able to spot your bike, but not in T2 as you will
have it with you - so memorise your Transition position beforehand.
Know which entry/exit points are for the run/bike (they will be signed
on the day).

You are not allowed to mark your transition spot with extra baggage or
talcum powder etc.

You can keep kit such as shoes, bike helmet (compulsory) etc next to
your bike, and larger bags that you no longer need can be stored
against the wall at the back, inside transition.

Generally you can use the same clothing for the whole race, which makes transition times quicker, as the clock is still ticking.

Download a Manual Entry Form here:

Race officials:
  • Marshals: 50 more needed

We are delighted to announce that Fenland Runner, the distributor of Alphawoolf running shoes and other running goods, will again be sponsoring the Duathlon. See for a look at their athletics products range.

FenlandRunner sell Alphawoolf Running Shoes, SwimRunners and Dare2tri products; as well as the new BORN products
Thank you also to AVANTI TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT who do a sterling job for us every year around the School entrance.
A Race Report from the 2018 event is here


Thank you for entering the PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon.

We have individual competitors plus Relay Teams and will all start in one (or two) "wave's" at 9:00am (and 9:05am) depending on numbers.
The race will be started by Laurie Miles, PACTRAC's first Chairman from back in 1985.

7:00am Village Hall opens.
7:30 - 8:40am Registration.
8:15am Marshals Briefing.
8:55am Competitors Briefing at the Start.
9:00am Race starts outside the Fitzwilliam Arms / Chubby Castor Restaurant, opposite the VH.

Just a quick reminder that you are required to adhere to the Highway
Code throughout the bike section of the race. We have Draftbusters out
on the course. You are not allowed to ride within 10-metres of the
bike in front, unless you intend to overtake, in which case, you have
20-seconds to do so. An overtaken rider then has 20-seconds to drop
back 10-metres, before recommencing any attempt to re-pass.

Please again, abide by the Highway code and stay safe. The course is
the same as in previous years on
with no changes - see on the right for course maps. This does mean that there are 4 right-hand turns on the bike section, which will all be well marshaled. Anybody seen crossing a
solid white line or cutting the corner on the wrong side of the road
is liable to be disqualified. This not only puts you and other road users
in danger, but also puts the future of our sport in jeopardy.

If you are new to multi-sport, please note that you cannot touch your
bike, unless you have your helmet on; there is no riding in
transition, or until you reach the "Mount Line" where a marshal will
advise that you can now get on. Similarly, you must dismount at the "Dismount
Line" which is on the road outside the School Playing Field. You will then
need to cross the road into Transition. There will be marshals here to assist

Please note that the use of MP3 Players or mobile phones is
forbidden during the competition. You must have a top on at all times,
except in transition, and no public nudity is allowed. You are not
allowed to accept support from anybody directly, so if anybody you
know offers you a drink, they must put it down on the floor for you to
pick up separately. No marking of positions is allowed in Transition,
so no talc or extra bags. These can be stored at the back of
Transition by the wall. Competitors only are allowed in Transition.

Please mind the curb 3-yards after the start of the race, and run on
the pavement wherever possible.


Registration will be open from 7:30 to 8:40am in Castor Village Hall.
PE5 7AX.
At Registration you will pick up 2 race numbers, which must be on your
front on the run, and on your back on the bike. Race belts are
Safety pins will be at Registration. You will also receive
2 sticky numbers - one is for your bike, under the saddle; the other
one is for your bike helmet. You will need these numbers to get your
bike out of transition afterwards.

Please remember your BTF licence if you are a BTF member - if you
don't present it, you will be required to pay £5 for a Day Licence as
it is essential that we know that you are insured.

The race will start outside the restaurant building, diagonally
opposite the Village Hall, at 9:00am sharp. There will be a quick Race Brief at the
start at 8:55am.


The car park for athletes is at the back of the Village Hall. Head for
the Village Hall and it is the gravel area immediately to the left of
the VH car park. Follow the instructions of the Car Park Marshals. There
is room for 50 cars in there. When that is full, we are using a site
600 yards away at Woodlands Leisure Centre, in Splash Lane, which is
east of the VH (170 spaces). Again, follow the instructions of the
marshals. Please do not park on any roads east of the Village Hall, as
this is on the race course. Side roads will be in use by the
Churchgoers, so please leave these free too. There will be some parking behind the
race start, diagonally opposite the VH but this is for MARSHALS ONLY.

There are extra Toilets at the Cedar Centre from 8:00 to 9:00am only.
Head up the gravel road to the Church and it is on your left just 50 yards from the start.

Above all have a safe race.

Races at this event

PACTRAC Duathlon

Run 4 miles Cycle 18 miles Run 2.5 miles

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